Battlefield 4 Devs Comment on Xbox One Delay in Sweden and Other Markets

Microsoft continues to be flogged, despite the Xbox One nearly months from release.

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Microsoft announced yesterday that the Xbox One would be launching in November in 13 markets rather than the earlier stated 21, with most countries in Europe such as Sweden, Belgium and Denmark among others and Russia receiving it in early 2014.

Consumers of the respective countries aren’t the only ones annoyed about it. Battlefield 4 developer DICE is based in Sweden, for instance, and lead core gameplay design director Alan Kertz took to Twitter to voice his disapproval.

As for claims of “localizing” the console for local languages, Kertz stated that:

He wasn’t alone, as lead gameplay designer Gustav Halling stated that Sweden always bought what was hot and now, that will be the PlayStation 4.

Halling also stated that though he will be getting a console, he may be one of the few after the delay.

One has to pity Microsoft at this point: After announcing the Xbox One, the company was skewered for what were viewed as draconian DRM policies and lack of enthusiasm in indie developers. Microsoft has been back-tracking on every single one of its policies since then, including Kinect no longer being mandatory for playing on the console. How badly will this affect the console’s standing in Europe and Russia? We’ll find out in the coming months.

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  • shark975

    and microsoft will still whip sony’s ass as always.

    btw all the countries they pulled out of were tiny, and sony hasnt even announced where they’re launching yet, soy may be launching in less countries for all we know. nice fanboy article. go caress your ps3 some more.

    gonna be so funny when the sales reports come and xbox one outsells ps4 for that first month after all this fanboy media work.

    • Azurite

      You seem to be living in a parallel universe.

      It was unlikely the Xbox One would outsell the PlayStation 4 before either of the consoles were even announced, after the disasters at Microsoft’s reveal and at E3 it’s even more unlikely.

    • Jhonny Quest

      “and microsoft will still whip sony’s ass as always.”

      Lmao, havent seen such a delusional fanboy in a while lol.
      Let me make it clear for you, there is no way the xbox can outsell the ps4 in this situation. NO WAY. Sony will most likely keep outselling them for the rest of the generation if things keep going like this.

      Even this generation Xbox360 had a 1 full 1 year headstart and Ps3 still managed to outsell Xbox worldwide in the end. so you tell me who will be whooping who’s ass again?

    • Solid Snake

      The PS3 has out sold the Xbox 360. So Sony won. And there’s no chance Xbone will outsell the PS4. Go do your research.

  • PlayStation 4 is still better.

    Nice that BF4 is 60 fps on the PS4.

  • deeboy17

    Ahh poor devs. They mad because call of duty is getting more shine on the Xbox than their beloved battlefield 4. They need to just STFU and stop with all of their negative comments. They are actually shooting themselves in the foot if they hope to sell on all platforms and make the most money. Stupid I tell ya. Stupid.

  • Solid Snake

    I’m starting to think Microsoft only cares about tier 1 countries like the US & UK. They don’t give a damn about any other country. There excuse for not releasing there is a joke too. People want a games console for games, not fookin apps Microsoft.

    • deeboy17

      Its an entertainment console. Not just another boring game console only. By the way. The PlayStation has apps too.

  • Krakn3dfx

    Seems like the decision is pretty easy regardless of where you are.

  • Fire.Ace

    guys can you give me funny captions to above BF 4 photo


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