RimWorld Update 1.1, Royalty DLC Now Live

Entertain the Empire and come away with some neat psychic powers in this new DLC.

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RimWorld - Royalty

Ludeon Studios’ colony management/story-telling engine RimWorld has received its first major post-launch update. However, in an unexpected twist, it’s also received the first paid DLC pack with Royalty. The latter sees a faction, the Empire, joining the world and bringing their own brand of advanced technology to the Rim.

The entire purpose of the DLC is to complete some quests until eventually, you can hose the Imperial High Stellarch and his guards (before subsequently protecting them from any enemies). Eventually you can earn a royal title which also provides an Imperial psychic amplifier. It confers psychic abilities like mind control, paralysis and even inducing vomiting.

If you’re not interested in dropping $20 for the Royalty DLC, then the new 1.1 update should have enough to keep you busy. It offers a new quests tab, improved mod management, better UI scaling, new weapons, new animals and much more. Check out some of the patch notes below for more details.

New features

  • UI now looks sharp at UI scales over 1.0. Great for 4K monitors.
  • New Quests tab provides information about available, active, and historical quests.
  • Added a new data-driven quests generation and management system.
  • This should make it straightforward for modders and us to add or change quests without programming.
  • UI now uses colored text to highlight important words like character names, places, and rewards.
  • Improved the mod management interface and code.
  • Mods now have a global package ID which lets them refer to each other.
  • Mods can now define other mods they must be loaded after or before.
  • Added a tool to automatically sort the mod list.
  • Mods can now define other mods that they depend on. Shortcuts allow the player to easily download required mods.
  • Mods can now define other mods that they are incompatible with. The interface will warn players about incompatibilities.
  • Added loading screen tips. These are short bits of text helping the player understand an obscure aspect of the game. They’re displayed during loading.
  • Loading screen now displays present and active expansions and mods.
  • Added room stats gizmo, which displays the stats of the room containing a selected building, at a glance.
  • Added recon armor, a lighter variant of marine armor.
  • Added EMP launcher weapon. It fires EMP grenades a long distance.
  • Added smoke launcher weapon. It fires smoke grenades a long distance.
  • Added smoke grenadier enemy.
  • Added a planet population slider to the planet generation parameters.
  • Added animals: Bison, donkey, duck, goat, goose, guinea pig, horse, sheep, yak.
  • Added ‘tortured artist’ trait. The character has a permanent mood debuff, but gets art inspirations from low mood.

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