Crackdown 3 Dev Explains Why Cloud Based Destruction Won’t Be Present In Single Player

Not everyone is “always online” and heroes are not meant to destroy cities.

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Reagent’s Crackdown 3 continues to be the centre of attention following its demonstration during Microsoft’s Gamescom 2015 presser. However, there have easily been more questions than answers – as is usually the case with these kinds of reveals – especially since the game’s developer announced that it would be the multiplayer component releasing in summer 2016. If that weren’t enough, the city won’t be completely destroyable in the single-player of Crackdown 3.

Dave Jones, Crackdown 3 creative director and Reagent Games founder chipped in his thoughts on why single player won’t have cloud based destruction. He believes that since players are going to be the hero in the campaign, it does not make sense for them to make the city completely destructible. The reason is simple…heroes are meant to save cities.

“So we haven’t discussed much about the multiplayer side. We will be bring some of the things from the campaign. Crackdown has always been about going into this city as a top down agent and you have your character progression so that is a big thing about the main campaign which we will probably bring into the multiplayer and it’s all about taking down your enemies, finding them out and figuring out the best way to take them out so we have some great characters in it. We thought what elements can we bring across where you are going to have loads of players in a fully destructible world which will make sense in the story. One of the things that we want to do is that we don’t want to destroy the city in the campaign, you are going to be the good guy in the campaign, you will be saving the city so we came up with a whole new way to take Crackdown to this multiplayer experience,” Jones said in an interview with Twitch.

Senior producer John Noonan also offered some good reasons why the single-player component doesn’t rely on cloud computing though. Though one fan on Twitter expressed the desire to remain always online in order to take advantage of the destruction in single player, Noonan responded, “We have lots of customers that aren’t always-online though!”

Noonan also added that with regards to adding online connectivity for the single player as an option, “It’s too fundamental of a game design change to make it an option. It changes literally everything.”

There’s still plenty we don’t know about the campaign and the multiplayer, so it will be hard to judge just how fundamentally such destruction would affect Reagent’s designs for single player. We’ll find out more in the coming months though so stay tuned.

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  • efnet

    Lol hilarious and super perfect answer !!!!!
    You all wanted to destroy the always online function but now when you get a glimpse of what it was meant to do you want it back….smh

    • rudero

      First. It is Microsoft so no one has seen it running as an actual retail copy. There are a lot of real world situations to test before saying how well this will work. Microsoft is infamous with fluffing the reality of a product.
      Second. Everyone was screaming at the console that needed constant internet in order to even play games. Of which is still not welcomed.
      We are going into year three by the time this game comes out and like I stated above, we still have to actually see the retail version to judge the capabilities. Like how many players will be on the map? How large will the multiplayer maps be with how much destruction? What will the games resolution and framerate be? So many question marks that do not ever live up to Microsoft’s fluffing.

    • efnet

      Let me guess you’re a sony / ps4 fan/ owner yeah?

    • rudero

      Own them all. Let me guess, you only own an Xbox? I have stated a reality. Purely but, this over hype is ridiculous. The tech is/will be cool but people should really get their hands on the product first. Kinect? Kinect 2 still has not done what was advertised for the first one. A tech based product with use of software. Same situation except you are dependent on an outside source instead of a consumer product.

    • efnet

      I own them all ….what’s your x1 tag …my Kinect 2 does exactly what I was told it would do …

    • Michael

      He doesn’t own them all. He’s a pony. You wont get his x1 tag because he doesn’t have one. Sony still hasn’t fulfilled any of its promises on vita, a better psn or a bunch of other stuff. If sony would of showed this tech its fans would be saying its the greatest thing ever like they did with that killzone video. Sony has mislead us vita, psn, capabilities of ps4, killzone’s resolution and graphical downgrade. Oh, I can go on and on.

    • GHz

      Wait n see approach. fear enough. Now Give me an example of MSFT fluffing the XB1 capabilities.

    • rudero

      Of the actual console? Thus far it would be the cloud capabilities. Like I stated, we are two years in and nothing yet. They even rumored 4k gaming. By the time the first example hits, it will be three years into the cycle of which tells me this console is not the actual console to make cloud computing gaming a full reality. With all the unanswered questions left about what the game will be like while running said scenario. Size of maps with distractions. Are the buildings shells like from bf4 with random open rooms? How many players per map? What will the frame rate be while every player is going mad? So many scenarios.
      Actual game fluff? Forza 5 was mislead in graphics completely. With only actual real players showing the difference. ie retail vs demoed. Also, like I stated, the fact kinect 2 still has not done anything shown off for the first kinect prepares me for microsofts words. They are still desperate and desperate times calls for desperate measures and fluffing the cloud talk makes me hesitant from other instances from their past.

