PlayStation 2 Classics That Needs To Be Remastered For PS4: Bully, GTA: San Andreas And More

Metal Gear Solid and Bully for the PS4? Count me in.

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The PlayStation 2 is without a shadow of doubt one of the greatest consoles ever. The console has sold beyond expectations and managed to stay in manufacturing for over a decade. Over its 13 year old history, several AAA developers crafted over 4000 games with most of them being stand out titles. With the rise of remastered games on the PlayStation 4, one would love to play some of those games in 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second and visual fidelity.

We have picked a few titles from the PS2’s massive library that we would like to see remastered specifically for the PlayStation 4. Some of these games did received remastered editions for the PlayStation 3 but we love them so much we would purchase them all over again on the PlayStation 4.

Note: List is in random order.

Dark Cloud (1&2)

Developer: Level-5
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Dark Cloud was originally meant to be a PlayStation 2 launch title but was delayed and released the following year. Upon its launch, the video game was generally well received as a hack-and-slash action RPG. Level-5’s Dark Cloud was based around a fantasy world in which an evil genie was cast against a village but before the genie could destroy anything, a fairy manages to secure sections of the city in separate large orbs.

During the attack, the orbs become scattered about and it is the player’s task to search each dungeon to locate the different orbs and repair the city. Dungeons are procedurally-generated where players will battle against different creatures and pick up loot. A neat little feature added into the game was a thirst level. Not only did players have to face off against the creatures located in each dungeon but they had to watch their thirst meter as it slowly drained causing their health to diminish.

Before the character’s HP became empty, players either had to drink water from a pool to immerse themselves in. As we mentioned, this is a hack-and-slash style game but developers had also tossed in quick time events during battles as well. Level-5 went on to make a sequel known as Dark Chronicles which had its own unique story and characters with similar gameplay mechanics.

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  • Thad Vanity

    Not only do the original TimeSplitters need Re-Mastering,
    TimeSplitters Rewind needs finishing.

  • Clate

    These needed remastering on the PS3. Its to late now, it would require a lot more than a simple “remaster” to make these games not look awkward on the PS4


    socom series needs it

  • rigocontreras

    I so want a dark cloud remaster. I actually never finished the first one, and never played the 2nd one. I would like all the MGS games to get remade like Ground Zeroes. I started 3 and 4 but never finished them.

    I’m not sure if the author is aware that FFX/X-2 is going to the PS4 in May. So you can knock that off the list.

    • Pax Humana

      Rogue Galaxy deserves a revamp and a MASSIVELY overhauled game before it goes on the PS4.

  • Jerome


  • frank

    one word “Black” from ea. One of the best fps’s ever!


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