Don’t Expect Life Changing Upgrades To Games On Xbox Scorpio Or PS4 Pro, Says Developer

“Gameplay mechanics are always going to be limited to what is available on the base level consoles.”

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xbox scorpio

The Xbox one Scorpio (and the PS4 Pro) are incremental upgrades over the existing Xbox One and PS4- as a result, they are tied inextricably to the existing consoles, rather than being a full next generation that may provide for further opportunities in game design. The advances they bring to the table are, instead, graphical.

This is what Pawel Lekki, CEO of EXOR Studios, known for X-Morph: Defense, believes too. When we had a chance to chat with him, we asked him for his opinion on the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio- in the end, does he believe that a more conservative approach like the PS4 Pro is better, or a more radical overhaul like the Scorpio’s?

“I think that Scorpio is providing more opportunities for advanced graphics options,” he said. “However gameplay mechanics are always going to be limited to what is available on the base level consoles. I wouldn’t expect life changing upgrades to games on these consoles. I think that some games may actually suffer from their existence. I can imagine a scenario in which a game is designed to run in 30FPS on the base console versus 60FPS on the upgraded one.”

It sounds about right- and it goes back to an earlier observation I made about the Scorpio being needlessly tied to the existing Xbox One. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case- so while the Scorpio’s immense power will definitely be used to see some great visuals, in terms of gameplay, we’re still tied to the Xbox One baseline- exactly as Lekki observes.

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  • Cigi

    What upgrades do you have in mind other than graphics…

    By the way Scorpio will push dx12, shader model 6…etc. Which will change peoples life… Nothing less.

    • C. Hoffer

      All depends on the game engine. And the Forza 6 demo was the best closed loop engine xbox has. Now we need to see a real open world game.

    • Cigi

      Try comparing it to the pc world and you almost reach the 1080 level for dance performance and that is BEFORE optimizations!

  • Gamez Rule

    Until the Scorpio lands and we see how third party games differ from PS4-Pro we can only guess.

    Some people believe a game running at 1800p at 30fps on PS4-Pro will run Native 4K at 60fps with ultra settings enabled. I can’t see that taking place myself via third party games…..But time will soon tell☺

    • Living While Alive

      If developers use DX12 it will happen.

      Microsoft moved the command prompt to a core level on the Scorpio. Api Hardwired into the Cpu and GPU, DX12.

      That’s what Forza 6 was using the ForzaTech engine based on DX12.

      E3 cannot come soon enough.

      Digital Foundry said there’s still more about the hardware to be shared in the coming weeks.

      So soon we’ll get a picture of what comes next!

    • MickaelSuarez

      “Microsoft moved the command prompt to a core level on the Scorpio. Api Hardwired into the Cpu and GPU, DX12.”
      Don’t expect too much about this…

      ” Microsoft’s Andrew Goossen has been in touch to clarify that D3D12 support at the hardware level is actually a part of the existing Xbox One and Xbox One S too. “Scorpio builds on the Command Processor capability present in the original Xbox One,” we’re told. “Our implementation of D3D12 supports all Xbox Ones, and games have already shipped that use it. When a game using D3D12 starts up, we reprogram the GPU’s Command Processor front-end. The 50 per cent CPU rendering overhead improvement was reported by shipping games. The amount of win is dependent on the game engine and content, and not all games will see that size of improvement.”

    • Luke Skywalker

      xbox one has v.1, scorpio has v.2

    • MickaelSuarez

      Even if they may have “upgraded” it, it won’t be day and night.
      Just keep in mind the famous frame-rate upscaling from the MS whitepaper…

    • Luke Skywalker

      it could be the difference between a 512Mhz and a 1GHz or more chip. I don’t believe it’s a matter of “day and night”, I think it’s more about tangible differences.

    • MickaelSuarez

      It won’t make any (or maybe a small) difference on well optimized game engine (1st party and some 3rd). The Xbox One was a 30fps machine for most games, it will be the same for Scorpio

    • Danny MacGurk

      Suck dik much

    • Rebelox

      Get cancer much

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    • Living While Alive

      Wrong again.

      Do research dummy.

      Links/references available per request

      Did you know? Xbox One came out 2013 with Windows 8 as its kernel OS.

      Did you know? DX12 wasn’t released until almost, 2 years after Xbox One.

