Overwatch: 15 Things Nobody Wants To Admit

Love it or hate it, there are certain things that need to be made clear about Overwatch.

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Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is the company’s first new IP in years and years. It’s also risen to unprecedented levels of success, garnering over 40 million players in two years and having its own esports league. That being said,even if the game is pretty good, there are certain things that some players just don’t want to admit. Let’s look at a few of those here.

Auto-Aim Heroes Require No Skill

Overwatch Retribution Moira

Running Moira in Diamond, racking up kills left and right? How about old Symmetra who ramped up damage the longer a beam stayed on target? Both characters have something in common – they rely on auto-aim and take very little skill. You could argue about Grandmaster Symmetras and Moiras, the latter using burst heal for quad tank set-ups. However, even if Symmetra’s rework removes her auto-aim, being good at any hero that relies on auto-aiming isn’t as challenging as, say, mastering Ana or Zenyatta.

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