Resident Evil 3 Guide – How to Unlock All Weapons and Custom Weapon Part Locations

Expand and upgrade your arsenal with this guide.

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Despite being a relatively short experience, Resident Evil 3 has quite the arsenal of weaponry. From basic guns to upgrades and secret weapons, there’s quite a lot you can subject enemies to. Let’s go over all the weapons in the game and how you get them. You can also check out the video guide below.

  • Survival Knife – Start the game with it
  • G18 Handgun (Burst Mode) – Found in the Raccoon City Hospital on the desk near the sickroom.
  • .44 AE Lightning Hawk – Found in the Hospital on the top floor. In the eastern part, crawl under some debris and drop from the window on the left to find it.
  • MGL Grenade Launcher – Found in the Sewers. Look on the rack in the second safe room.
  • M3 Shotgun – Found in the Railway Building’s supply room. Look for the door with a fire hose near it.
  • Hot Dogger – Unlocked from the Points Shop (which opens upon clearing the game). Costs 7200 Points.
  • Samurai Edge – Unlocked from the Points Shop. Costs 5600 Points.
  • MUP Pistol – Unlocked from the Points Shop for 8000 Points. Infinite ammo.
  • Rai-Den – Unlocked from the Points Shop for 12000 Points. Infinite ammo.
  • CQBR Assault Rifle – Unlocked from the Points Shop for 28400 Points. Infinite ammo.
  • Rocket Launcher – Unlocked from the Points Shop. Costs 62400 Points. Infinite ammo.

Here are all the custom weapon parts, what benefits they offer and how to earn them.

  • Extended Magazine (Handgun) – Found in Downtown. You get it in the Nemesis Supply Case Drop after the first encounter. Increases the capacity of the handgun’s magazine to 33.
  • Dot Sight (Handgun) – Found in the Subway Station. Adds a red dot sight to the handgun.
  • Moderator (Handgun) – Found in Downtown in the Nemesis Supply Case Drop after the second encounter. Allows for easier critical shots due to tighter bullet spread.
  • Tactical Stock (Shotgun) – Found in Downtown when using jewels on the monument. Increased accuracy.
  • Semi-Auto Barrel (Shotgun) – Found in Demolition Site within the Gun Shop. Increased damage and fire rate.
  • Scope (Assault Rifle) – Found in the RPD. Look in the chest near the entrance of the West Office. Adds a scope to the assault rifle.
  • Tactical Grip (Assault Rifle) – Found in the Hospital’s courtyard when you drop from the middle of the top floor. Reduced recoil when firing.
  • Extended Barrel (Magnum) – Found in the Underground’s storage room. Look by the window in the surveillance room for a case. Increases damage with the magnum, reduces recoil.

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