      Did you know? That by DX12 being released as an update to Xbox One instead of, “baked I’m at a development stage system level”. Isn’t the same thing?

      Did you know? That’s why Phil Spencer said DX12 wouldn’t do much for Xbox One.

      Because it’s not baked I’m at low-level.

      Meaning, any game created using DX12 will get immediate root level access.

      Meaning little to no time at all doing performance tunes.

      But hey, I’m pretty sure instead of doing you’re own research, you probably went to a bias journalist aite.

      Took what he said and ran with it.

      Link/references available per request.


    • MickaelSuarez

      So, for you Andrew Goossens is a liar ?

    • Living While Alive


      I’m calling a misrepresentation of facts on the commenters and journalist part.

      Most of whom have selective hearing/reading and chop&screw the original message(facts)aka playing telephone

      Links/references available per request.

      I can send you a link, detailing from Microsoft, how DX12 on Xbox One works and was “implemented”.


      How DX12 on Scorpio works and was “integrated”.

      Briefly, DX12 on Xbox One was/is introduced as an software update.

      Which basically tweaked the software to use less resources but get more out of Xbox One.

      Hence, the Kinect gesture discontinuation, deletion of the space used by Kinect for games, compression of the OS etc.

      What Microsoft has done now is basically added, along side AMD mantle, DX12 to the root interface of the hardware to gain low-level access.

      Meaning, instead of developers using Unity, OpenGL, Mantle, Vulkan to gain access to the hardware for performance tweaks.

      They can use DX12, which Microsoft already said they “gathered information from all widely used gaming engines (frostbite, ureal 4 etc)”.

      Ran them through PIX. (Performance Indicator for Xbox) To give Microsoft and developers what they need and more to optionally, create they’re games in 4k 60fps natively.

      Meaning Scorpio is the evolution of all existing gaming engines tailored specifically to a plethora of developers gaming engines. Designed to run them at the best performance (4k 60fps natively) possible.

      The entire console is custom.

      From it’s hardware to the software.

      Just watch E3.

    • MickaelSuarez

      “I’m calling a misrepresentation of facts on the commenters and journalist part.”

      So when DF publish an update to clarify the Andrew Goossen previous quote (he asked for it), you call it a misrepresentation….

    • Rebelox

      Yeah ur right never mind….

    • Living While Alive

      When DF published….

      But we’re not on DF though are we?

      We’re on gamingbolt which, just like kotaku, ign, engadget, the verge and those alike.

      Don’t actually do research, read, examine material etc.

      All they do is post links to the reference without reading the material.

      Write an article based on their own opinionated, highly bias words.

      With the ASSUMPTION that readers will FOLLOW the LINK and read the facts first before making their own decision.

      But INSTEAD

      Readers take in what these highly bias and opinionated journalist write as facts without CROSS-EXAMINATION.

      Which is why we have all these “alternative facts” websites

    • MickaelSuarez

      I just have the impression that you’re out to lunch

      “But we’re not on DF though are we?

      We’re on gamingbolt which, just like kotaku, ign, engadget, the verge and those alike.”
      Quite funny from a guy who begin the conversation with “Do research dummy.”

    • The engine needs to support 60fps, it can’t just happen – that’s not technically feasible for any platform, but if it supports unlocked frame rate, then yeah.

    • Gamez Rule

      Exactly yet some people believe a game running at 1800p at 30fps on PS4-Pro will run Native 4K at 60fps with ultra settings enabled on Scorpio and it’s all done via the console hardware LMAO!? It’s not gonna happen like that.

    • Scaling an engine to a higher resolution isn’t hard so going from 1800 to 4K isn’t a problem, frame rate requires more complex tinkering though.

    • Gamez Rule

      Yep, it’s not just a case of placing a 900p game that runs at 30fps into the Scorpio and having 4K at 60fps with ultra settings lol

    • Again, increasing the resolution regardless of the starting point isn’t hard, it just requires the rendering resources which Scorpio has. The only difficult thing is frame rate. But ForzaTech has always been 60fps at it’s core, so upgrading to 4K was a 2-day port per DF.

    • Gamez Rule

      Yeah I know..

