The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Guide – Best Armor Sets and Their Locations

Looking fashionable is nice, but what if you're looking for ideal perks and set bonuses while exploring Hyrule? Check out our picks here.

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the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has 35 armor sets, which equals about 105 pieces of armor. There are also 30 more individual armor pieces. Fashionistas have many options, whether you want Link’s look from Link’s Awakening or cosplaying as Tingle. What are the best armor sets? Where do you find them?

Let’s look at all the top options available, but remember that an armor set/piece isn’t just good for its added defense. It’s also noteworthy for its resistance, especially given the environments you’re exploring, or the set bonus. Without further ado, here are our picks.

Best Armor Sets and Their Locations

How to Get Armor of the Depths

The Armor of the Depths consists of the following pieces: Hood of the Depths, Tunic of the Depths and Gaiters of the Depths. Each piece grants resistance to Gloom, essential when exploring the Depths. Equipping all three grants more Gloom resistance on top. You’ll have to collect Poes from the Depths and then exchange them with Bargainer statues to get each.

First, talk to the Bargainer statue in Lookout Landing (which also grants the Dark Tunic for 150 Poes). Pay it 100 Poes to mark the location of other statues in the Depths. As you find more statues, they’ll sell different pieces for Poes. Locate one to unlock the Tunic of the Depths for 150 Poes. After finding two more, you’ll unlock the Gaiters of the Depths for 200 Poes. Finally, find two more statues and get the Hood of the Depths for 300 Poes.

How to Get the Barbarian Set

Some might say the best defense is a good offense. The Barbarian Set will suit them nicely, with its three pieces – the Barbarian Helm, Barbarian Armor and Barbarian Legwraps – each raising attack. When equipped together, they decrease the stamina required for charged attacks, so you can spin-to-win for even longer with heavy weapons and deal more damage.

To find them, you can do the “Misko’s Treasure” quest since it will mark all of them on the map. If you don’t want to follow the quest, the Barbarian Armor is in the Crenel Hills Cave at the coordinates “0484, 0729, 0041,” and the Barbarian Helm in the Robred Dropoff Cave at “2487, -1467, 0013.” The Barbarian Leg Wraps are in the Walnot Mountain Cave at “3931, -2068, 0129.”

How to Get the Charged Set

The Charged Set is one of three elemental-focused sets and raises your damage during thunderstorms (which is good, since you’re limited to non-metal weapons during the same). The set bonus also makes charge attacks faster in the same and causes them to emit electric blasts (which can also happen when finishing a combo).

There are three pieces – the Charged Shirt, Charged Trousers and Charged Headdress. You can find the Charged Shirt at “0969, -2532, 0008” but must access the Ring Ruins. Speak to Paya to gain access, which is possible by progressing the story. Now, use Ascend and photograph the details inside. Return to Tauro in Kakariko Village, and you’ll then have to go to the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower in Faron and then to the coordinates at Dracozu Lake to find it.

The Charged Trousers are in the same area, specifically on the other side of a lake behind a destroyable wall. The Charged Headdress requires crossing back and looking for some vines. After cutting them, you’ll find a chest which has the headpiece.

How to Get the Phantom Set

The Phantom Armor was available in Breath of the Wild’s Master Trials DLC, but now you can find it while exploring Tears of the Kingdom. It can’t be upgraded and doesn’t have a set bonus. However, each piece offers eight defense and raises your attack, making it a solid all-around option in the early-to-mid-game.

There are three pieces – the Phantom Helmet, Phantom Armor and Phantom Greaves. You’ll find the helmet in the Puffer Beach Overhead Cave at “0273, -3875, 0001.” The Phantom Greaves are located in the Gerudo Desert, specifically at the Ancient Altar Ruins at “-2518, -3720, 0008.” Finally, you’ll find the Phantom Armor at the Tamio River Downstream Cave at “-2968, -0981, 0035.”

