Crackdown 3 Delay Won’t Impact Xbox One X Launch Sales, Doesn’t Make Any Material Difference, Says Pachter

Those buying an Xbox One X for Crackdown 3 will do it later rather than sooner as per Pachter.

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It’s looking to be a rather dismal year for Microsoft which started out with Scalebound being cancelled, a number of exclusives launching in 2018 and Crackdown 3 dated for November but recently pushed to Spring 2018. With Microsoft offering more time to its development teams to polish the final product, what will happen to the launch of the Xbox One X, which launches on the same day that Crackdown 3 was supposed to?

According to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter on whether the delay would impact the console’s launch in any way, “Delays are pretty regular and to be expected. The game isn’t done, and the delay isn’t really very long, probably six to eight months. Not an issue at all, if people are buying Xbox One X for Crackdown, they’ll buy it in March instead of November.”

Pachter then pretty much stated it plainly that Crackdown 3’s delay will not affect the Xbox One X’s sales at launch. “I don’t think Xbox One X sales are going to be very high in the first place because of price, and don’t think a six to eight month delay for Crackdown makes any material difference,” he said to GamingBolt.

To be fair, Microsoft has been pushing the Xbox One X as a niche product in the first place rather than a brand new console. Whether Crackdown 3 would have been enough to push sales especially when it’s coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 as well remains unknown. Regardless, the Xbox One X will be out on November 7th and retails for $499.

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    True! this is what really impact xbone and xbonex sales:


    • SJ777

      A list of 20 niche weebo and indie games doesnt hold a candle to Battlefront 2 4K, Madden 18 4K, The Witcher 3 4K, Forza 7 4K, Battlefield 1 4K, Fallout 4 4K, Resident Evil 7 4K, State of Decay 2 4K, yadda 4K yadda yadda yadda 4K 4K….meh, Ill just leave this link here-

      I just watched some footage from Gamersyde of the new Uncharted, fully rendered in 4K HDR, and it looked awful. Madden 18 has more moments of photorealism at 1080p than it had in the videos that I watched. Rise of the Tomb Raider completely destroys it graphically. One would think a sony 1st party studio would push their own hardware to a new level. If thats all the ps4 pro has got in it I wouldnt spend $50 for it let alone $400.

  • SJ777

    I dont believe one game being delayed will make any difference. There is list of over 100 titles that are either launching as the highest quality console experience, or are already available and are becoming the highest quality console experience. This holiday will be a memorable one. Ive got a huge game library(over 200 games) on my Xbox One, Ive got quiet a few that are being brought up to 4K. Cant wait to see Madden 18, Forza 7 and Battlefront 2 on my 4K tv as well. I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas.

  • LordCancer Kain

    lol nothing impacts xbox sales, nothing. i miss the real console wars, when there was competition and great games being made. we need a new box, sega or atari, or apple, or amazon, or google…anybody with some fight, microsoft has quit.

  • Mr Xrat

    Of course it won’t make a difference, Crackdown 3 looks absolutely terrible and six months probably isn’t going to make a difference. Xgimps will buy their 12th Xbone out of duty but they ain’t playing any games.

    Only difference that’s been made is that instead of being sent to die against the big holiday multiplats it’ll be sent to die against RDR2.

    • SJ777

      “Xgimps” thats pretty weak, not fitting. Meh, at least you tried though. It would be cool if there were a fitting anagram or metaphoric nickname for sony fanboys. Unfortunately its very difficult to make up a fitting nickname using the words “deranged” “lunatics” and “playstation”.

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      No games,but the Scorpio will be able to play more games out of the box than any other console ever created. Sure they aren’t lame ps4 exclusives but not many people want to play those any way.
      They will be playing the best version of the best game of the generation. RDR2.


      Lol you know you are screwed when your best pitch for a NEW and more powerful machine is… It can play a ton of old games! You can keep calling ps4 exclusives lame but it won’t change the fact that they are more and better than the xbone one, specially cause this year they EXIST!


    • greatnessIsaLIE

      They just aren’t for me.
      Maybe back in the day when I was an emo Anima

      I’m just older and like competitive games that’s all.

      Sony has nothing to offer me there.
      Sorry I can’t make games up for ps4 to appeal to me. I’m sure you feel the same.
      They are both great consoles and basically do the same


      Nice try! But your argument doesn’t hold up, cause:

      1. Games like horizon, MLB or crash are very far from being Japanese or anime related.

      2. Regardless of personal taste, there’s no denying that there are more ps4 games, with better scores and better graphics than xbone games.

      3. If those ps4 exclusives aren’t appealing for you, that’s entirely on you! Not on the games. If there were any xbone exclusive you could even say they appeal more to you than ps4 ones that would be something, but since those xbone exclusives don’t even exist, you can’t even claim that.

      Now, they are both great consoles but, if they do basically the same, what is what separates them from each other?… And, since ps4 has more and better exclusives and xbone doesn’t even have them this year, it’s pretty obvious ps4 is better. Lol

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      OK OK you win. Sony has a bigger penis.


      Ewww! disgusting but true!

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      Oh wait nevermind. Xbox has a bigger penis.


      Lol it doesn’t!

      Are you now going to pretend you will go back to play it just cause it has more pixels?

      Again, new system with only old games!

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      I played it on ps4 pro.
      I can download that game in less than an hour it’s not a big deal.


      Huh? If I doubted it was worth replaying the game just cause it looks better than the x1 version now I’m certain it is not worthy of you played in the pro, the difference is not that great, or the time between them.

      Now, I truly do not understand what you mean with that one hour download. If you could finish it in one hour, then I would believe you playing it again, the download stuff? No idea.

