Valheim Guide – How to Find Buried Treasure and Build the Artisan Table

Locate gold and other goodies or craft the Artisan Table for higher-tier structures.

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The 10th world of Yggdrasil is a beautiful but scary place. However, as you explore Valheim, there a number of hidden treasures and secrets to uncover. Buried treasure is one of these and can provide gold, arrows and whatnot. Finding it thankfully doesn’t take too much effort.

You do need to defeat Eikthyr, the first boss, before going treasure hunting. Upon felling it, use the Hard Antlers it drops to craft the Antler Axe. This will be your means of digging up the treasure. If you want a more precise location for the treasure, you could also take down the third boss, Bonemass. This drops the Wishbone, which can be used to locate buried items.

Now head to the Meadows and keep an eye out on stones that are jutting out of the ground. Dig around there or pull out the Wishbone – when the latter starts sparkling green and making beeping noises, you’ll know the treasure is close. Search for other conspicuous stones and dig around to unearth more loot. Alternatively, you can use the Wishbone to locate Silver Ores buried underground in the Mountains.

How to Build the Artisan Table

Many of Valheim’s higher-tier structures can only be unlocked by using the Artisan Table. Building it is a whole different story though. First, you need to kill Moder, the fourth boss, but summoning it requires locating three dragon eggs and sacrificing them on the altar. Killing Moder will net you Dragon Tears – two of these, along with 10 Wood, are used to craft the Artisan Table.

Once you have it though, you can create structures like the Windmill, Blast Furnace and Spinning Wheel. The Blast Furnace is especially useful since it can be used to turn black metal scraps into Blackmetal, which can then be used to craft the Blackmetal Axe, Blackmetal Sword, Blackmetal Shield, Blackmetal Knife and Blackmetal Ategir. To create the Blast Furnace, make sure you have 20 Fine Wood, 20 Stones, 10 Iron and 5 Surtling Cores along with the Artisan Table.

For the Windmill, you’ll need 20 Stone, 30 Wood and 30 Iron Nails along with the Artisan Table. Its main function is turning Barley into Barley Flour, which can be used to make Bread, Blood Pudding, Fish Wraps and Lox Meat Pie. However, since it runs on wind which can be inconsistent, creating several Windmills is key to getting the most output.

Finally, for the Spinning Wheel, you’ll need 20 Fine Wood, 10 Iron Nails and 5 Leather Scraps along with the Artisan Table. This will turn Flax into Linen Thread, which is necessary for crafting the Blackmetal weapons and Atgier, Padded Greaves/Cuirass/Helmet, the Linen Cap and Porcupine.

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