Deus Ex 4: 10 Things We Want To See

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We absolutely loved Deus Ex: Human Revolution. We had two authors review the Xbox 360 and PS3 version separately, and they both loved it equally, giving it a 9.5/10. But it did have many faults. It had patchy AI, not so stunning graphics, some loose shooting mechanics and some other cons that somewhat took away from the overall experience of the game. We want the next Deus Ex game, whenever it comes out, to be perfect, flawless.

To that effect, we have compiled a list of ten things we think Deus Ex 4 must include, what we think will definitely improve the game a lot. So enjoy the list, give us your feedback, and tell us what you want to see in Deus Ex 4 in the comments section below.

Boss battles should not suck

One of the biggest faults in Deus Ex: Human Revolution was that the boss battles sucked, going completely against the free-flowing, open ended nature of the game. Their restricted, scripted nature could have been excused had they at least been fun, but that was not the case. The boss battles in DXHR had the worst design ever. Thankfully, though, Eidos Montreal is now working towards improving upon this issue. They will be developing the boss fight for the game’s upcoming DLC, Missing Link, themselves, and it will have a lot of choices involved. Hopefully, they’ll do more of the same in Deus Ex 4, because honestly, I don’t want there to go through boss battles as bad as those in Human Revolution again.

Improved AI

Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s AI was very patchy. At times, it was brilliant, and at times, it was just plain stupid. Here is an excerpt from our review, describing the dumb AI-

Enemy AI can be a little stupid and glitchy when it comes to stealth- for one, they never enter rooms! All you have to do if you ever alarm the guards is enter one of the smaller, branching rooms in a corridor, and all the guards will do is stand outside in front of the door, have a quick, brief look around, and go. They may have seen you entering the room, but they do not follow you inside. They think you’ve magically disappeared and start searching for you elsewhere. And if you stay hidden for five minutes, they forget all about you. Doesn’t matter if you killed another guard in front of them, or if they saw you running from their bullets with their very own eyes- go five minutes without being noticed by anyone, and they forget you ever existed.

That, and the video above, might give you a taste of how frustrating it could be to be subjected to such mind nombingly patchy AI. It’d be better if Eidos Montreal developed some kind of a better AI engine, along the lines of Metal Gear Solid, for Deus Ex 4. Because as it is now, the AI has a lot of room for improvement.

Better shooting mechanics

One of the complaints we had with Human Revolution’s shooting was that it was a little buggy. Hit detection was very glitchy, a person would be downed only after being shot with hundreds of bullets, and headshots weren’t always registered. Combat was still fun, but it would be a lot more fun if these errors and flaws were removed altogether. If Eidos Montreal could only improve the shooting mechanics in Deus Ex 4 and forgo of the dice roll shooting system, combat would be a lot better.

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  • dox

    The graphics were fine. First off its a deferred rendering engine so true anti aliasing isn’t possible on current hardware it just takes too much power. Second the lighting is actually really good, that’s the whole point of deferred rendering. Last but not least if you are playing on consoles you aren’t seeing how good this game looks. PC has better textures by a pretty decent margin it also uses tessellation, and ambient occlusion. The PC version also has better anti aliasing than consoles. Overall it looks twice as good..

    Yes lip sync still sucks but other than that the game looks excellent.

    I also don’t like the less bugs comment. I’ll sure the squashed as many as they possibly could. This is a huge game. It was delayed for 6 months to get rid of bugs and add Polish. To get every bug (which is impossible) they would have delayed it another few months. As long as there aren’t game breaking bugs everything is ok. Besides after a good 30+ hours of play I haven’t seen Any crazy bugs aside from 1 Guy getting half way stuck in a wall.

  • 1 Thing I DON’T want to see: DeusEx 4 so soon. I don’t want it to become a new COD.

  • I like all the deus ex games but i would like to see some animals like in the first deus ex. I like the augs and fighting mode but would like to see AI VS AI like in the first deus ex i could make the AI riot cops fight with the NSF, UNATCO and other AI characters. More Robots or mechs like the MJ12 commandos. It should have a space mission and at least 3 different rifles that you can use and store in your in inventory at the same time. I would also like to be able drive a vehicle of some sort. THank you for your time and making such a beautiful game.