How to Get the Climbing Set

Even with the wide array of travel options and Ascend, climbing is an essential part of Tears of the Kingdom. To that end, having a set that makes it easier is ideal. That’s where the Climbing Set, returning from Breath of the Wild, comes in. Each of its three pieces – the Climber’s Bandana, Climbing Gear and Climbing Boots – will increase climbing speed. Their set bonus reduces the stamina consumed when you jump while climbing, which makes things faster.

The Climber’s Bandana is in the Ploymus Mountain Cave near Lulu Lake at “3663, 0539, 0272.” You’ll find the Climbing Gear in North Hyrule Plain near the Breach of Demise at “-1188, 0646, 0072” while the Climbing Boots are located north of Ralis Pond at Upland Zorana Byroad. The coordinates are “2858, 0354, 0227.”

How to Get the Desert Voe Set

The Gerudo Desert can be a torturous place due to the excessive heat. This is where the Desert Voe Set, returning from Breath of the Wild, comes in. It comprises three pieces – the Desert Voe Headband, Desert Voe Spaulder and Desert Voe Trousers – each raising your heat resistance. The set bonus reduces electric attack damage, which doesn’t seem all that great but is decent against the Lightning Temple boss.

You can find the Desert Voe Headband from Saula in Kara Kara Bazaar in the Gerudo Desert for 450 Rupees. Go to Gerudo Town and look for Fashion Passion – there’s a secret shop there. Since the town is seemingly deserted, you’ll need to go left from the main gate to reach the shop. Look for a spot where water is falling, leading to a cave.

Swim forward until you see a breakable rock. Destroy it and keep breaking rocks while progressing. Take a left and keep going until you find an area with pillars. Use Ascend, and you’ll emerge in Fashion Passion. Purchase the Desert Voe Spaulder from Greta for 1300 Rupees and the Desert Voe Trousers for 650 Rupees.

How to Get the Ember Armor Set

Much like the Charged Set, the Ember Set will provide a bonus attack in certain weather conditions. If the name wasn’t a clue, it raises your attack in hot weather, a perk that each armor piece – the Ember Headdress, Ember Shirt and Ember Trousers – all have. The set bonus will provide faster charge attacks and unleash fire blasts on charged attacks or the last hit of a combo in hot weather. Given the weather around Death Mountain, it’s great for tackling various foes.

The Ember Shirt is found along the Goronbi River at “1415, 2108, 0287” in the Goronbi River Cave. The Ember Headdress is found in YunoboCo HQ South Cave, just southeast of Darunia Lake at “1713, 2719, 0403”. Finally, you’ll find the Ember Trousers in Cephla Lake Cave at “2591, 1332, 0153”, to the left of the lake.

How to Get the Fierce Deity Set

The Fierce Deity set works much like the Barbarian set – each piece increases your attack while the set bonus reduces stamina consumed with charged attacks. The difference is that you can unlock it early with the amiibo of Link from Majora’s Mask.

If you don’t have that and want a different look altogether, then go to Cephla Lake Cave and look nearby for Domidak and Prissen. Feed their dog some food to find the Ember Trousers. After opening another chest, you’ll start the quest “Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity.”

It provides hints on where to find each piece, but if you can’t be bothered to figure it out, go to the Akkala Citadel Ruins (Domizuin Shrine is a good place to fast-travel for it). You’ll need to find a bed chamber – its coordinates are “3289, 1494, 0414” on your map. Once you reach the cave, the Fierce Deity Armor will be inside a chest.

For the Fierce Deity Mask, you’ll want to venture to Skull Lake, which is north of Death Mountain. You must skydive to the island (so the right “eye” in the lake’s shape) and venture into a cave. After defeating the enemies (including a Stalnox), look for a platform with flags. The Fierce Deity Mask is inside the chest.

Finally, the Fierce Deity Boots is found at the Ancient Tree Stump at “-1108, -0439, 0064”. It’s just above Mount Daphnes, Hyrule Field, in a lake. Head down into the stump from the bridge and navigate the paths until you find some vines. Cut them and climb the following walls until you find a chest with the boots inside.

