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A complete guide for Watch Dogs .

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Watch Dogs is now available and to make your life easier in the fictional world of Chicago we have compiled a massive guide. Using this guide you will be able to unlock every collectible, investigation, awards, single player and multiplayer skills, special missions, city hotspots, ctOS towers, ctOS breaches, audio logs, privacy invasion, weapon trades, burner phones, QR codes, missing persons, human traffic, side missions, rewards, earn money faster, level up and earn experience points (XP) and money faster,online tips and tricks, cheats, crafting, unlock new cars, digital trips, fix PC version errors along with a complete guide for achievement and trophies.

Watch Dogs has a pretty big map and it’s recommended that you explore each and every are of the map. The trip to Chicago will be worth your trip and it might very well be one of the best open world games in recent times.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. The game is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360. It will launch for the Wii U sometime this year. This guide will hopefully be applicable for the Wii U version of Watch Dogs.

Pro Tip: Use your smartphone wisely.


There are several collectibles in Watch_Dogs including audio logs, city hotspots, ctOS breach, ctOS towers and privacy invasion. We have a complete guide for each of them below.

City Hotspots:

There are 100 City Hotspots in Watch Dogs. You can find them all using the guide below for the six districts. This will unlock the Geolocated trophy/achievement.

Pawnee City Hotspots

The Loop City Hotspots

The Wards City Hotspots

Mad Mile City Hotspots

Parker Square City Hotspots

Brandon Docks City Hotspots

Audio Logs:

There are 10 audio logs in the game. You can find all of them using the video guide below and this will award the user with XP bonus. The awards are D12.

ctOS Breaches:

There are a total of 16 ctOS Breaches in Watch Dogs. This will unlock the System Mangler trophy/achievement.

#1 – Parker Square – 0:05
#2 – Parker Square – 1:38
#3 – Parker Square – 4:08
#4 – Parker Square – 5:46
#5 – Mad Mile – 6:58
#6 – Mad Mile – 8:48
#7 – Mad Mile – 11:12
#8 – The Loop – 13:38
#9 – The Loop – 15:21
#10 – The Loop – 16:59
#11 – Brandon Docks – 19:17
#12 – Brandon Docks – 21:58
#13 – Brandon Docks – 24:44
#14 – Brandon Docks – 27:09
#15 – Brandon Docks – 29:06
#16 – The Wards – 31:32

All ctOS Tower Locations:

There are 13 ctOS Towers in the game. You can find all of them using the video below. This will unlock the Clear Signals trophy/achievement. The awards are: SMG 11 and Amargosa car.

#1 – Parker Square – 0:05
#2 – Parker Square – 1:27
#3 – Mad Mile – 2:11
#4 – Mad Mile – 3:26
#5 – Mad Mile – 4:36
#6 – The Loop – 6:19
#7 – The Loop – 7:17
#8 – The Loop – 8:25
#9 – Brandon DOcks – 9:38
#10 – Brandon Docks – 10:58
#11 – Brandon Docks – 11:52
#12 – The Wards – 13:08
#13 – The Wards – 14:28

Privacy Invasion:

There are 30 Privacy Invasion opportunities and completing all of them will unlock the Peephole trophy/achievement. This is indicated by the eye icon on the maps. But make sure you have unlocked every ctOS tower. The awards for this collectibles are: Vespid 5.2 car and Sunrim [complete 5 opportunities.


Investigations in Watch Dogs are divided into Burner Phones, Human Traffic, QR Codes, Missing Persons and Weapons trade.

Burner Phones:

There are 8 Burner Phones in Watch_Dogs. You can find all of them using the video below and this will also unlock the Sanity Check trophy/achievement. The award is Vespid LE.

QR Codes:

There are a total of 16 QR Code Locations and 1 QR Code Investigation Mission in Watch Dogs. You can find all of them using the guide below and this will unlock the Read-only achievement/trophy. The award is Gangster.

#1 – Parker Square – 0:05
#2 – Parker Square – 0:39
#3 – Pawnee – 1:16
#4 – Mad Mile – 1:51
#5 – Mad Mile – 2:37
#6 – Mad Mile – 3:20
#7 – The Loop – 4:04
#8 – The Loop – 4:41
#9 – The Loop – 5:31
#10 – The Loop – 6:18
#11 – Brandon Docks – 6:53
#12 – Brandon Docks – 7:28
#13 – Brandon Docks – 8:06
#14 – Brandon Docks – 8:42
#15 – The Wards – 9:17
#16 – The Wards – 9:54
#17 – Complete the QR Code Mission – 10:55

Weapons Trade:

There are 10 Weapons Trader, you can complete them using the two video guides below. This will unlock Saturday Night Special Achievement/Trophy. The awards are Spec Ops Goblin.