  • Deus ex 4 should have mirrors and we should see a pale reflection in the windows etc. The Ingame AI should be improved and I was very disappointed that my side missions did not get anywhere to seriously impact on the game.

    More rats, pigeons, dogs, cats and other animals. Also on the data cubes and computers keep up the current updates on scientific circles but please add more.

    Also could you put a tracking bar in , possibly make these side objectives, that play on stealth features.

    Make more in game fighting between the A-I amd possibly do a mission where your men help you storm a building possibly near the beginning… just a little.

    Finally could you make it like the first deus ex and have an abundant array of missions which seem endless

  • I waited 10 years for a Deus Ex, so I hope they will take their time creating a 4 as they did with DX-HR, ultimately doing an AWESOME job and creating a perfect game. How they managed to satisfy both old school Deus Ex fans and teenagers who never played it is masterful. I can see now the boss battles iritated some people, but in DX1 they were not great either. I also get the complaints against guards with Alzheimer, but the rest is just whining. Graphics were great (on a PC) and I did not experience a single bug.

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  • I have never experienced a problem with the hit detection, in fact I’d say HXHR has some of the best hit detection I’ve seen in a game. I’ve finished it 5 times now trying many of the different styles and I’ve not once had a problem with hit detection.

    I think the inventory was absolutely perfect. The game was about specializing in a particular method, so by limiting the inventory the player had to choose their weapons carefully. Each time I have finished the game I have always had stacks of ammunition, grenades and cyberboost left so you’re not exactly stretched thin. It makes sense for ammunition to stack in groups, but I don’t see how you could possible stack grenades or cyberboost jars.

  • Deus ex 4 should have Paul Denton, Jc Denton, and Adam Jensen. Try to find a way to add them in to the game. There should be a co-op and split screen multiplayer. Drivable vehicles like in halo but with a cockpit view. Vending machines need to be accessible and have different types of beverages available to the player. Armor and clothes should be customizable. The music in Deus ex is perfect and needs to stay perfect. Deus ex needs bigger and better enemies with having the option of not killing them.

  • Scarshi

    This game was like being shown a great bike you might like for christmas and instead getting the cheap one on the day. My sights were set very high by the outsorced square-enix made trailer and what I got graphically and technically in-game was sub-par. The trailer was gorgeous! Why couldn’t I play that instead??

  • Karstin Jacobsen

    One of the things i was not pleased with is the save file system in Deus Ex (3): Human Revolution. I could ONLY save up to 99 files. And, i also thought i could re-use my saved files, by copying them, and then pasting them to a separate folder. Not a chance. The save system did NOT recognize my save files. I had the SAME PROBLEM with DE: HR – The Missing Link DLC expansion.

    • Tracer Tong

      Its due to the sequencing code in the subsript. The main exe will not recognise the same SC (sequencing code) twice dhus making your save undetectible, because there is a save wit that exsact SC already in existance, you moved it but didnt dleat it. try copying the files and deleating them ingame afterwards.

  • Deusyyy

    1. how about melee combat? it sucked how it took me a whole bar of energy away everytime im trying to melee attack with no ammo. u shouldnt be using energy for melee combat. leaving u with no energy to use any of your other Augs. add a knife or somthing to the weapon invemtory for g-d sakes!!
    2. also taking cover behind a wall is SO not Deus Ex, kind of forces you to play the game more like any other shooter game.

    • Savannah

      I 100% agree with you! lol.. But the covering behind a wall wasn’t all that bad, it was stealthy which i can respect.

    • Savannah

      Was more like Splinter Cell.

