Rogue Legacy 2 – The Fabled Heroes Update is Live, Adds New Weapons, Relics, Traits, and More

An engine overhaul, changes to biome generation and Biome Burdens in New Game Plus, a Skill Tree reset option, and more wait.

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Following its surprise release on Nintendo Switch yesterday, Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy 2 has also received a massive new update. Patch v.1.1.0, aka The Fabled Heroes Update, includes a complete overhaul of the engine to improve performance, and numerous new weapons, spells, and Relics. New Fabled Weapons include Stygian Sharpshooters and the Lich King/Queen from Rogue Legacy 1.

The Biome Burdens in New Game Plus have also been rehauled, providing new choices and challenges for players. The biome generation has seen lots of changes to ensure more rewards and some additional power for those who fully clear areas. Even the red portals benefit from the increased rewards, offering a gold chest, Health tree, and Relic room, though their challenge has been increased.

The option to reset your Skill Tree has been added to House Rules for those who want to spec into something else. In addition to native versions being in development for Mac and Linux, the game is also fully playable in Japanese.

Check out some of the patch notes below and the full notes here. Rogue Legacy 2 is also available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You can read our official review here.

Rogue Legacy 2 – v1.1.0 – The Fabled Heroes Update


  • Weapons, Spells, and Relics Galore – Tons of new Weapons and Spells are coming down the pipe for you to add to your repertoire. From big community requests like the Lich King’s Crow Staff, to more eclectic weapons like a haunted Umbrella, the latest update has a ton of neat new items to show off. We’re also making the experience even wilder with new Relics that really take the cake. We hope you’re as big a fan of these new additions as we are!
  • NG+, and Fixing the Flow – Tons of gameplay changes have been made based on community feedback. We’ve rehauled the Biome Burdens to give players more control in how they tweak the NG+ experience, while also adding a ton of new choices to really customize each adventure. If you haven’t stepped into NG+ before, now is a great time, and if you’re a vet, there’s a whole new set of challenges that await you.
  • A Braver, Newer World – We’ve gone over biome generation to make every area more rewarding and let players creep more power if they invest in full clears.
  • More Risk/More Reward – We’ve also made massive changes to red portals to make the decision-making more dynamic. Their difficulty has been bumped up, but their rewards have significantly increased as well. On top of the gold chest, clearing these bad boys will now net you a Health tree and a Relic room to boot.
  • Play Your Way – Even more options have been added to the House Rules, to allow for the most curated experience ever. We’re also including the oft-requested option to reset your Skill Tree if you ever feel your money was not well spent.
  • Engine Rehaul – Considering how important movement is to a player’s success in Rogue Legacy 2, better performance was always a major goal of ours. We’ve finally had the opportunity to strike this off the bucket list, and a single note in the Patch Highlights doesn’t do justice to how much work was actually put into improving the experience. No part of the game was left untouched, with many of the fundamental systems completely rebuilt. Of course, this meant potentially breaking much of what wasn’t broken before, and while we’ve done our best to ensure the experience remains unchanged (other than making things run a lot smoother), we suspect a few bugs may have slipped through.
  • Even More for the Masses – Now that RL2 has been released on the Nintendo Switch, we’re working on native versions for Mac and Linux that we hope to have ready soon. And as a sweet cherry on top, the game has been fully translated in Japanese!


New Fabled Weapons

  • Stygian Sharpshooters. Find the best angles, and bring the pain to your foes with the power of ricochets. Hope you didn’t skip math class!
  • Lich King/Queens. The fan favourite from Rogue Legacy 1 returns. Wield the power of the almighty Crow Storm staff and turn your foes into bird food – magic bird food!
  • Brigands. Switch sides and arm yourself with the powerful blunderbuss and send foes flying with this shotgun-like weapon. Just be careful of the recoil.
  • Demon Tamers. Let the monsters fight for you! Partner up with the umbrella shaped Kasa-Obake and Mary Poppins your way to victory.
  • Eventide Spymasters. Poison your foes as you strike from the shadows with these new weapons borne from the teeth of a certain dragon.

Class Health (Buff)

Making the early game a little easier, without affecting late game.

  • Raised Grace HP from 100 to 150 (All classes). Grace HP is special health that is not affected by modifiers of any kind, including Class Passives.

Barbarian (Tweak)

Tuning the brutes to be a touch less binary.

  • Axe Attack (Buff): +5% STR scaling on aerial spin attack (high tic rate, means small increases lead to big gains).
  • Axe Attack (Nerf): -10% STR scaling on Ground strikes.

Dragon Lancer (Buff)

Some DPS tweaks to make sure the Dragon Lancer have an easier time with Estuaries, and a big QoL buff to Bastion.

  • Backblast Attack (Buff): Increased STR scaling from 180% to 200%.
  • Charge Attack (Buff): Increased additive INT scaling from 150% to 160%.
  • Charge Attack (Buff): Decreased charge rate SLIGHTLY (a slight grace for people with perfect timing).
  • Bastion (Buff): Now generates a shield at the front and a shield at the back.

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