Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Guide – How to Unlock All Trophies and Achievements

There are several Achievements/Trophies to discover in Team Ninja's latest. Here's how to get them all without too much difficulty.

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Team Ninja is known for its difficult games, but Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a different beast altogether. But while it focuses more on deflecting and successfully breaking an enemy’s Spirit Gauge, there are other gameplay mechanics like crafting, Reinforcements, Battle Flags etc. This is all in addition to the collectibles present throughout the game.

Let’s look at all the Trophies/Achievements in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and how to unlock them all.

How to Unlock All Trophies and Achievements

At Fifteen I Joined the Army

Reach level 15, which occurs as you earn Qi and spend it at Battle Flags to level up.

Only at Eighty Did I Finally Return

Reach level 80, which occurs by the end of the game if you don’t do any farming.

Journey’s Beginning

After the opening series of cutscenes, when your character is brought back to life by the Blindfolded Boy, you’ll gain control and start the game. Complete the mission, and this Trophy/Achievement is unlocked.

Vow of the Stalwart

Upon completing the second Main Battlefield, where Zhao Yun joins you throughout, you’ll swear an Oath with him and receive this Trophy/Achievement.

Will of the Loyal

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei will join you throughout the third Main Battlefield. Complete it and swear an Oath to unlock this Achievement/Trophy.

Ambition of the Tiger

Unlocked after completing the fourth Main Battlefield, in which Sun Jian assists.

Guardian of Peace

Unlike previous missions, the NPC joining you on the fifth Main Battlefield is not the one you swear an oath to. Instead, it’s to Zuo Ci, a wizard who helps with respecs, changing your appearance and providing rewards for Accolades. You still need to complete this mission to swear an oath.

Awakening of the Unscrupulous Hero

Unlocked by swearing an oath with Cao Cao, done by completing the sixth Main Battlefield.

Mightiest of Men

Unlocked by pushing back Lu Bu’s armies on the seventh Main Battlefield.

Guidance of the Constellations

Unlocked by swearing an oath with Lady Zhen, which occurs after completing the eighth Main Battlefield.


Complete the ninth Main Battlefield and swear an oath with Sun Ce and Sun Quan to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

Familial Ties

After finishing the tenth Main Battlefield, you’ll swear an oath with Hong Jing and unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

The Steadfast Duo

Unlocked after the eleventh Main Battlefield once you swear an oath with Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan.

Fearless Warrior

Unlocked after the twelfth Main Battlefield after swearing an oath to Zhang Liao.

Entrusted Legacy

Swear an oath to Lu Bu after finishing the thirteenth Main Battlefield to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

Aspiration and Amity

Unlocked upon swearing an oath to Liu Bei after completing the fourteenth Main Battlefield.

Dreams of Unity

Complete the fifteenth Main Battlefield and swear an oath to Yuan Shao to unlock this.

Annihilator of Evil

Also unlocked in the fifteenth Main Battlefield, this involves defeating Yu Ji.

Open Eyes

After completing the sixteenth and final Main Battlefield, you’ll receive this Achievement/Trophy.


Complete 15 sub-missions or Sub Battlefields. The earliest you can achieve this is during the Tyranny portion of the story.

Hunting the Great Deer

Complete all main and sub-missions (or Main and Sub Battlefields). There are 46 missions, 16 being Main Battlefields and 30 Sub Battlefields. You unlock this Trophy/Achievement on completing all of them.


Upgrade your first equipment piece, which is done at the Blacksmith as soon as you encounter her in the second mission. Otherwise, meet her at Mt. Tianzhushan and upgrade a weapon/gear piece.


Fully upgrade a weapon. You’ll need Steel for this, and there are different ranks for the material, capping out at Rank 9 Steel. Progress through the game and keep returning to the Blacksmith with higher rank Steel to upgrade a weapon.


Fully upgrade a piece of armor. As with weapons, armor can be upgraded, but you’ll need Leather instead of Steel. The same process follows, with the final upgrade requiring Rank 9 Leather.

All That Glitters

Embed a jewel at the Forge for the first time. You’ll need to progress enough through the story to meet the Blacksmith at Mt. Tianzhushan. She’ll have the Embedment option, which allows slotting a jewel into a gear piece. The process requires Jewel Fragments and Copper, so make sure you have this before the process, or you’ll be left with an empty slot in your armor/weapon. You can salvage lower Rarity equipment to obtain Jewel Fragments, while Copper is earned from slaying enemies and selling equipment/weapons.

Decor Maketh the Man

Decorate an item at the Forge for the first time. Once again, meet the Blacksmith at Mt. Tianzhushan for the first time and choose the Decorate option. This is essentially transmog and brings up a list of options for your weapon or armor piece to look like a different weapon or armor piece in the same category.

Wizardry Beginner

Learn a Wizardry Spell. Fairly straightforward, as you unlock different Spells on leveling up. Once you get a Wizardry Spell Point, go to the Spells tab to unlock the first Wizardry Spell.

Wizardry Master

Unlock all 70 Wizardry Spells. Check out all the requirements for unlocking them here.

First Phase

There are Five Phases or elements of magic – Wood, Earth, Metal, Water and Fire. To unlock this Achievement/Trophy, you must use a spell from each Phase at least once. You’ll need to level up each attribute enough to unlock a Wizardry spell in that Phase. Once done, go to Set Wizadry Spells at a Battle Flag and slot one. Do this will all five Phases to unlock this.


