Horizon Zero Dawn Is More Or Less Maxing Out PS4 Pro’s Power – Guerrilla Games

It’s a little more complicated than that.

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Update: We have updated the headline to correctly reflect the quotes. We initially misread the quotes so our deepest apologies for any inconvenience caused to our readers.

Original Story:

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro has been a decent success even if there are still debates about the quality of its 4K upscaling. However, developers are getting better about taking advantage of the console. Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn is a good example with fairly strong performance from the day of its launch.

However, even with all the graphical fidelity on display, has Guerrilla really utilized the full potential of PS4 Pro? Speaking to The Sixth Axis, producer Samrat Sharma noted that, “The machine has a lot of power, so we understand what it can do, but the game was already in place when we learnt about the Pro and got the dev kit.

“So what we’ve done is taken the power and tried to make the best improvements we think for our existing game. We didn’t design the game from the ground up for the Pro, but we tried to use that processing power to do the best things we could to make the experience look or feel better for you.”

Samrat noted that it’s less of a case of exploiting the Pro’s full potential. “I don’t think it’s fair to say we haven’t used it fully, but I do think it’s fair to say that if we’d designed the game from the ground up for the Pro, we’d have probably used it differently.

“In nitty gritty detail, this is a question for our tech director, but I think my two favourite improvements are the anti-aliasing and supersampling even on 1080p televisions so it just looks smooth and beautiful, and if you’ve got a proper HDR TV, the colours, especially in the lush forest regions, they just pop. Those are my favourite improvements that we’ve been able to squeeze in.”

What are your thoughts on Horizon: Zero Dawn for PS4 Pro? Let us know in the comments.

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  • The truth-ier

    i hope one day people get out of the use power of a system like its a gallon of water with a gallon of power to be used. Its all down to the development team, which is why ps4 has games that run like crap, and some run like super stars… the same can be said about x1, its all about the team.

    • C. Hoffer

      A 1:1 ratio for game engine to hardware power would be fantastic!
      I do find that most of the PS4 games I play vary from good to excellent, performance wise.
      None of the Xbox games I play run better than mediocre.

      I’ve found most of the problems are traceable to the Game Engines design and choices on the PS4. T
      That can’t be said of the original Xbox or the S version where there is no ‘good design’ to overcome inferior and ‘special’ hardware requirements. Still works, just never great or excellent. shrug…
      Still played Recore, Gears 4, Quantum, BL2+PS on it.

    • Psionicinversion

      with 1st party games engines are coded to take complete advantage of the system. 3rd party engines are written in a general way to be compatible with multiple platforms and hardware. thats why 3rd party cant tap the full power out of the systems. But Horizon zero dawn is tapping all the power out of the pro right now unless they go and recode tons of stuff which isnt worth there time. they may as well do it for there next game

  • Psionicinversion

    what lmao, unlock the framerate and lets see what it really does


    Guerilla Games
    Had to use the checkerboard rendering fake 4K technique to achieve 4K the game has frame rate drops but they’re saying the game doesn’t max out the PS4 PRO lol
    This looks more like damage control for the weak PS4 PRO

    • Eddie Battikha

      I have a PS4 Pro and a LGB6, I couldn’t believe how Horizon Zero Dawn looked up close. I know exactly what 4k Native looks like because I got NBA 2k17 and FIFA 17 and Horizon Zero Dawn is pretty close to looking 4k Native, but not everyone has a LGB6 4K TV but I’m just being honest and telling it how it is.

    • Andre Cabral

      dude go back to your xbox…and we play horizon and pc ok….again sony never told the ps4 pro will run 4k native,but with the tech they use as checkboard etc it is very close…and again frame rate does not drop below 30 fps….and we also have 60 fps with 1080 p so it is the gamer that will choose what he wants….so please man respect sony and dev because they are doing a great job…and again this is all about the games…and dude sony is where the games are…

    • MrSec84 .

      Guerrilla Games didn’t have to use checkerboard rendering to achieve 4K on the pro, Horizon is native 1080p on the base PS4, yet The Division is also a current gen AAA game which is confirmed to run at native 1080p on the base PS4, but it also runs at full native 4K on the Pro, with no temporal rendering techniques required.

      On the pro Horizon is confirmed to have improved texures and filtering when it’s pro 4K checkerboard mode is engaged.
      Considering this extra workload and the fact that we have evidence of another 1080p AAA game running in native 4k on pro Horizon could run at native 4k on pro with the same visual settings as base PS4 if Guerrilla wanted to optimize their code to do so on Pro.

      They’re telling us here that they could do more with what they have.

    • kevin

      Really troll you might want to read digital foundrys analysis of horizon zero dawn so you don’t look so dumb next time. The fact is per digital foundry and numerous other developers the checkerboard technique is such a close approximation of 4K that besides being a little softer you wouldn’t even be able to tell unless they told you but fanboys like you will use it as ammo which is funny because Scorpio is going to be using the same technique so I can’t wait to see the goal post moving then


    Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t run in native 4K it’s checkerboard rendering upscaled to 4K this mean the PS4 PRO wasn’t powerful enough to run this game in native 4K so yeah the game maxed out the PS4 PRO

    • Riggybro

      You currently play on a machine that runs AAA games at 720p to 900p.

      If 4K is that important to you your eyes must be absolutely bleeding.

