The Division 2’s Latest PTS Update Adds Targeted Loot

Each zone and mission can be farmed for specific gear items and weapons.

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The Division 2

Ubisoft Massive has been chugging away at The Division 2 with a new story DLC episode coming in October and a new raid in Fall. In the meantime, it’s updated the Public Test Server with changes coming in title update 6. Chief among those is targeted loot which will see certain zones and missions dropping specific loot.

Basically, if you’re looking to farm a particular piece or weapon, then just head to that zone. Normal loot will also drop and targeted loot is a guaranteed drop from named bosses. You can also find it in caches, completing activities like Control Points and from roaming named NPCs within that zone.

Only World Tier 5 players will have access to it but targeted loot will also have a nice highlight to help discern it from the pile. Other changes with this update include 300 slots in the stash, recalibrating stats over different gear types, and much more. Check out some of the patch notes below with full notes here.

Gameplay changes


  • Added a missing blueprint for the Aces & Eights kneepads.
  • Removed 3 blueprints from the blueprint collection as they were not obtainable in the game.


Dark Zone

Gear Normalization

  • Player stats will no longer be normalized, and agents will receive their full recalibration bonuses at end game.
  • Players below Gear Score 500 will still receive stats boost to allow an easier entry into the Dark Zone.
  • Talents continue to have PvE and PvP versions.
  • The UI will now automatically change the talent text inside and outside normalized PvP.
  • We’re working on displaying all PvP modifiers in the UI.

Developers Notes: We heard player feedback that normalization can be too punishing, especially when you’re trying to min/max your agent as much as possible, just to learn that when entering a Dark Zone, the effort was not worth it.

Supply Drops

  • Added more variety of the types and locations of supply drops.
  • Supply drops can now drop in inactive landmarks.
  • These encounters can have multiple bosses or faction fights.
  • Supply drops will occasionally drop in the Occupied Dark Zone.
  • Black Tusks will make sure to guard the precious drop.

Updated Thieves Den Vendor

  • The Thieves Den Vendor has now setup a proper store and accepts DZ resources.
  • The Thieves Den Vendor stock will rotate regularly – We’ll have more information on the stock and rotation at a later point.
  • Added an indicator on the World Map which displays the specific Dark Zone in which the Thieves Den Vendor is located.
  • At end game, the Thieves Den Vendor will move between the two non-occupied DZs.
  • Normal vendors outside each Dark Zone’s main gate now accepts DZ resources with reworked stocks.

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