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More possible details on Resident Evil 8 emerge from yet another leak.

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It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Resident Evil 8 leaks and rumours these past few months, but after some back and forth, the most recent round of reports seems to indicate that a first person Resident Evil 8 is indeed in development, and that it will be out as a cross-gen game next year. Now, another report by Biohazardcast drops new details on the game, based on information sent in by anonymous sources. The report is allegedly based on recent playtests held by Capcom.

Interestingly enough, the leak states that the upcoming sequel is going to be called Resident Evil: Village, and that the first four letters of the subtitle will be highlighted, which would be the roman numeral VIII. It’s similar to what Capcom did with the roman numeral VII for RE7, and also falls in line with previous reports of RE8 having a “clever” title. The “Village” of course would be referring to the European village where the game is set, which is something else that has been mentioned in prior leaks.

This leak in particular also talks about the playable characters in the game. Ethan Winters, it seems, is returning as a playable protagonist once again, while Chris Redfield is also in the picture – and this is not the first time we’ve heard either of those things. Previous leaks have mentioned that Chris will be returning with a twist, and this report sheds some light on that, stating that he might have a bit of a negative bent to him this time around.

One scene that is described is a flashback sequence with Ethan, Mia, and their infant child, with Chris breaking into their home and even taking a shot at one of them. The nature of the child and its involvement in the story is unclear at this point. Chris also supposedly looks different now from what he did in Resident Evil 7, and is a little closer to the bulkier appearance we have usually associated him with.

The pursuer-type witch enemy – which has been brought up in previous leaks – is mentioned again, and is supposed to function a bit like Marguerite Baker in Resident Evil 7. She, too, has an affinity for insects, and though she cannot die, she does dissolve into a swarm of bugs when you shoot at her. She also seems to have a very distinctive laugh.

Some interesting gameplay details have possibly emerged as well. There’s mentions of hallucinations once more, which would bring the game in line with Resident Evil 3.5 (the original scrapped build for Resident Evil 4) to some extent, in that players will have to figure out what’s real and what isn’t and will have a hard time figuring out who and what to trust. Some details on the inventory are also mentioned- more specifically, Capcom are considering going with a UI that’s either like what we saw in Resident Evil 7, or inventory management that’s more similar to Resident Evil 4.

Of course, it should go without saying, but take all of this with a grain of salt. These are, after all, unconfirmed and unverified reports, and until such time we hear anything from Capcom and other official channels, it’s best to not put too much stock in anything you hear. Either way, stay tuned, and we’ll keep you updated on any new info that comes our way.

In related news, recent reports have indicated that M-Two, the developers of the recently released Resident Evil 3, are working on another large-scale Resident Evil remake that’s due out in 2022. Read more on that through here.

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