inFamous Second Son Leading Titanfall In Social Metrics, EA Sorry For Not Bringing Titanfall To PS4

Also, Titanfall Xbox 360 apparently runs at 30 FPS, according to industry insider Pete Dodd.

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infamous second son

With the release of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall on the PC and Xbox One, you would think that Microsoft’s Xbox One would begin the counter-attack on the PS4. However, as the NPD’s February report indicates, there are already signs of the sales gap diminishing between the two consoles.

But that doesn’t mean Sony doesn’t have its own big game for March, namely Sucker Punch’s inFamous: Second Son. Industry insider Pete Dodd, also known as NeoGAF member famousmortimer, said that there’s plenty of excitement for the open world title.

“Don’t sleep on inFamous. The social metrics on that game are through the roof. Also… MLB The Show rarely breaks a million units, but it sells hardware.”

On being asked to explain the metrics, Dodd listed YouTube numbers. “YouTube views. Twitter mentions. Preorders.

“Second Son –…hnq9JhUZ0UZLbm – Published March 7th. 4.7 million views.

“To find anything even close on Titanfall’s YouTube you have to go back to October.

“…L4x2BH_VlzON5V – 2.3 million views. Their E3 video is just over 3 million. Their ‘official gameplay launch trailer’ which is a week old… 194k.

“People give a f**k about inFamous. I’m not speaking about quality in the slightest. I have and absolutely love Titanfall. I’m just saying, and the person who clued me into this is very much with Microsoft, but don’t sleep on inFamous. Titanfall is dominating the media but inFamous is dominating things where the consumer makes the choice (like YouTube, Twitter, etc) and not editors.

When told that Ryse: Son of Rome’s live action spot has the same number of views as the inFamous video, Dodd responded that, “The same amount of views since October vs the same amount of views from 2 weeks ago. You don’t think there is a difference there? Someone with marketing knowledge needs to get up in this bitch. They have this shit down to a science right now. I am not one of those people, but I’ve talked to them. They all say ‘DONT SLEEP ON INFAMOUS!’

He also revealed that EA are apparently ‘sorry’ to Sony for not bringing Titanfall for the PS4/PS3.

“Sony also used it’s own metrics in a meeting with EA last week and showed them what they would have sold on the ps3 and ps4. The money EA took from MS doesn’t even begin to cover it. The EA guys went over the math and agreed. EA is in full ‘We’re so f**king sorry, Sony’ mode currently. Also, Titanfall Xbox 360 is 30 fps. That’s just for free for reading my post.”

inFamous: Second Son is releasing on March 21st worldwide for the PlayStation 4 so we’ll get a chance to see just how well it measures up to Titanfall in sales. Which do you think will prevail? Let us know below.

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  • brianc6234

    It’s not too late to make a PS4 version of Titanfall. If Microsoft paid for an exclusive just give that money back. EA will make up for it. And the game will look a lot better.

  • sonyntendo

    Having no EA games on Ps4 in fine by me anyday.

  • Gob1in

    LAWL @ yet another random from NeoGAF being the reason this site exists. And this guy wants people to donate money so he can start his own site, where everything is ‘fair’ and not ‘biased’.


  • Michael Norris

    TF2 will be on Ps4 without a doubt,MS has more money then god…not the Xbox division though.

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  • Dennis Crosby

    Again with these insider.when will it end everyone on neogaf is a insider even when their wrong there still a insider smh the internet right where your opinions are always right your guess are always right even when your wrong

  • Joe Bugatti

    No bullshit Microsoft has been trying to monopolize the gaming industry since they debut the XB1. Its not good for gaming when a console producer tries to throw money at every developer or publisher for exclusive rights to the game. In house studios are an exception but Microsoft needs to chill out you cant buy all the developers anymore now that they know that your next gen console is being mopped, now they know they stand to lose much more. Infamous will sell more than Titanfall!

  • Rainzo

    Lol, we all know this news is a lie

    • You are flat out wrong

      Dat salt!

  • Deku-Johnny

    We all knew PS4 would do better than XBO.

  • Rubix99

    So basically EA thought that releasing a highly hyped game to a limited audience, ie, the 4 month old Xbox One audence, was going to net them amazing profits?

    The Xbox One audience currently stands at 3.7 million globally. The PS4 has roughly 6.1 million.

    Both PS3 and Xbox 360 have approximately an install base of 80 million each globally.

    And EA thought that by making the first two weeks of Titanfall available only to the Xbox One’s 3.7 million user base was a good idea? Along with ignoring the approximate 86 million Sony console owners altogether?

    I thought EA were smarter than that. They are the masters of milking a franchise for everything it’s worth, regardless of its quality.

    Surely it should not have taken Sony to show them their metric estimates for them to realise how much potential sales they had thrown away.

    Even making Titanfall exclusive to the (less than 4 month old) Playstation 4 would have hampered sale figures. This should have been obvious right from the very start.

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