    • xboxmaster

      checkerboard 4k is native 4k ret@rd, it’s not as clear as true 4k but the pixel amount is the same, ps4 pro runs it at 4K CHECKERBOARD, SO YEAH, THE PS4 PRO IS NOT MAXED OUT

    • kevin

      They didn’t max it out which you will see when nd release their next masterpiece the last of us 2. The funny thing is even if they would have maxed the pro the game still looks better than any other game out there on any system so what exactly are you trying to say

  • Eddie Battikha

    It’s very obvious to me that Naughty Dog will max out PS4 Pro with The Last Of Us 2 which I think will come out April 2019 and leaves the Perfect Opportunity for PS5 to launch Fall 2019 and One Exclusive that will Launch for it would KillZone 5

    • ProAssassin84

      Guarantee Last of Us 2 is a 2018 Release.

    • Eddie Battikha

      I agree if PS5 comes out Fall 2018, it’ll be like when The Last Of Us came out June 2013 and then PS4 launched Nov 2013.

    • ProAssassin84

      PS5 will be Late 2019 Early 2020. Maybe. Last of Us 2 will be 2018 guaranteed.

  • Staarlord

    Anytime you have a situation where a game has to be designed to facilitate graphics cards and/ or platforms of a lower specification(think lower end graphics card markets, as well as weaker consoles), you simply CANNOT design the game ground up for just one higher end platform. Especially when the majority will always own the better bang for the buck/ budget models, and such a small percentage of enthusiasts own the high end hardware. That’s why a high end graphics card, today, like the GTX1080, won’t see it’s full potential and performance level until the next generation of high end cards are out, and beyond. In fact, most people have already gotten rid of their high end cards when it finally has just started operating at its peak potential. I’ve owned high end cards, gamed on them for about 1 1/2 years, got the new card, and went back to test the old card and it’s performing in older and newer games better than it ever had, back in the day, and on the same damn system/ configuration it came out of in the first place, and not too far behind the performance levels of my new card.

    This is why game developers are trying their darndest to make games so that they scale up beyond just adding a little bit of extra polish, but it’s hard to do, and the lower-middle market is the largest audience. Crysis 3 was pretty good with how it handled this…and ahead of its time. It will throw in extra tessellation, dynamic physics(more brush and grass/ larger area of it that bend to the touch and sway in the field etc.), as well as a plethora of other stuff, including texture work and lighting/ higher ambient occlusion settings etc.

    At most, these days, you just get higher resolution, better filtering and now, HDR. Which, on it’s own, is a huge difference!

    I’ve played Horizon ZD on my 1080p TV with no HDR, and on my new 4K TV with no HDR @ 1080p. The difference between 4k and supersampled 1080p is very minimal…at least at 40 inches. It’s when HDR is introduced that makes the difference.
    If I had a display pushing beyond 50 inches the differences in res would be greater.

    • Originaru

      40″ 4k is not good for monitor use and not good for a tv size, bad move.
      Im sorry to say that using a 27″monitor 4k which is still too small, the diference of 1080p to 4k IN THIS GAME to make it clear, is night and day, nothing minimal at all, hope you know how to configure your tv settings to get the max of it…

    • Staarlord

      You’re a backwards and confused. Firstly, this is not my living room 4k TV. It’s for our game room, which is little more than 200 square feet. I sit roughly 5ft away, in my chair. When I gamed a lot, on PC, I maybe sat 2 feet from a 27″ monitor. When I used my 32inch tv, recently, I was about 3.5-4 feet away. The further back you are, the less you notice, while on PC It’s considered “pixel peeping.”

      Secondly, it’s no secret that at relative seating distances, 4k makes little difference below the 65″-70″ range

    • Originaru

      Im not going to enter in deep details, fact is the eye has much higher resolution in the center area, resolution to distance wise is not a linear scale, so the middle ground is the worst case sceneraio for higher perceptual resolution because is not near enough nor big enough.
      If you want to educate yourself make your search, not gonna discuss with someone thats not even confused to start with.
      I will just say that if on video the difference is already quite dramatic, playing it will just make it more dramatic, since there is no compression artifacts to mess with.

  • kma99

    A first party dev doesn’t know what sony is designing until the last minute. I find that very hard to believe. 3rd party yeah, 1st party no.

    • extermin8or2

      Not what they said, they’ve said before they’ve known about the pro a long time, even 3rd party devs have had over a years notice. However guerrilla have been making horizon zero dawn since 2012 at least, might have even been earlier than that. I recall knows of them making an rpg leaking back a month after kz3 released…… So the game was set out quite some time ago.

    • kma99

      They were doing research and development for thr pro for 3 years. You’re still trying to tell me a first party dev team still didnt know about the pro? They would be the first to know. You think they only told naughty dog get outta here with that nonsense

  • Mr Xrat

    That Xgimp rage just got a little more pent-up.

  • spideynut71

    EVERY Sony 1st party studio has said this about EVERY game they’ve made on EVERY Sony console since the PS2 days. It’s the same marketing BS over, and over, and over, and over, and over……

    • xboxmaster

      yeah that why every ps4 exclusive looks better than the last one

  • Originaru

    HZD maxed out PS4, that part, they will omit hehehe!
    HZD is an exceptional title to be on higher resolutions than 1080p for its vast area and full of high frequency, fine details, can’t wait to play it in 8k checkerboard 60 fps.
    Hope PS5 to launch end 2019 or q1 2020, 2018 would kill Sony.

  • Davey681

    Not so sure…I heard nioh had it maxed out at 720p.

    PS4 “pro” is a joke

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