  • Savannah

    I am a huge Deus Ex fan, i have been playing sense i wasn’t able to play game.. which meant I would sit and watch my dad play the very first one on the computer. where you were JC Denton and the story line was absolutely amazing… What i wish they would have done in Human Revolutions, is kept up with that story line… I wish they had kept up with the creepy augmented people, the whole area 51 and alien thing, and the creatures. I remember more in the first one how they had cats and dogs and mice even in the gameplay. In the second, I dont remember much of the animals, but they still had the greasels and the big ass dog things that would eat you alive, but mostely the aliens themselves.. Now that was fun. They kept those scary. Plus in my opinion they had better robots for sure. The huge ones where when they were patrolling they said “scanning area” with a scary as hell voice. The original deus Ex will never be topped by new release games, only because the story line wouldn’t just take you a few days to a week, it would take you several months to figure out everything, and get the game completed. I actually still have codes and passwords and information to quick reference in a notebook somewhere from when i played it. Human revolutions was by far a great game, i just with they stuck to more the original script. I also liked how in the second one, you could pick to be either a male or female, which was nice for me being a girl.. haha…
    Well, that is all i have to say, hope someone or anyone comments back… Hope someone else out there agrees with me. 🙂

    • matthew

      nice comment savannah– iv’e actually restarted the original deus ex again….the aliens were pretty cool– there radiactive rooms and the aliens breath attacks was dangerous–i remember going into their room and getting shocked…. here the radiactive room was killing me.. the music picked up its tempo and alien ran at you then wow it shot its breath at you and wow im dead that fast … same with the greasels there spit attacks are just as bad…. had to use a gun for range or sneak up atthem with the sword ha …. i liked the start of the game… you really heard the squall of the seagulls… the sounds of the harbor……after reading the improved ideas for the game… heres a thought to….on deus ex 4 … i hope they let you use the sniper gun more…. i had fun in the original as you were cornered and needed to take out the soldiers….i have no real knowledge of deus es 2 .. so no thoughts on it except …there was no sound ha and no dialogue so it was weird… ,,,,, it would be coool if they brought back those military bots .. scanning area part was cool ….- it was fun when you could hack into the computer and take over a robot ha— nice…. so….. dues ex 4 take us to neat countries…. like england and revisit paris….. russia… .. i also like some of the racing games.. if possible…. have your charector drive to large buildings government ones — large ferms… have him use elevators to floor 89 or w/e during dah and night hours in office rooms for 50 people with there neat desk lamps,,, and hack someones pc for some needed report — sort of like a agent james bond move…. get creative… take a cool jet boat to some island of a rich bad guy… lets have fun. -matthew

    • matthew

      matthew again — how about a car driving part of the game? why is driving only in need for speed? he’s an agent right? at least denton is— send him on a mission where he gets on a naval battle ship or submarine to some location– an island or country.. how about driving or being drivin to a tall building where he like james bond has security pass to be inside go up elevater and go in a cool room –maby even return to that room later at night. and you walk into a room of 40 desks each with a night light on and he has to hack a pc and print out or download the secret files of some gnarly project a big corporation is working on –and like bond– how about a time where on a mission he has to work with an agent and team work

  • kickass

    Deus ex GOTY is the best Deus ex game!
    For Deus ex 4 Eidos should take more from the first game because that was awesome shit.

  • Let me start that I was introduced to the serise with DX:IW and I never got the complaints till I played the first one. Even after the fact i feel both were good in their own way. When I first heard and saw the teaser for DX:HR, I geeked out in a way that i haven’t done in a long time. Its was blissful.
    I agree with maybe half of these statment. Let me start off by saying the stealth system was very cool as well as rewarding to the gameplay. With that said they should cover all aspects of combat and war a lot better making it all equally rewarding in the unique areas of combat. It was all very one sided gearing toward stealth. There needs to be more options let it be rewarding to be a commando or stealth or mixture not just one or the other. I’d like to see more dealings with nanotechnology like the first two with the choice of maybe staying with augmentations, after all kinda make a full circle back to the original deus ex where augs were fading and bio is the new thing. I do think that dialog should effect gameplay and even game outcome more, would be more realistic. Side quest on the other hand are side quest for a reason. Not need to finish the game, length of them is not relevant.. however think what side quests are done should have impact on main game. Leading me to my next objection that side quest can stay more one sided wnat another option simply don’t do it.

  • foobar

    Please don’t fix what isn’t broken. Inventory management in DX: HR is perfectly fine IMHO; it’s the same as in the original DX and much better than the dark days of IW.
    Instead of better graphics, how about more locations? The original DX had five hub worlds, if I remember correctly; while Detroit and Hengsha are impressive it would be nice to see more variety.

