Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveal New Team, New Rivals, Galar Forms, and More

Surrender now, prepare to fight (with hooligans).

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pokemon sword and shield

New information on Pokemon Sword and Shield was promised for today, and that new information has been delivered. A new trailer has been released for the upcoming RPG duo by The Pokemon Company, and it reveals a lot of new stuff.

For starters, it reveals new Pokemon of various kinds. There’s new Galar forms of older Pokemon, similar to the Alolan forms we saw in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Zigzagoon is now a Dark/Normal type with black stripes on a white body, as is its evolved form, Linoone. What’s exciting here is that the Galarian form of Zigzagoon and Linoone also has a third evolution- Obstagoon, a bipedal “extremely combative” Pokemon that looks absolutely fricking rad.

The Poisoin-type Weezing also has a new Galar form. Now a Poisoin/Fairy type, it’s got literal chimneys on its head (which are also top-hats) and moustaches made of smog, and as per its Pokedex entry described by Nintendo in their press release, it “consumes polluted air and poisonous gases for sustenance” which is “spewed out from the tops of its heads”. Which, again, is just amazing. It’s weird that they don’t have a Galarian form for Koffing, though.

A completely new Pokemon has also been revealed. Morpeko is a form-changing Electric/Dark Pokemon. It’s got sacs on its cheeks that are filled with electricity (gee, Game Freak, I wonder where you got that idea?). If Morpeko ever becomes too hungry, it changes its appearances from cute and adorable (called Full Belly Mode) to cute and angry (called Hangry Mode), and takes on more Dark-type moves. Its signature move is Aura Wheel, which is an Electric-type moved in Full Belly Mode, and a Dark-type move in Hangry Mode.

One question we’ve all been asking since Pokemon Sword and Shield were revealed is- who’s the new antagonistic Team going to be? We now have an answer to that question- it’s called Team Yell, a goth group of hooligan fanboys and fangirls who’re devoted to Marnie, a popular Pokemon trainer (with a Morpeko) who aspires to become the Galar Champion (and is also goth). She, of course, is a rival character- but she’s not the only one. Another rival is Bede, a skilled Trainer who is also participating in the Gym Challenge across Galar.

Another new feature that’s been revealed is Poke Jobs. These are activities that you can take on at the request of corporations and universities, who’re looking for help with various jobs and assignments. Jobs often have different requirements for Pokemon types, and completing these jobs nets you with experience points for the Pokemon taking part (and can also yield a rare item). If you’re looking to grind or want to train Pokemon not currently in your main team of six, this seems like a great option.

It’s a lot, so take a look at all of it in the video below. Pokemon Sword and Shield are out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on November 15.

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