PS5 – 15 Sequels We Want To See On Sony’s Next-Gen Console

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We’ve been hearing a great deal about the PS5 and the next generation of consoles lately, and even though we know there’s still a while to get before it arrives, and even though there’s still so much to look forward with the current crop of consoles, none of us can contain our excitement. There’s a lot to think about- what hardware innovations we’ll get to see, what kinds of new experiences that new hardware enable, and most importantly, what game’s we’ll be playing throughout the PS5’s life cycle of six or seven years, or however long it sticks around. 

New franchises and fresh IP are always exciting, but in many cases, sequels can be just as exciting, especially if they have a strong foundation to work off of- or at least one that holds a lot of potential, if nothing else. In this feature, we’ll be taking a look at fifteen sequels we’re hoping we’ll get to see on the PS5. Some of these, you’ll notice, are almost sureshots, and even though they haven’t been formally announced, they’re pretty much guaranteed to be coming out at some point. Others? Well, not so much. 

Either way, without further ado, let’s jump right in.



The lovable Nathan Drake hung up his boots and bid us farewell with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but as The Lost Legacy showed us so well, Uncharted can exist even in his absence. In fact, not only can it exist, it can thrive. Chloe and Nadine have proven themselves to be formidable leading ladies, while others like Sam and Sully have special places in the hearts of series fans as well. There’s certainly a lot of possible directions Sony could take with a new Uncharted game, and given how successful the series always manages to be, both critically and commercially, they’d be insane to let it rest too long. 

We know for a fact that Sony has set up a new studio in San Diego on an unannounced AAA third person action adventure title that is being described as “the next chapter of cinematic storytelling”, which, as you might have guessed, speculation has pegged as the next Uncharted game- so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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