Saturday Night Special:

Missing Persons:

There are 6 missing people to find in the Missing Persons Investigation, they are easily available in your map. Once you complete these you will get a call from the killer. This will be your 7th mission.

Once you have found all of the missing people you will receive a call from the killer and then need to complete the final mission to catch the killer and unlock the achievement. This will unlock the Darkness Looms Achievement / Trophy. The award is Wildfire.

Human Traffic:

You need to hack the 10 targets and search their place for a briefcase. Once done you will have an 11th bonus mission which will unlock the Revoking Client Privileges trophy/achievement. The award is Magnate LE.

Side Missions:

The side missions happen dynamically during your playthrough. They are of the following types:

Criminal Convoys:

There are 18 of them in the game. Completing them all will unlock the Road Rage trophy/achievement. Awards are the Destroyer [when you complete 10 of them] and focus replenishment when health is low.

Crime Detection:

There are 20 crimes to be detected. Completing them all will unlock the Enforcer trophy/achievement.  Awards are increased weapon switch speed and Chrome gun [on completing 10 missions].

Fixer Contracts:

There are 40 fixer contracts in the game. Completing them all will unlock the End of Line trophy/achievement. Awards are Zusume R car, cause more damage during collision and Boxberg LE car [when you complete 20 of them].

Gang Hideouts:

There are 15 gang hideouts in the game. Completing them all will unlock the Basest Base trophy/achievement. Awards are AK 47 gun, increase in reload speed of all weapons [when you complete 5 of them] and Spec Ops SMG-11 [when you complete 10 of them].

Online Contracts:

Watch Dogs has a comprehensive online component divided into Online Tailing, Racing, Hacking and Decryption.

Online Tailing:

Here are the awards:

SG-90 weapon : You need to invade and successfully observe one enemy fixer.

SO Vector .45ACP weapon : You need to invade and successfully observe five enemy fixers.

Piggyback Achievement/Trophy: Complete 10 Online Tailing.

Online Race:

Here are the awards:

Livraga LE car: Complete 9 online races.

Superhighway Achievement/Trophy: Complete 10 Online Races.

Online Hacking:

OCP-11: You need to invade and successfully hack one enemy fixer.

MP-9mm:  You need to invade and successfully hack five enemy fixers.

Hackification Achievement/Trophy: Complete 10 Online Hacking.

Online Decryption:

Chicago Way Loadout: Win 3 times.

Firepower Loadout: Win 5 times.

Heavy Duty Loadout: Win 10 times.

Main Mission Awards:

Act I: Skill Tree.

Act II: Complete mission 11 in Act 2 to unlock Luciano Vehicle.

Act III: Not applicable.

Act IV:

Complete mission 4 in Act 4 to unlock Rosewood Vehicle.

Complete mission 7 in Act 4 to unlock Gambino Vehicle.

Act V: Not applicable.

Levelling Up Faster/Quickly and Gaining More XP [Experience Points]:

Below is a complete video guide that explains how one can level up faster in the game.

Earning money/cash faster:

  • Focus on completing the side missions. There is a lot of money to be earned there.
  • Keep profiling people. In this way you can earn money and retrieve it through an ATM.
  • Engage yourself in online modes.
  • Unlock the ATM Hack Boost Plus, Profile Optimization and ATM Hack Boost. This will make sure that your chances of getting more money are increased.

Below you will find a video that explains this:

Watch Dogs Cheats:

Level 50 at the Beginning of the Game:

The cheat will show how you can reach level 50 right at the beginning of the game.

Watch Dogs Level Cheat 450 XP per Min:

  • Get a Gun and start shooting.
  • Wait for the cops to arrive and hide somewhere.
  • Once they leave you will receive 225XP.
  • Rinse and Repeat.

Note: You can unlock the “White Rabbit Object” Achievement/Trophy this way.

Digital Trips:

These are extra missions in Watch_Dogs accessible via the Smart Phone.


You need to identify Cyborgs in the game. Use your smart phone to profile out cyborg and then kill them.


This mode has the following skill set: Basic, Abilities, Weapons.


This mode does not have any skill set.


This mode has the following skill set: Hacks, Equipment, Warfare and EMP.


This mode has the following skill set: Mastery, Souls and Powers


Crafting in the game is simple and straight forward. All you need is ingredients. You can either get them via the local stores, exploring environments specially indoors and profiling people for them.

Miscellaneous Tips, Guide and Tricks For Campaign and Multiplayer modes:

  • Try and get a grenade launcher as early as possible. This will make your battles very easy, specially against vehicles.
  • Keep profiling. You will not only earn money, but you will also unlock new cars and vehicles.
  • There are literally tons of activities in the game including the Digital Trip which can be accessed via your smartphone.
  • Your smartphone is not only used for hacking but it is also a great way to keep track of how many skills and missions you have completed. This is perfect for anyone who is looking to complete anything and everything in the game.
  • The mutiplayer mode will only work when you are in free roam mode.
  • The title has a Notoriety rating that moves up and down in according to your activities.
  • You get certain awards/skills for competing online.

