PS5’s Zen 2 CPU Will Push for Complex AI and Realistic World Physics, As Per Pacer Dev

R8 Games senior producer Steve Iles also speaks about the PS5’s Zen 2 processor and what new things it will enable.

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Among the PS5’s impressive spec list, the one thing that has caught the attention of many is its Zen 2 processing chip, which is looking like a very promising prospect for now. And ray tracing is the least of what it promises to enable- more processing power also means leaps in actual game design.

As per Steve Iles of R8 Games, developers of the futuristic racer Pacerthat is exactly what the PS5’s processor is going to enable. In an interview with GamingBolt, Iles said that the greater processing power it afford will allow for more complex systems in advanced AI and more realistic world physics simulations.

He said: “More CPU processing power is always welcome, whatever the console, as this allows us to develop more complex systems such as advanced Artificial Intelligence and real world physics simulation for the in game worlds.”

Something else we spoke to Iles about is the topic of cross-platform play, and how he sees it growing (or not) in the imminent future. As per Iles, opportunities for cross-play in the industry are “wide open”, and though where things go from here will depend on how the market shapes up in the next generation, things for now are certainly looking good.

“I think the games industry is most definitely in transition and what we understand as a platform is shifting from pure hardware to pure software,” Iles told GamingBolt in an interview. “Just how those new platforms will interact is still in flux and will very much depend on market factors when the new generation kicks off, but I’d say the opportunities for cross-platform play on major platforms are as wide open as they have ever been.”

The cross-platform play scene in the industry is suddenly shifting. While previously – and until very recently – Sony was proving to be a hurdle for numerous developers in terms of enabling cross-play with Xbox and Nintendo, we’re now starting to see an increase in the number of game that boast of the feature. The likes of Rocket League, Fortniteand Dauntless all have full cross-play enabled, while later this year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be launching will full cross-platform play functionality as well.

It certainly looks like this is a trend that the industry is going to keep following going forward- or we hope so, at any rate.

Our full interview with Iles will be going live soon, so stay tuned.

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