    • C. Hoffer

      I just wish studios would update their game engines to take real advantage of current systems and add more detail to the scenes. So tired of painted ground and flat looking sky’s on 90% of the games. Takes 5 years just to see any potential on consoles (except for rare gems) and now that they are adding more iterations I’m worried they will not even bother to really push the game engine design….just grab the low hanging horsepower boosts.

    • Gamez Rule


    • lovecipher7

      Why can’t you see that happening?

    • Rebelox

      Hahaha the waiting for something that will never come..

      The Scorpio Is gonna be a total flop lol

  • pAU123

    Why? Xbox one can have lower resolution and fps games for single player. This experience is single player for a reason. If someone plays a better looking game on Scorpio with better FPS, that does not affect the gamer on xbox one?

    Multiplayer it maybe be different. Xbox one has lot of 60fps games, its resolution that will be the big difference online.

  • Disagree, Shadow of War (Mordor sequel) said it’s already using Scorpio specific enhancements including better AI and facial-animations…

    • angh

      “I think that Scorpio is providing more opportunities for advanced graphics options,” he said. “However gameplay mechanics are always going to be limited to what is available on the base level consoles. I wouldn’t expect life changing upgrades to games on these consoles.”

      I think you missed that.

    • lovecipher7

      He said he thinks which means he does not know.

    • angh

      I think our understanding of English language differs a bit;)

  • Andy Maas

    Some more biased hate towards Microsoft


    All of a sudden a 4K resolution, better textures , better lighting, better frame rate don’t matter? Wow the developers are really doing their best to downplay the Xbox Scorpio
    The damage control for the PS4 PRO at an all time high

    • Starman

      Exactly… it’s disgusting.

    • Aenea

      Oh please, I remember a ton of the same type of articles last year when the Pro was announced. It’s GamingBolt clickbait at it’s finest…

    • Mr Xrat

      Don’t need to downplay the Shitpio when it’s already a joke, Kirk.

  • TwoLiterSoda

    Wow there was absolutely no point to this article. Man it is a shame what gaming”journalism” has become… Sites are more interested in getting “hits” instead of actually reporting on real news and writing worthwhile articles instead of fanboy click bait.

  • Starman

    This is becoming so transparent ..I used to love Japanese style games /dev’s.
    This gen has turned into LOYALTY DEVELOPERS with Japan (Japanese honor) “save the Playstation” Let them tell it …all the features Sony doesn’t have and MS does … is bad for the industry , no longer relevant .. So now power means nothing..
    Japan fell from grace… their development is all hack-n-slash (FACTS) they’ve found new ways to enhance hack-n-slash..
    Scalebound… MS paid big bucks for thins man and his crew to run to Sony and develop ‘Nier Automata’ on the low (facts) but he would tell MS he feels sick ……and so he would take time off (sneaking over to Sony) ..Just an example at what’s going on here…
    One more …Square claiming they’re more interested in the Switch than they are with the Scorpio…

  • Truthhurts24

    And the Microsoft haters continue to find every little thing to downplay an impressive console.

  • Graeme Willy

    I agree. This is plainly evident when it comes to the Pro. The Pro, for instance, outputs the same PS4 texture assets at a higher native output resolution. Stretching the 1080p texture sets to nearly twice the size. Texture resolution and display output resolution are not the same thing. PC gamers know this because games sometimes let you change the texture asset quality for either better graphics, or faster frames. Mass Effect Andromeda, for instance, when running on Pro, uses the same textures as the PS4, but with more filtering. It can look nasty on 4k because the extra resolution makes it more evident. The planet textures, for instance, in the star map, actually look like they are low res 1024×1024 texture assets, and not closer to 2048, or 4096(ideally), as it should be for 4k. Compare PC 4k to PS4 Pro…the textures reveal all. The Pro was purely made just for those looking to run native 4k and only just.

  • jent

    Gameplay mechanics are not really tied to hardware except in terms of new hardware features like VR, innovative controllers, etc.

  • LordCancer Kain

    with all those gigglewatts trolls will be getting an epeen upgrade.

    on a serious note i have to imagine this guy is quoted out of context, he can not really be that desperate for attention, i mean with games like X-Morph: Defense which i have never heard of, saying something so painfully ridiculous would only ensure i would never play xmorph…lol

  • Hvd

    another 2 bit no name dev running their mouths.where does gaming bolt find these devs…

  • Mr Xrat

    Another reality check for the Xgimps.


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