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Mass Effect 4- Is this what next-gen Mass Effect could look like?

Artist Baolong Zhang has done some amazing work here. He's made a few images and a video using the Unrea... Read More

Inarguably The Best Link And Princess Zelda Cosplay

This is literally a treat.

Phenomenal League of Legends Orianna Cosplay

That looks stunning.

GamingBolt Off Topic Discussion: The State of The Android Market

We discuss the state of the Android market and how some of the apps could be useful for gamers.

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review

This may pretty well be the first movie review on GamingBolt, and it's also a start of something new that we, ... Read More

$750 Star Wars C-3PO and R2-D2 Premium Figures look incredible

The following images will make any Star Wars fans drooling and desperate to get a hold these C-3PO and R2-D2... Read More

Fantastic Red Dead Redemption wall painting

Check out this amazing wall painting of Red Dead Redemption, meticulously made by a Reddit user, whassupbun. ... Read More

50 Funniest Mario Memes You WIll Ever See

Mario is one of the most prominent names in the video games industry, and so, understandably, quite a few of t... Read More

Incredible Street Fighter II Zangief Redesign

We have an amazing redesign for an incredible Street Fighter II character - Zangief. This fantastic work was d... Read More

You Wont Believe That This Halo Fan Film Was Made For Less Than $200

Fan made films  are a common phenomena these days. Just search around Youtube and you will find literally hun... Read More

The Smallest PlayStation You Will Come Across

This has to be smallest PlayStation that one may ever come across. We are all aware of the extremely popul... Read More

Thief steals Xbox 360 and Wii and replaces them with his PS3

This is one of the weirdest thefts I've ever seen. A Bay City man stole his friend's Xbox 360 and Wii, and r... Read More

Woman punched in the face by husband, in front of kids over a Playstation

[HTML1] Description: A woman has uploaded her video to the internet showing her getting punched by her h... Read More

Barrelborn – wait what? One of the weirdest things you’ll ever see in Skyrim

We have two images from Skyrim, which totally stumped us. They show a walking barrel, and we're not sure how e... Read More

This Is Your Gaming Universe

Ever wanted to learn cool and new facts from your favorite franchises like Call of Duty, The Elder Scrolls, Su... Read More

Batman: Arkham City reveals that Bruce Wayne is a false identity. The REAL man behind the cowl is….STERLING ARCHER

Batman Arkham City was one of the highlights of last year. We had no problems in giving it a super score in ou... Read More

A Brief History of Casual Gaming (Infographic)

Did you know that 75% of American households are casual gamers? This includes consoles, handhelds, flash base... Read More

Modern Warfare 3 Russian Spec Ops Gear Added to Avatar Marketplace

Xbox Live users can now purchase the Russian Spec Ops uniform for their avatar from Modern Warfare 3.  So... Read More

Get Your Chance To Play Uncharted 3 in 3D First!

How big is Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception?  Well it is big enough that all participating AMC Theaters are o... Read More

Ten Of The Best HDTVs Made For Video Games

Just as gaming consoles themselves are steadily evolving to improve game play, graphics, and other factors imp... Read More

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