How to Get the Flamebreaker Set

The Flamebreaker set is for those sick of fire and its fiery ways. It comprises three pieces – the Flamebreaker Helm, Flamebreaker Boots and Flamebreaker Armor – each providing flame resistance. Equip all three, and you gain Flame Guard, which makes you completely immune to fire. As always, just because Link is immune to fire, doesn’t mean your wooden weapons and shields are, so make sure not to have them equipped.

Fortunately, you won’t have to look far for all three pieces, as they’re all sold in Goron City at an armor shop. Its coordinates are “-1640, 2410, 0384,” with the Flamebreaker Helm costing 1,400 Rupees, the boots costing 1,200 Rupees and the armor retailing for 700 Rupees. You’ll want some fire resistance while traveling the more volcanic parts of the region, so pick up the Flamebreaker Armor if short on rupees.

How to Get the Froggy Set

When it rains, as it so often does in Tears of the Kingdom, it pours, which can spell disaster when you’re climbing. Fortunately, you have the Froggy Set. Each piece grants resistance to slipping, and equipping the entire set will prevent any slipping in the rain. So where do you get the Froggy Hood, Froggy Sleeve and Froggy Leggings?

As it turns out, it’s a reward for completing the quest, “Potential Princess Sightings.” Go to the Lucky Clover Gazette at “-3257, 1764, 0119” (Rito Village should be close). After getting the quest, you must locate all the stables in Hyrule and complete Penn’s side quests. Head here for the locations of all the stables.

How to Get the Frostbite Set

The Frostbite Set completes the trinity of elemental armor sets that raise attack in harsh weather. The perk for each of its pieces raises your attack during cold weather, while the set bonus makes charged attacks faster during the same. You also execute an ice blast at the end of a combo and with charged attacks.

You’ll find the Frostbite Headdress southwest of the Biron Showshelf inside a cave near Lake Kilsie at “-3930, 2859, -0015.” The Frostbite Trousers are found in a cave at Hebra Headspring at “-2897, 2511, 0393.” Finally, the Frostbite Shirt is in a cave just north of Kolami Bridge at “-3002, 1641, 0201.”

How to Get the Glide Set

The Glide Set doesn’t offer the best defense, but it gives more mobility while skydiving. The set bonus also completely negates fall damage, which is a nice bonus. The Glide Mask is on Valor Island at “4548, -0846, 1120.” Speak to Steward Construct and complete the challenge to get it. The Glide Shirt is obtained from Courage Island at “-2376, 0809, 0615.” Once again, speak to the Steward Construct, complete the challenge, and you’ll receive the shirt. Finally, the Glide Tights, are obtained from completing the challenge on Bravery Island at “0163, 1972, 0759.”

How to Get the Miner Set

The Miner Set makes exploring the Depths easier, as each piece creates a glowing effect around Link. The set bonus will create a glowing trail, which makes it even easier as you backtrack. The set is found in the Depths, starting with the Miner’s Trousers in the Hylia Canyon Mine in Central Hyrule Depths at “-1299, -2245, -0707” while the Miner’s Mask is in the Abandoned Kara Kara Mine in the Gerudo Desert Depths at “-3228, -2476, -0476.” The Miner’s Top is found in the Daphnes Canyon Mine in Central Hyrule Depths at “-1073, -0544, -0515.”

How to Get the Rubber Set

As in Breath of the Wild, Lightning strikes can be dangerous and often fatal. They also limit your options in terms of weaponry. Fortunately, there’s a cure or at least a preventative measure – the Rubber Set. Each piece grants shock resistance, but equipping the entire set makes you immune to lightning strikes. It’s unknown if that protects you from Thunder Gleeoks, but at the very least, you can use whatever weapons you’d like during a thunderstorm.