Unlocked by reaching Morale Rank 20 for the first time. As difficult as this sounds, you can farm Morale by defeating enemies with lower Morale. If you’re at a high enough level, you can return to an easier mission and farm enemies. Avoid their Critical Blows and kill them to raise your Morale. Make sure to locate all the Marking Flags to raise your Morale further, and Battle Flags to keep it from dropping below the Fortitude Rank.

If you want an even easier, risk-free way to do this, simply go to “The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass” Main Battlefield and kill enemies with the ballista. Go back to the Battle Flag to reset the encounter again for free Morale with each kill.

Merit Beyond Measure

Unlocked upon receiving a boon from a sworn brother, which translates to hitting max level on your Oath (or bond level) with an ally. This is done by playing with them via summoning them as Reinforcements at a Battle Flag) and spending Cups of Cordiality. Once they’ve hit level 10, check the Deliveries menu at a Battle Flag, and you’ll get their boon and this Achievement/Trophy.

Great Gatherings

Recruit all 16 allies in the game, which means summoning everyone through Reinforcements (which requires Tiger Seals). If you haven’t summoned all allies throughout your first playthrough (mostly because they’re unavailable), start a New Game Plus (or Rising Dragon difficulty) playthrough. You can then go to the first Battle Flag in the Village of Calamity level and see the full list of allies, then summon those still pending.

Fantastic Form

Unlocked by equipping a full set of four-start weapons, accessories and armor pieces. The melee weapon and ranged weapon must also be four stars. It’s easy enough to achieve by the late game.

Pots and Potions

Fully upgrade the Dragon’s Cure Pot with Dragon Vein Crystals and Essences. You’ll find these throughout different Battlefields. The former increases the number of uses while the latter the amount of health restored. Check out our guide here for locations of all the Dragon Vein Crystals and Essences.


Collect all 31 Tablets, which can be given to the Hermit of Tianzhu on Mt. Tianzhushan. Head here for the locations of all the Tablets.

Best Flag Forward

Raise your first Battle Flag, achieved easily enough in the first Main Battlefield.

Fly It High

Raise all Battle Flags. This is a bit trickier since you need to explore each Battlefield for their Battle Flags. Check out the video below for all their locations.

How Cute!

Feed your first Shitieshou, first encountered in The Valley of Crying Wraiths after the sixth Battle Flag. Drop an item you don’t need, and it will consume it, then give you one in return.

How Precious!

Feed all the Shitieshou. Check out our guide here for their locations.

Sharp Reflexes

Deflect ten Critical Blows. Critical Blows are the glowing red attacks that enemies unleash for massive damage. You can deflect them with B/Circle at the right time. While you’ll unlock these throughout the story (a necessity to survive), it’s possible to farm Critical Blows for the Trophy/Achievement from weak foes in the early missions.

Vulnerable Moments

Successfully land 50 Fatal Strikes. Any time you deplete an opponent’s Spirit and then press Y/Triangle, you’ll execute a Fatal Strike. This unlocks naturally throughout the game, so don’t worry about farming it.

Side by Side

Playing through 10 Battlefields with an ally. Both Main and Sub Battlefields count towards the total. Again, this unlocks naturally over time.

Eye for an Eye

Defeat invaders ten times. You’re invaded in Main and Sub Battlefields throughout, so this will unlock naturally.

Righteous Judgment

Exact Vengeance on enemies ten times. If an enemy kills you, and you manage to respawn and kill that enemy, then Vengeance is exacted. Doing so will restore your Morale to its previous rating. You can also avenge other players killed by an enemy (if connected online).

Call to Arms

Tiger Seals are your main currency for bringing Reinforcements (aka allied NPCs) or playing online. You’ll get them as random loot and from completing missions. To unlock this Trophy/Achievement, all you have to do is use ten Tiger Seals.

Heroes Will Rise

In the Main Battlefield, “Centuries of Glory Burned Away,” you need to repel Xielong. This is the giant dragon on top of a watchtower that can only be hit with arrows. Deal enough damage, and it will eventually fly away.

Staunching Heresy

In “The Valley of Crying Wraiths” Main Battlefield, you must kill all the Warlocks performing rituals. There are six in total, and they’re pretty easy to find if you explore enough. Check out their locations in the video below.

Dogged Justice

The “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch” Main Battlefield can be annoying to navigate, especially with the purple water damaging your Spirit. To unlock this Achievement/Trophy, you need to save the captured Hermit, but this is only possible by finding the dungeon keys first. Drop down to the bottom floor and go left to find the keys. When traveling upwards, you’ll eventually come across the Hermit and can free him.

Strung Bow

In the Main Battlefield, “The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass,” you must defeat five enemies with the ballista, which is possible at the beginning of the mission. Kill three enemies with the ballista and then retreat to the Battle Flag. Reset, and you can kill two more enemies for the Trophy/Achievement.


On Mt. Tianzhushan, there’s a Hermit in the tallest tower that exchanges Golden Cicada Shells for different rewards. There are 20 Golden Cicada Shells in the game, and once you give them all to the Hermit, you’ll receive this Trophy/Achievement. Check out their locations here.

Wo Long

Unlocked upon earning all other Trophies (PlayStation-only).

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, and it’s playable on Game Pass. Check out our official review and more tips and tricks.

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