  • Holeybartender

    Another 6-8 months after waiting over 3 years for this game.How’s that Power of the Cloud working out for you? Oh I know,the Power of the Xbox One X will negate the need for it,you just need more time right?

  • SJ777

    lol I bet every Playstation owner hopes to be as deranged as you are someday. Have a look mates! This psychopath is a perfect example of how sony fans have gotten their reputation for being the worst.

  • SalvagedXBot

    Well i don’t know about the “market” but I’m not getting xbox one x now. Don’t feel like buying a more expensive xbox one that has zero launch titles (anyone who says Forza 7 needs to take a walk and get outside). Actually i might trade in for a ps4 because I’d like to play some games now.

  • Nemesis

    xXboXxx is already dead

  • SJ777

    Ive actually got over 200 more games in my Xbox One library than what is in your picture, better quality too. If I spent $25 on EA Access and Game Pass I would have nearly 400 games to play. How many games does $25 on Playstation give you access to? Maybe 2 if youre lucky lol


      who knos who cares? those 200 (if they even are on your library)are 200 games that ARE NOT EXCLUSIVES that scored over 80! SO NO BETTER QUALITY!

      Did you? show me please where I said that! cause a liar like you could say anything, and a dumb one like you could missunderstand anything like TWENTY ps4 exclusives being on xbone LOL

      Bottom line: 23 vs 2 l0ser!

      Youll take ANYTHING as you get almost nothing nowadays! BUT those games you listed? ARE NOT 2017 ALREADY RELEASED GAMES!!!!! LMAO thanks for proving how your most desired games ARENT HERE! L0SER! I play while you wait!!!!!

    • Doggystyle ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Soooooo funny!


      This l0ser here is pretending to be exited to finally play three years old games cause he surely skipped them cause they ran at 900p on his overprced($500) but underpowered console! LMAO

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    Xbox One X True Native 4K power vs PS4 pro is fake checkerboard lower resolution machine.

    • SJ777

      The lack of a 4K Bluray drive in the Ps4 Pro is the very definition of compromised 4K.

  • Doggystyle ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    What a joke. Year after year with the same lame sales pitch, tweets, and false promises, while never ever gaining any ground. The Xbox community is a community of just straight LOSERS. Its downright embarrassing. Good luck with the new console. Don’t ever stop believing in what these smiling salesmen are trying to sell you. They really need you right now more than ever to keep the dying Xbox brand alive.


    Yawwwn! I see I was right about your supposed 200 xbox games!
    I see you couldnt prove your claims about what I supposedly said!
    I see you dont have games so you only watch youtube channels!
    I see you still act as if you cared about power yet you got stuck 4 years with a $500(at launch) 900p machine that has less games and the lowest rated exclusives in the last 20 years!

    BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY I see PS4 still has 1000% more great 2017 exclusives! LMAO

    You keep waiting for ANYTHING worm, keep watching youtube while I play superior games!


    • SJ777

      Ive got over 200 titles in my Xbox One library. I have a hard time paying attention to your irrelevant babble about how Sony is breaking you down like a shotgun and loading you. Im more interested in 4K gaming.


      Sure you have! you have been desperately replying…but just to make a fool of yourself saying TWENTY ps4 exclusives are on xbox LOL that desperately you care!

      Now, your subpar 200 xbox games in your library and the less than 10% 2017 exclusives on your xbrick doesnt explain how is it that a l0ser that acts as if he cares so much about resolution has been stuck 4 years with an overpriced but underpower system! Only explanation is that you are as stupid as you sound!

      In any case, truth is that I play while you wait!


  • Rubix99
  • SalvagedXBot

    What lie? That Xbox has no exclusives?

    • SJ777

      The word “exclusive” isnt a representation of quality. Im not going to pretend to know what type of games are your favorite, or wether graphics are important to you, but if you have an Xbox Im betting you have several games bumping to 4K soon. Im also pretty confident multiplats are mostly what you like too, otherwise you would already own a ps4 because its exclusives are almost all niche Japanese anime titles.

      Dude, from November on it is going to be a slaughter of the ps4, and ps4 pro. This is why you saw that creepy Mark Cerny in full on fantasyland level damage control with the “8.4TF Ps4 Pro” nonsense. And also why the paid Sony “meatpuppets” are grasping for anything to keep from being mocked completely off the internet. right now.

      I apologize for my first comment. I assumed that you were another “meatpuppet” making his rounds. I looked at your comment history and realized I had misjudged you. Youre an actual real person! lol Either way, go with whatever you enjoy most, it isnt about what everyone else wants. Its about what you want.

    • SalvagedXBot

      Frankly I’m an Xbox fan that feels let down, you’re right that “exclusive” doesn’t mean quality but damn I’d like Microsoft to try harder.

      I play all sorts of games and really think that ps4 has more than Jrpgs but those can be great too and shouldn’t be written off.

      Xbox one x seems like a great console but i don’t think the extra pixel count makes up for the lack of unique experiences that are provided by exclusives.

  • greatnessIsaLIE

    There are a couple of good exclusives or they are all mostly good,but that doesn’t mean that xbots are
    If they were they could just buy a ps4 and now a days you can find them used for around a 100 bucks. I now buy them for 50 and sell them for 99.99 in my shop.

    The fact is that xbots don’t want those games. Some do but not the ones you call xbots. The ones that do are just regular gamers that probably already have a ps4.
    No Xbox is salty over any ps4 exclusives.
    All the good games that we’d want to play have come to Xbox this gen. We aren’t really missing out on much imo.

    We want RDR2 and other great games,but mostly RDR2.


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