Cloud Gaming Tech Is A “Cool Idea”, Impact On Gameplay Is What Matters – The Park Dev

Funcom’s Joel Bylos talks cloud computing in games and where it can go.

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This summer, Microsoft and Reagent Games will be offering our first look at what could be the future of cloud tech-powered games with Crackdown 3‘s multiplayer. Based on the demo we saw at Gamescom 2015, we’re excited but it’s still a little odd to see this technology being consolidated into huge AAA titles like this.

GamingBolt spoke to The Park game director Joel Bylos of Funcom about his opinion on the same and where he thinks it will lead gaming in general. He stated that, “Hmmm, technology is a wonderful thing but it is the impact on gameplay that really matters. I haven’t looked into exactly what Crackdown 3 is doing, but using cloud computing to do physics calculations on the server side and then passing that information back to a client… sure I guess.

“It’s a cool idea that probably doesn’t alter your immediate experience (the moment to moment) of playing the game that much. And seeing it is a multiplayer only feature, my assumption is that the developers would not be hanging their hat on that particular feature either.

“I do think cloud computing can have a huge impact on indirect activities, but since it will always be heavily tied to connection speeds, I’d be wary of using it for any core mechanics. With that said, imagine an RPG like The Witcher with an AI driven Game Master who lives in the cloud and creates adventures for your player (like a world building version of the AI director from Left 4 Dead). This sort of technology makes these sort of possibilities available. I like new technology because it always throws a new tool in the toolbox.”

At the end of the day, it will ultimately come down to the kinds of games that cloud tech can power and whether they’ll be fun. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments.

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  • red2k

    The cloud can add longevity to the games. As I already said just imagine a ROTR with a cloud mode after you beat it. Simply the game will not die. I think games like Mass Effect can have huge benefits using cloud generating many planets conditions adding richness to the universe.

    • Mark

      Yeah now that Shinra Cloud Tech from Square is down, it’s up to Microsoft to push devs to innovate with Cloud Assist. Personally I think (and hope) they reveal a new cloud based project this E3….I’d shoot myself if Mass Effect used Azure for staggered water, rain, and particle effects!

    • Melissa Grillo

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  • peconic1960

    You all might check out what’s going on at LiquidSky ( It’s a cloud gaming service that I’ve been using for a few months. I’m 800 miles from their nearest data center, and I can play anything almost flawlessly. They are still in beta, but say they are coming out any day (at which point they will start charging, alas).

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