  • I would say my absolute top “Thing(s) I want to see in Deus Ex 4” would be melee. Pure and simple, bring back true melee. Keep the contextual takedown animations if you like, but give us back the ability to pick up say, a crowbar, wrench, nightstick, and sneak up behind someone and beat them over the back of the head with it, knocking them out. It was very unfortunate that they completely neglected to include this feature. Also, along those same lines, bring back physics to inanimate objects, please. The world decor in DE:HR was beautiful and intricate, but you couldn’t pick up, move, throw most of it, and as disappointing a game as Invisible War was, I’d love to once again be able to pick up random items such as books, trash cans, basketballs (whatever) and chuck them at random unsuspecting NPCs’ heads. So…for me = 1: bring back melee. true melee! 2: Improved (see: less glitchy) A.I. as OP stated 3: Better boss battles, as OP stated. 4: more moveable (weaponized) inanimate objects. 5. improved lighting, textures, facial animations, as OP stated. But if they do nothing else, melee needs to come back, absolutely.

    • $57813486

      I thoroughly enjoyed Invisible War. I probably play it even now 50 hours a year or more.

  • Someone else mentioned more locations, which made me think about the locations that were already implemented in DE:HR, and I realized another thing I’d like to see is more populated and lived-in areas. For some reason most of the city hubs in DE:HR, for all their minute detail and beautiful design, seemed a bit..well…empty. They didn’t really feel populated and lived in, to me. Perhaps make the city hubs more populated and/or add some life to the cities via various methods. The badly textured future cars sparsely scattered throughout the cities just sat, empty, motionless, and were never driven. The people more or less stood in one spot and stared at each other, never moving or walking to different areas, for the most part. Add NPC AI packages that include day/night schedules (shopping, going home, sleeping, going to work, etc.). Add more people doing more things interactively with the environment. Sure, there were people in the city, but they didn’t really feel a *part* of the city. They didn’t interact with it. They need to. It couldn’t hurt for there to be more of them, either. I would also like to see some weather and/or day and night cycles. Imagine how much more life weather and day/night cycles would breathe into the world. Walking through the city streets with rain pouring down, the myriad rainbow colors of the neon signs reflecting in puddles gathering next to gutters, as people scurry to and fro with umbrellas out, heading in different directions with their newly added AI packages. Yes……….

  • user010020003


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  • $57813486

    I reckon I’m up to maybe 500 hours of play in DE:HR, and I can’t say I agree with all the complaints listed. For instance, inventory management was never a problem for me at all, but then I didn’t bother keeping more than a single weapon. Those with a more “hoarder” bent might find it constraining, but with max arm augs I had more space than I could ever use.

    I initially had subjective issues with the boss fights, but now I thoroughly enjoy them. It takes me about 30 seconds or less to gracefully, efficiently take down all the bosses on high difficulty. Developing those tactics was fun, and rewarding.

    For about 2/3rds of my 500 hours, the only weapon I used was the 10mm pistol. I consider it the best weapon in the game overall, with the shotgun second. I never required more than two shots to kill any non-boss enemy and never used a whole clip on any boss, with that or any other weapon, so I’m thinking our reviewer just needs more work on his aim.

    I can handily save Malik, on hard difficulty, using only the 10mm and a single EMP grenade. I only play on hard.

    I found graphics, sound, and mood perfectly acceptable. I had numerous enemies follow me into a room, where I took them down physically. Never ran into the invisible room barrier our reviewer mentioned. Maybe it’s a console thing, I only game on a PC, less likely to be a NSA spying device.

    What killed me was the horribly emasculated males who whined and cried like little girls. That Haas fellow at police headquarters, and Sandoval. I had to kill them both after a successfull “silver tongue”, just out of principle. I will never speak to Haas again, and I determined that if you refuse to plant the evidence you don’t have to listen to Sandoval, and can just kill him like the sissy he is. Now if I could only find a way to accomplish that with Darrow….

    The best thing going forward, is elimination of emasculated sissies pretending to be men. And reducing any single block of cut-scene dialogue to 5 seconds or less per utterance.


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