    • GHz

      In regards to cloud capabilities, the implementation came in spurts in a diverse variety. Now whether or not it impressed you is a different thing altogether. I own Forza 5, great looking game. It it looks awesome on my 50inch panasonic plasma tv. Car models are excellent and tracks are near photrealistic enough. Drivatars are a welcome challenge. 1080p 6ofps not bad for a launch title, still playing it till this day. Titanfall, i had loads of fun with my friends with that game. I dont care about what cloud tech was used to enhance gameplay cause all I know is that my friends and I have blast when playing it. W/e respawn used the cloud for in that game was once deemed impossible and they were doubted by their peers, until they had the guts enough to utilize the cloud to fully realize their vision. Now according to the folks at Respawn, developers are now inquiring MSFT abou their cloud tech. So you see, even though Im not technical enough to discuss the imporance of the cloud, there are game out there only on the XB1 by the way, that prove the tech works one way or the other, and all is needed is to be put to practice. All I have to do to see the proof is listen to what devs, who are actually building the games , admit what the tech have done for them. So you being NOT impressed doesnt mean that MSFT is making things up or fluffing the tech as how you put it.

      As far as kinect go, it works, some people just dont care for it thats all and thats cool. me I cant imagine my XB1 w/o it. Speaking to it is way more productive than clicking buttons to access menus. Way too many apps for that.

      What you’re doing is projecting your opinion cause Devs have been saying its legit from early 2014. They told us it can be use for a variety of things. Crackdown is now using it for something else and the world witnessed it, the tech is real.

    • rudero

      Great points of having but in reality, what was sold vs what became a reality is different. I am not saying it is not real, I am saying how much of it will be a reality.
      Kinect is ok. Not with the price though and how it was sold was in fact, not a reality. No scanning skateboards or a family playing together and changing a tire in a racing game. Voice recognition got better but still not a 100%.
      We all know this is where gaming is going or, better, all computers are going to go to the cloud but, this does not mean that anything works well enough to hype it. Get excited at the possibilities, sure but, it is still a year away to actually see it in a commercial product.
      Forza 5 was ok. Low on content but also, definitely not what was shown off graphically. This does not put down the console, it just leads me to believe I will see the actual product vs believing it will be as good as advertised.

    • GHz

      Fear enough. You are speaking as a consumer as am I. When the system was announced I was with it and ready. Bought it with the kinect not cause of the message but because I couldnt see a console w/o a camera in this day n time. All my other devices had one why not my console. My only complaint was that it wasnt integrated in the console itslf. Despite MSFs botched message, which I had enough common sense to see, I felt the tech itself was the way to go.

      If your looking for 100% honesty in the marketing department of a corporation, good luck with that. On the topic of Forza, we’ll agree to disagree on that. That game went through it’s changes as they optimized it. But by the time they were done and advertised it, what they presented is what I got. Nothing less nothing more.

      With the kinect, any device you talk to isnt 100%. One day we’ll get there. I give kinect 90% on that. On its other abilities, its sad but thats up to the devs if they want to build games that will show off those features. Games come out but ple dont support them so devs get discouraged. Kinect however is a big star in the scientific community where they hack it to do all sorts of things. It sad that I only use it majority of the time for commands. It can do so much more.

    • jb227

      Crazy that these sentiments are so rare. Seems like its a foregone conclusion that Crackdown’s cloud tech is absolutely perfect and revolutionary when the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t even exist yet. We are in a day & age where games release absolutely broken, yet somehow in an instance where there are huge goals at stake, this is now an impossibility. If you pay attention to the demo they showed off, it was a very small section of the city that they were showing off, and they were doing this on 11 dedicated closed servers in the absolute best of conditions. Anyone can make a game work when they have months to prep a small section, the proof will happen when the game is in the wild and all of the unknowns are known. People need to temper their expectations quite a bit. I definitely see Crackdown as being the first step towards a large utilization of the tech in the future, but first steps can be clumsy, awkward and small in the grand scheme of things. I’m with you, I’ll believe it when its fully rolled out and released…MS had a hard enough time just getting mp to function on the Halo MCC, there’s a very real possibility that many issues can arise for Crackdown as well.

  • doplerradar

    Makes sense to me. If there was 100% destruction in single player then everyone would be a supervillian and establish a scorch earth policy. The city will be a waste land.

  • Mark

    Aww man, what kind of question is this; “Why doesn’t Crackdown have full destruction in single player”? Haha. I’m gettin ready to pull my white chin hair out…

    Anyway, good to see David Jones workin on the next greatest sandbox after building the original GTA. Dude is brilliant.

  • YuriFan

    Yeah this is what I thought. But it didn’t stop me from throwing cars at civilians in the first game.

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