Sniper Ghost Warrior 2: 10 Ways It Can Beat Crysis 2

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No matter how different the thought and creativity that may go into two games, if they share the same engine then comparisons will be drawn. Such is the fate of Crysis 2 and the upcoming sequel to last year’s Sniper Ghost Warrior, two games that are inextricably linked by their shared use of Crytek’s CryEngine 3. With SGW generally receiving a weaker reception than Crysis 2, how can the sequel rise to the top as the superior example of CryEngine 3 in action?

Superior visuals

Imagine if Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 could further utilize CryEngine 3's power and look even better than Crysis 2

A bold claim certainly, especially with how good Crysis 2 looks. That said, Crysis 2 was the first game to use CryEngine 3. There’s a chance that City Interactive will be able to learn from Crysis 2’s fantastic visuals, and may even be able to improve upon them. Who knows? Maybe the devil will wind up ice-skating to work when SGW2 gets released.

More unique multiplayer

Aside from the additions of the nano suit, Crysis 2’s multiplayer didn’t exactly break the mould. You still levelled up with various perks and attachments, and you still ran around shooting people in the back. Sniper Ghost Warrior, by contrast, offered a very different experience indeed. It wasn’t to everyone’s liking, but setting up a roost and stalking your enemies in your sights made for a very different kind of competitive multiplayer. If SGW2 can improve its online components, whilst keeping them unique, it will carve a comfortable niche for itself in an increasingly over-saturated FPS market.

Greater level of strategic variety

The varied environments and lower character mobility will force you to alter your strategies on the fly

Crysis 2 did a great job of keeping things varied but, as most situations gave you free reign over how you handled them, it was fairly easy to fall back on the same strategies time and time again. SGW on the other hand, forced you into a variety of situations. With each stage often seeing you face very different challenges and weapons, variety was the spice of life. The fact that you couldn’t leap cliffs in a single bound as in Crysis 2 also forced you to adjust your strategy based on your surroundings.

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