DirectX 12 Will Accelerate Yebis’ Performance, Xbox One Cloud Can Render Very Realistic Worlds

Silicon Studios’ Masaki Kawase talks about the benefits of Microsoft’s upcoming graphics API.

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Silicon Studios’ Yebis 2, a post processing effects middleware, attracted a fair amount of attention when it was revealed to have been used for the E3 2013 trailer of Final Fantasy 15. Speaking to GamingBolt, lead architect Masaki Kawase talked about the benefits of using DirectX 12 in conjunction with Yebis 2 (answers transcribed by GM and R&D engineer Colin Magne).

Yebis 2 currently supports DirectX 11 and while DX 12 is out next year, what kind of performance gains can we expect for, say, HDR and anti-aliasing in post? Kawase says, “DX12 is helping gain CPU performance while sending commands to the GPU. Yebis is actually very fast on the CPU even with DX11. DX12 will accelerate that even more.”

Speaking about Microsoft’s recent demonstration of Cloud technology at the Build 2014 event (which served as the basis for gameplay footage in the new Crackdown), we asked if there was any potential to improve a game’s visuals using the Cloud and how exactly Yebis 2 could benefit from this.

“Yebis can be applied to any type of rendering engines. In the case of cloud computing where the power of the cloud can render very realistic worlds, it does make sense to use Yebis. The more you get close to realism, the more seeing this world through a physically simulated camera becomes needed.”

Thoughts? Let us know below.

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  • Bliss Seeker
    • The Green Ranger

      Yea, what a bunch of rubbish right? I remember when they tried to convince us the earth was round too, such dopes!

    • rudero

      And I remember when the same company said Kinect would converse with you or that you could scan in real life images or that you could try on outfits or play multiplayer like doing a pit stop with your whole family… Unfortunately, with Microsoft, it is a wait and see and not putting faith in their pr fluffing.

    • ShowanW

      What are you talking about…. His comments have nothing to do w/ Microsoft. He and his company are a middleware company. Why have beef wit MS for another companies opinion?

    • The Green Ranger

      This article is about Silicon Studios’ observation & understanding of DX12 & Cloud Tech. There’s a reason why the industry is investing in R&D for this tech, not just MS. Read up and stop the blind fanboy hate.

    • Priest Pai Mei

      Couldn’t have said it better myself ….

    • rudero

      I am just saying, using the title of the article, the image used for said article and, the mentioning of the use of said topic on said console… prove it.
      Yes, we all know the corporations are heading into the cloud. Got it.
      I’m just saying, why not leave it to said topic rather than, once again, bringing in said console that has been doing nothing but using this to sell their product to the consumers.
      Blind, is supporting the pr fluff. spin either way, it is fluff.

    • The Green Ranger

      Huh? How is it PR fluff? The discussion is on Yebis’ support of DX12 which is supposed to be the upcoming API in XB1. Then Silicon Studios was asked about it’s support w/ the Cloud which is also used for XB1. MS isn’t here tooting their own horn so where is the fluff? You don’t believe in Cloud tech, fine. But, don’t dismiss it as fluff because the tech is very much real and MS will be the ones to break through with it.

      It’s strange how any positive MS talk is referred to as ‘pr nonsense’, but talk from anyone else is legit. Gamers should applaud them and not Sony who have been doing the same wash, rinse, repeat for the past 20 years.

    • rudero

      Well, to do a 101 on marketing for would take to long. But I will be happy to discuss that but something tells me you really wouldn’t care.
      I strongly agree that this technology is coming and being crafted. For reasons that would best be inline with going back to the marketing 101 discussion. There is way to much money to be made in this technology it is rather disgusting to be honest. But that is another philosophy on its own.
      As for Microsoft getting ragged on for “positive” news it’s because look at what they have been spinning since 2011 with its products. They sell hope and look for funding rather than saying here is our solid product that does as advertised.
      Gamers are consumers and consumers know when they are being lied to.
      Yes this technology is coming, but like the bomb of promises for its product the kinect which massively under delivered, the consumers are saying show this product working now on said console then we will believe. Not some half assed 1st level run at cloud computing for gaming that truly won’t see the benefits until xboxone2

    • The Green Ranger

      I fully understand marketing and have a degree in Business so no need for the lesson. We can just agree to disagree here. You call this PR fluff based on MS’ short comings in the past and you’re entitled to your opinion. I, on the other hand, believe otherwise. This project is moving forward and their current use of the Cloud for AI is only the beginning. The news of their ramped up R&D in FPGAs and “Catapult” is further display that this thing is real and closer than most think. “Future Proof” isn’t just a slogan. Cheers

    • Not_true

      Sorry, you’re wrong, your NDA stacked misterxchips conspiracy theories are nonsense. You must love devouring mountains of crow and making a fool of yourself.

      Misterxmedia is a paranoid schizophrenic crank that talks to himself and scribbles random nonsense on tech slides. You would get laughed at and shot down on any tech aware forum like beyond3d, misterxmedia even got banned from semiaccurate.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      It’s still rumor whether they have an FPGA or ASIC designed into the chips. But would make sense since consoles are outdated from the day it’s launched, and further given that XOne’s architectural design is open to such technologies It would make sense if revealed it has this designed chip.

      Only thing confirming this is this source: (Ctrl+F FPGA)

    • The Green Ranger

      Yes, but a strong rumor nonetheless until NDAs are lifted. Boyd Multerer is already on the record saying they designed the XB1 for scalability in order to adapt to the unknown of the future. The only way possible is through FPGAs and MS’ Catapult which appears to be the basis to push these chips past their perceived cap with the Cloud.