It comprises three pieces – Rubber Helm, Rubber Armor and Rubber Tights. You find the Rubber Helm in the Sarjon Woods Cave in Necluda at “1586, -2958, -0024” and the Rubber Tights in the Horon Lagoon Cave in Lanaryu at “4266, -0368, -0021.” The Rubber Armor is in the Whistling Hill Cave in Hyrule Field at “-0082, -1119, -0003.”

How to Get the Snowquill Set

Like the Rubber Set, the Snowquill Set will insulate you, but not from thunderstrikes. Instead, it makes it so ice attacks can’t freeze you, which is incredibly valuable when fighting the Frost Gleeok. That’s the bonus for equipping all three pieces – the Snowquill Headdress, Snowquill Tunic and Snowquill Trousers. Each piece on its own raises cold resistance.

You’ll find all three pieces at the Brazen Beak store in Rito Village at the coordinates “3629, 1799, 0187.” The Snowquill Headdress costs 650 Rupees, while the Snowquill Trousers are 1,000. If you only want a bit of cold resistance, we advise picking up the Snowquill Tunic, which is only 500 Rupees.

How to Get the Mystic Set

When you talk about gimmicky sets which provide additional defense, the Mystic Set is worth looking at. You get it by spending Bubbul Gems at Kotlin (more details on unlocking his store below when getting the Lynel Mask). It doesn’t have a set bonus, but instead of taking health damage when hit, you’ll lose Rupees.

This sounds decent, but the losses can be significant since one hit can cost 200 Rupees. However, if your Rupee count is in the hundreds of thousands, then give it a shot. The Mystic Robe needs seven Bubbul Gems, while the Mystic Trousers costs 20 Bubbul Gems. Finally, the Mystic Headdress costs 45 Bubbul Gems. Those costs include the amount required to purchase the armor piece and make it available since you need to buy any items that Kotlin has to make the others appear. The Mystic Robe is the final item that Kotlin sells.

How to Get the Zonaite Set

Zonaite devices are the bee’s knees, but in the early going, you’re hampered by a lack of energy in your Zonaite Energy Cell. While you gather Crystallized Charges to increase it, there is an alternative – the Zonaite Set, where each piece improves energy efficiency when utilizing Zonai devices. The set bonus is equally amazing, as it causes your Zonaite Energy to recharge faster.

You’ll find the Zonaite Helm in the Tabantha Frontier Sky at Lightcast Island. The coordinates are “-3591, 0942, 1723,” though you’ll have to break a wall to get to it and solve a puzzle. The Zonaite Shin Guards are available at Akkala Sea Sky near the mine at “4467, 2028, 1413.” This one is a bit tricky, though.

Look for the device that’s catapulting objects into the sky. Place a block on it and watch it fly into the giant floating sphere in the distance. When it’s inside, launch yourself and enter through the sphere’s opening. Use Ultrahand to grab the block and place it on the button. The structure will rotate – Ascend to the roof and then glide down to your left until you see an opening with a chest with the Zonaite Shin Guards.

The Zonaite Waistguard is found in East Necluda Sky at Zonaite Forge Island at “2375, – 1775, 1489.” Fast travel to Ukoojisi Shrine and glide to the island with three floating platforms and Zonai Rockets. Use them to reach a floating island in the sky with large root-like pillars. Now, use your glider to ride air currents until you reach a large hole. Look down to see numerous tripwires. Dive and navigate past them until you get to Yansamin Shrine. Go behind it and climb up the pillar to reach an alcove. Use Ascend on the roof, and you’ll reach a room with a chest containing the waist guard.

How to Get the Champion’s Leathers

The Champion’s Leathers is a modified version of the Blue Champion’s Tunic from Breath of the Wild, and though it doesn’t showcase an enemy’s health, it does provide decent defenses. Go to Link’s old house at “3331, -2273, 0129” near Firly Pond. Enter inside the well just to the right of the entrance, and you’ll discover Zelda’s Secret Well. Open the chest to get the Well-Worn Hair Band and read the diary to start the quest, “A New Champion’s Tunic.” It requires venturing to the Throne Room in Hyrule Castle.