Multiplayer Skills:

Most of the skill set remains the same from the single player but there are few addons like:

  • Payout Boost.
  • Buffs to make the searching for a hacker easier.
  • Nitrous boost for vehicles.

Achievements and Trophies Guide:

We have covered most of them in the guides above. As stated before these are pretty easy to unlock using the Progression section in the game’s smart phone.

Hello World – 15 GamerScore Points – Take down Maurice

End of Line – 30 GamerScore Points – Complete 40 Fixer Contracts [refer guide]

Basest Base – 50 GamerScore Points – Complete every Gang Hideout [refer guide]

Peephole – 30 GamerScore Points – Complete every Privacy Invasion [refer guide]

Enforcer – 15 GamerScore Points – Use the Crime Detection System to take down 20 confirmed criminals [refer guide]

Hard Crash – 10 GamerScore Points – Perform 10 vehicle take downs

Communication Fail – 10 GamerScore Points – Using non-lethal takedown, stop 10 civilians from calling to report you

Bookmarked – 30 GamerScore Points – Tag 100 enemies

Magic Smoke – 10 GamerScore Points – Kill 4 enemies within a single instance of Focus

Free Radical – 30 GamerScore Points – Escape a level 5 police chase

White Rabbit Object – 30 GamerScore Points – Escape 15 police scans [refer guide above]

Scanproof – 30 GamerScore Points – Escape a level 5 police scan

Hardware Fail – 15 GamerScore Points – Shoot out a tire on 15 different vehicles

Black Hat Trick – 30 GamerScore Points – Kill 3 enemies with a single IED

Saturday Night Special – 15 GamerScore Points – Complete the final mission in the Weapons Trade Investigation [refer guide above]

Sanity Check – 15 GamerScore Points – Collect all 8 Burner Phones [refer guide above]

Read-only – 15 GamerScore Points – Complete the final mission in the QR Code Investigation [refer guide above]

Geolocated – 30 GamerScore Points – Check in at every Hotspot [refer guide above]

Hackification – 30 GamerScore Points – Invade and successfully hack 10 enemy Fixers in Online Hacking

Piggyback – 30 GamerScore Points – Invade and successfully observe 10 enemy Fixers in Online Tailing

Superhighway – 30 GamerScore Points – Complete 10 Public Online Races

System Mangler – 30 GamerScore Points – Complete every ctOS Breach [refer guide above]

Stealth Cookie – 30 GamerScore Points – Complete an Online Tailing without being detected

Freeware – 100 GamerScore Points – Unlock every Skill in the Skills Tree

They Call Him The Vigilante – 30 GamerScore Points – Complete every Investigation [refer guide above]

Road Rage – 30 GamerScore Points – Complete every Criminal Convoy [refer guide above]

Revoking Client Privileges – 15 GamerScore Points – Complete the final mission in the Human Traffic Investigation [refer guide above]

Darkness Looms – 15 GamerScore Points – Complete the final mission of the Missing Persons Investigation [refer guide above]

Clear Signals – 30 GamerScore Points – Unlock every ctOS Tower

Secret Achievements and Trophies:

You can unlock the first five using our walkthrough here.

Family Man – 10 GamerScore Points – Complete Act 1

Who Is Raymond Kenney? – 10 GamerScore Points – Complete Act 2

One Down, One to Go – 15 GamerScore Points – Complete Act 3

Vengeance – 15 GamerScore Points – Complete Act 4

Log Off – 100 GamerScore Points – Complete Act 5

Traced – 15 GamerScore Points – Get tailed 5 times


Changing Texture Resolution Quality in GameProfile.xml:

For Windows 7) Go to “C:\Users\UserName\Documents\My Games\Watch_Dogs\*\GameProfile.xml”  (Or figure out where GameProfile.xml is stored in your PC) and open this GameProfile.xml in text editor like Notepad.”

In ‘<quality…./>’ change “TextureResolutionQuality=” to high instead of ultra.

Save GameProfile.xml

Reducing Stuttering and Flickering:

Right click to watch_dogs.exe and select create shortcut.  Edit newly created shortcut, go to Target field and add “-disablepagefilecheck” (without the quotation marks). Also download latest drivers for AMD and Nvidia cards.

Black Screen:

Uninstall the game and install it again.

Problem With Sound:

Click on your volume icon and select Sounds. Right click on “Speakers” >Properties>Advance and select 24 bit studio quality. It is also suggested that you use Stereo instead of 5.1 or 7.1 in sound settings.

Save File Location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\<user-id>\0 for save data files.

Note: This guide will updated once we have more information about the game. You can also check out the complete video walk-through of Watch Dogs here.

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