    • Not_true

      LOL oh god the NDAs.

      It’s all a misterxmedia conspiracy!

      Bu bu bu just wait for the directx 12 cloud low latency ESRAM tiled resources move engine offloading special sauce!!1 Xbox is sekritly more powerful than PS4!!1

    • Not_true

      LOL “it all makes sense, the puzzle pieces are connecting! The NDAs will be lifted soon!”.

      No, you’re just suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and drinking the misterxmedia kool-aid.

    • JerkDaNERD7

      I never stated that…

    • Not_true

      “This random technology I googled secretly exists inside the Xbox One because DUH CLOUD!!1 The NDAs will reveal all!”

      You need pills.

    • Not_true

      Now that Phil Spencer is in charge they’re dialing back the “infinite power of the cloud” PR BS and going with the far more realistic “Dedicated Multiplayer Servers”, which is what they always were. Thanks for keeping it real, Phil.

      “The Cloud” is just remote multiplayer hosting servers, the same things that have been used for online FPS and MMOs for years and years. Crackdown 3 is going to have a prettier version of BF4 building destruction running on a remote multiplayer server.

      Other companies are working on remote server tech, they’re just not lying and exaggerating about what it can do.

    • ilovegoogleglass

      Lol wait till cortona releases for XB1….

    • rudero

      Again. With microsoft, the number one compliment is “wait till”.

    • Actually the Kinect does all those things. If you owned one and had Kinect labs you would know that.

    • ilovegoogleglass

      OMG I forgot about Kinect labs lol. It was quote unique.

    • I know. The Xbox has so many apps and features I tend to forget most of them. LOL.

    • rudero

      A demo disc!? That’s your proof of spending money on the first kinect? A demo disc.
      That right there is Microsofts targeted crowd.

    • It’s actually an app.

    • bardock5151

      The kinect could and can, if the hardware and software hooked up to it allow it to. The 360 doesn’t have the power required to do so, but there is a lot of fascinating stuff that’s been done with the old kinect and even more for the new version with the right hardware behind it.

    • rudero

      Part of my point. Thank you. Microsoft is infamous with releasing and hyping things way before their capabilities are at hand. ie this gen is cloud computing.
      1st kinect was hyped with “amazing” capabilities. 2nd kinect has not been hyped at all because it is still not doing what the original was hyped to do.
      Point is, stop hyping. Most consumers are no longer buying into hype.
      Just do.

    • Bliss Seeker
    • Not_true

      When microsoft fanboys like misterxmedia talk about technology they’re basically like a flat earther conspiracy theory cult.

    • The Green Ranger

      Man you really have a hard on for MisterX huh? What does he have to do with this? Microsoft presented this research themselves at the International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), not some backyard picnic. How else can we expect a single Xbox One to achieve the computational power of 3 Xbox Ones or 32 Xbox 360s which MS has claimed? You are nothing but a pathetic troll with only half a brain who will always deny or discredit even when all the official news is right in front of you. Just keep ya head stuck in that sand kiddo, you’ll get it someday.

    • Priest Pai Mei

      OK and the PS4 can be optimized ..LMAO … and 50% more powerful , but their first pty games have never reached 1080p and 60fps YET …LOL I’m just saying ….

    • Bliss Seeker
    • Michael Norris

      Don’t forget that Ps4 has 8 ACE units the same amount as an R9 290x vs Xone’s 2 ACE.That can change thing’s Crytek has already used compute with great results.

    • Not_true

      Exclusively 1080p 60 FPS games on PS4: MGS V, CoD Ghosts, FFXIV, Tomb Raider, MLB The Show 14 (first party), Resogun (first party), Trials Fusion, Diablo 3, Project Cars, Metro Redux, more.

      Another constantly wrong fanboy.

  • PC_Is_The_Master_Race

    It’s pointless. Only Nvidia has cloud tech in their hardware and it’s years off.

    Both companies are blowing smoke up people’s hinies

    • ilovegoogleglass

      This has nothing to with the article but,

      Yes, Cloud Computing needs a few years to mature but Microsoft’s on to something here. Ok, rendering one to one graphics in the cloud sounds kind of off, but Microsoft is using cloud compute to basically offload cpu heavy instructions to the cloud. Personally rendering a scene continuously in real time in the cloud is quite unrealistic. There’s latency, download, upload, encoders and decoders that all take in an effect that could limit the overall render. Until latency free one to one internet is invented they will always limit it. But, using the cloud for task that don’t really to need to be time perfect is totally viable. In Crackdown for example Microsoft be will using Cloudgine’s particle effect/ destruction system to basically offload physics, geometry, and rotation to the cloud.

      I see cloud computing be used to enhance game worlds not create them.

    • Not_true

      I don’t recall any “power of duh cloud” talk from Sony executives.

    • bardock5151

      ”Did you see the movie ‘The Matrix’? Same interface. Same concept.” (Ken Kutaragi on the online capabilities on the upcoming PS3, 2000) Because that’s what dribbles out of their mouth’s followed by “[nothing] good has come from the internet, period” (Michael Lynton, Sony PE, 2009)

  • Guest

    Oh boy, Sony PaupRs are crying. AGAIN!

    • Not_true

      Get help.

    • EmpeRawD

      Derp. Hey what’s going on buddy? Thought you got banned again. Hey I’ve been reading the comments and it does not seem that the other posters in this article are listening to your Bullsh…I mean, gospel. Thats tough man but hey, keep up the good fight man. Hirai clearly sees The progress you’ve made in your little crusade and will surely bestow many blessings on to you. Happy Grazing buddy. : )


    ps4 arm chair devs come here and say impossible i dont believe it bullshit


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