Devs React To Kojima And Guerrilla Partnership: A ‘Hot Matchup’, Industry Tech Need To Be Shared More

Well known game developers react to the partnership between Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games.

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death stranding

Yesterday it was revealed that Hideo Kojima’s upcoming action open world (and possibly horror) game Death Stranding will be running on Decima, an engine which has been largely developed by Guerrilla Games. This same engine will also power the upcoming role playing game Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation 4. Ever since the PlayStation 3 era Guerrilla Games are known for pushing visual barriers and their partnership with Kojima Productions is a shining example why video game tech needs to be shared between different gaming companies. In this way, more intelligent minds will work on a single product resulting into amazing experiences…something that both Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn are shaping up to be.

Following this announcement of the partnership, developers from Blizzard and Naughty Dog have shared their opinion on the matter. Drew Thaler from Naughty Dog believes that the partnership between Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games is a ” hot match up” and they they are both “creative power houses” who will “raise the bar.”

Helder Pinto, who is a 3D artist at Blizzard also shared his views by stating that “Kojima partnering with Guerrilla interesting prospect. always said we as an industry need to share more and stop keeping our tech so secret” to which Anthony Vaccaro, environmental artist at Naughty Dog stated that such a policy depends from one company to another but however on the whole he hopes that the trend of sharing tech continues in the future.

What is your take on this matter? Do you think different games studios should share technology between them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Hvd

    why are they worried about a game that wont be out until the ps5…lmao

    • BelAirBoss

      The better question is, why are you? Now that’s the real joke here to laugh at…..

    • Hvd

      cant wait to see your faces when they delays it until the ps5.since the ps4 pro is a pile of crap and xbox scoprio is going to destroy it how much longer do you think sony will fall behind xbox not much longer imo.

      ps5 in 2018 or

    • BelAirBoss

      The only thing you’re seeing is despair and frustration….which is precisely why you spend all your time commenting on games you will have no ability to play. Loser behavior, loser mentality. Good luck with that.

    • Hvd

      what i see is common sense and delays on the delay really think sony will sit back and get destroyed by xbox scorpio?

      remember these are mid gen consoles they are already working on the ps5 it take a few years to make these consoles so ill say by 2018 because they weill get destroyed by a 4k native console the xbox scorpio.

      i just hope you didnt buy that dumpster fire of a console the ps4 pro..lmao

    • NinoBr0wn

      All jokes aside, doesn’t trolling on the internet and playing cheerleader for a single corporation get tired after a while? Don’t you ever look at yourself and feel some kind of way about shouting how much of a tool you are? How does one side fall behind with a 25 million lead? Why do people do these things on a constant basis? It’s kind of mental.

    • Hvd

      lamo you really dont think that deaths standing and the last of us part 2 will be delayed until the ps5?.sony barley cranks out AAA exclusives as it is.

      the ps4 slim was a failure,psvr was a failure and the ps4 pro was a failure.they also failed at releasing AAA exclusives and lived off of indies and remasters…lmao

      use common sense for once and think about it how long will they get destroyed buy xbox scorpio?….expect the ps5 in a few more years. and those games being delayed to it.

    • NinoBr0wn

      Whatever helps you sleep better at night. It’s still mental.

    • Hvd

      nothing intelligent to add so you lost…lol im done with you.

    • NinoBr0wn

      Nothing intelligent to add hahaha. You haven’t said a damn thing of substance on this entire page. Trolling is one thing, but now I know you’re actually mentally disturbed.

    • EditoMZ

      Hopeless gamer…

    • Hvd

      moronic gamer

    • Jazminegryder

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  • Mr Xrat

    This alone kills every other Xbone exclusives, not like that’s a particularly hard accomplishment.

  • todd

    Its the PS4Trol….uh I mean PS4Pro. These dev’s nowadays always talk smack about how powerful their games look but after all the delays leading up to release on hand, the game doesn’t look like what they showed us. Its simple technique that Sony is always good at since the PS1 & that is using CGi for all their trailers. It has never failed really, all these dev’s thinking about sharing tech with other is nothing but a scam to get one to really find secret to other game companies secrets to use on them later on & not give credit. Do we see CoD dev giving thanks to Nin & Rares GE007 N64 game? No they won’t & never will because if that game never came out then CoD would still play & feel like old war gameplay. Its like how the white men killed all the native people to take over the land we call USA now & the same thing is going to happen when now they have secrets to how Japanese make games.

    Kojima sharing Japanese gaming secrets is a big shame to his people. You all really think this is a step in the right di


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