You can access it by going to the Skyview Tower in Lookout Landing and gliding over to Hyrule Castle (though you must have a little more than 1.25 wheels of Stamina). Land on the first floor and walk straight to access the Sanctum. Go up the stairs to left or right, and use Fire Fruit to light the two braziers on either side of the throne. A secret compartment opens just under the statue – open the chest, and you’ll get the Champion’s Leathers.

How to Get the Korok Mask

Want to easily find Korok Seeds? The Korok Mask is the ticket, though you’ll need to venture to the Depths to find it. Go to the Minshi Woods Chasm at “1061, 1647, 0166” and dive in. Travel northwest to Korok Grove, activating any Lightroots along the way. After reaching the Ramobnukas Lightroot, go further northwest, and you’ll find the Forest Coliseum at “-0076, 2491, -0621.” Grab the bananas on the pedestal, and defeat the Black Hinox, open the chest behind it to get the Korok Mask.

How to Get Lightning Helm

If you want to gain complete immunity to Lightning with just one piece of armor, the Lightning Helm will do. First, you need the Yiga Set. Go to the Great Plateau at “-0803, -2256, 0087”, defeat the Yiga and talk to Pitar to get the Yiga Mask. For the Yiga Armor, go to Akkala Ancient Tech Lab (or what’s left of it) at “4499, 3113, 0237.” Once again, defeat the Yiga Clan and speak to Konba to get the armor. Finally, go to the Great Hyrule Forest at “-0658, 2105, 0163” to find the Yiga Clan Maritta Branch. Defeat them, then use Ascend on the ceiling to reach Aliza, who gives you the Yiga Tights.

With the full set equipped, go to the Yiga Clan Hideout in Gerudo Highlands at “-3560, -1333, 0347.” When inside, go right and then take the stairs to continue going right. Climb the ladder and speak to the Yiga Blademaster. Complete the three training challenges – the final one grants the Lightning Helm as a reward. You’ll need some Rupees on hand to pay the training fee.

How to Get Majora’s Mask

Majora’s Mask offers great general use, as some enemies will have a tougher time spotting Link. To get it, you’ll need to clear the Floating Coliseum in the Depths. Enter through the Great Plateau North Chasm and venture to the Coliseum at “-1151, -1262, -0499.” You’ll have to defeat a wave of Lynels first – head here for more details on how to do so.

How to Get the Ruby Circlet

Want some easy elemental resistance, but can’t be bothered to find the relevant armor? In Gerudo Town, visit Cara at the Gerudo Shelter or the Starlight Memories store and purchase the Ruby Circulet for 1,300 Rupees to get some Cold resistance.

How to Get the Sapphire Circlet

If some Heat Resistance is what you’re after, get the Sapphire Circlet. Like the Ruby Circlet, purchase it from Cara in the Gerudo Shelter or Starlight Memories store for 1,400 Rupees.

How to Get Topaz Earrings

For some Electric Resistance, pick up the Topaz Earrings for 1,200 Rupees from the Starlight Memories store in Gerudo Town.

How to Get the Lynel Mask

Lynels are the toughest regular foes, and sometimes even bosses, throughout the game. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the drop on them? The Lynel Mask should help, preventing them from attacking. It doesn’t last forever, so hit them with your hardest initial hit before starting a fight.

To get the Lynel Mask, go to Pico Pond and talk to Kilton at “1220, 1207, 0020.” You’ll then meet Koltin at “3659, 2066, 0168,” who wants some Bubbul Gems (which you get from the Bubbul Frogs lingering on the ceiling, as seen in the caves of the Great Sky Island when starting the game). The Lynel Mask costs 4 Gems, but you must spend 32 more to purchase previous items to access it. Koltin only appears at nighttime, so keep that in mind.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch. Check out our review here.

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