The Division 2’s PvP Will See Big Changes Soon

A State of the Game stream detailed the changes coming to the game’s competitive modes.

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The Division 2 Dark Zone

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 is getting updated very frequently, even with the delay of the first raid and the next major update. But it looks like the game’s PvE content isn’t the only thing getting a shake up- the PvP mode is getting some fairly big changes soon as well.

On a State of the Game livestream on Twitch (which you can see a replay of here) developers from Ubisoft Massive detailed some of the things that will be changing. It includes some large scale things, like weapons being normalized to GS 500 (even if your GS is higher), PVP damage modifier reduced from 70% to 40%, bringing the Time to Kill down to what you experience in PVE, encounters taking longer, and much more.

Thanks to Reddit user JokerUnique for summarizing the major upcoming changes discussed in the video, which you can read a partial excerpt of below. It’s worth noting that these are only for PvP and are currently being tested on the PTS (Public Test Service) on the PC version of the game. The Division 2 is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Normalizing mechanics

  • The Equipment and weapons will be normalized to GS 500 (even if your GS is higher)
  • That also means, that they are no longer normalizing for a middle ground, but they are respecting the rolls on your gear. That means when you had an item with a very high crit chance roll, it will be like that in normalized content.
  • Skill Power will also be respected and when the mods are active in PVE, they will also be active in normalized content.

Global PVP Modifiers

  • The PVP damage modifier will be reduced from 70% to 40% and that will bring the Time to Kill down to what you experience in PVE. This way, you have more time to react.
  • The Skill Damage modifier will be increased from 20% to 25%, so that should make your skills more effective.
  • Overall the encounters should last longer overall and the skills should be more useful.

Occupied Dark Zone PVP Modifiers

  • They have also added a specific ODZ PVP damage modifier
  • Currently it sits at 40% – same as the normalized DZ – but they have the ability to specifically fine-tune the ODZ depending on how things change.
  • That should also help to lower the Time To Kill in the ODZ

PVP Modifiers for Weapon Archetypes

  • They will add specific PVP modifiers for specific weapon types.
  • For example, they can specifically buff the Assault Rifle in PVP now.
  • That also enables for specific PVP balancing, because the damage of the weapon is overwritten by the PVP Modifiers when you enter PVP content.

Hip fire Changes

  • In PVP content you will not be able to crit when you hip-fire
  • In PVE it behaves as it is now.

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