Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Pro is “Acceptably” Close to Native 4K – Guerrilla

The difference is close enough to see with your own two eyes.

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horizon zero dawn

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn will be one of the many PS4 exclusives updated for PS4 Pro and while managing director Hermen Hulst says it won’t run in native 4K, the result will be “acceptably so”.

Speaking to Venture Beat, Hulst noted that the ability of displays to now showcase HDR is what makes a huge difference to the studio’s visual direction. “The big thing about the Pro is it can handle 4K and HDR. First, I can tell you that it’s massive in terms of the visual difference, but it’s not massively different in how we make games. Our games have been running HDR since Killzone 3. But only now do we have displays that can actually show that.”

He also revealed that there aren’t many resources dedicated to PS4 Pro. “It’s not like we have separate teams working on different versions. We have maybe one or two technicians looking at the specifics of the hardware, but everybody’s making the game.

“There’s a lot of magic happening. It’s all very complicated and Mark Cerny has a fantastic seminar planned in a couple of weeks where he goes into the nitty-gritty of it. It’s not native 4K, but as you’ve seen for yourself on the screens, it’s acceptably so. It’s close enough that you can see the difference with normal human eyes”.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is out on February 28th 2017.

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  • kma99

    No gamers aren’t stupid. They could tell 900 upscaled to 1080. What makes you think they can’t see an upscale 4k image

    • legacy

      You just miss the whole point

    • kma99

      Apparently you did.

    • justerthought

      Let me explain what you are clearly missing here.

      The XB1 was just a lame bog standard bicubic upscale from 900p to 1080p and you could see the difference via a lack of sharpness due to the pixel averaging effect. It was a low tech upscale from a low pixel base.

      The PS4 Pro is upscaling from a much higher base line of 1440p and using a very clever supersampling checkerboard hardware upscaler that produces excellent results. This cutting edge technique is much better at predicting the new pixels far more accurately without the severe blurring effect.

      It’s not true native 4K but the end result is very close when viewed with he human eye. It’s a bit like 45MB lossless audio CD tracks compared to a 9MB mp3 version encoded with LAME joint stereo 320kbps. The human ear has trouble telling the difference.

      It’s not about being stupid. It’s about human perception. If it looks or sounds right, it’s good enough, especially if it’s cheaper.

      XB Scorpio is doing 4K the dumb brute force native 4K route which is very expensive.

    • Mr Xrat

      Depends. Xbone was blowing up a 900p image. PS4 Pro is using a different method, similar to the one KZSF used which caught out a lot of people.

    • Clint Hoffman

      I wish people would refer to the actual resolution.
      1920x1080p= 2,073,600 pixels (PS4)
      1440x900p= 1,296,000 pixels (Xbox One)
      1600x900p= 1,440,000 pixels (Xbox One also)

      A true 1920x1080p image scales exactly to the 4K standard being used as it is 4 times the resolution. Those garbage low resolution images that have to be upscaled to true 1080p will get much worse when scaled further.

      The PS4 and Pro will be just fine for what they can do at true 1080p. The Xbox One (original and S) will become garbage fodder much like the new Nintendo 720p unit coming.

  • Starman

    8oop upscaled ……/.Isn’t native , not even CLOSE… cut the BS.

    “Almost isn’t good enough” .FACTS !…..

  • Luke Skywalker


  • Mr Xrat

    For the time it’s released and the price, it’s a good bit of kit.


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