Jonathan Blow Mocks Xbox One Again, Terms One-Off Online Activation As “Bad”

Agrees that E3 2013 would’ve been a better place to do a “reset”.

Posted By | On 20th, Jun. 2013 Under News

Microsoft’s reversal of policies for the Xbox One is common knowledge by now, but for those who don’t know: After announcing that the next generation console would restrict used game sales, require periodic check-ins and be region-locked, it now seems there will be none of these features present when the console launches in November.

However, Microsoft did mention that it would need to connect to the internet once. Braid creator Jonathan Blow, who is currently working on The Witness for PlayStation 4 and PC, along with previously stating that Microsoft’s claims of having 300,000 servers for Xbox Live were bogus, tweeted his own take on the reversal.

However, the one-off internet connectivity doesn’t clear them yet.

He also agreed that they essentially hit the reset button and that such a thing would’ve been better done at E3 2013.

Blow also stated that he would be “surprised” if Microsoft had already begun manufacturing the final consoles after reversing their stance.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft doing an about turn on its policies for the console? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • smhxboys

    Sounds like your pretty butthurt lol @ u

    • Jessika S.

      Your strange and people like you scare me.

    • Dakan45

      He cant take sony bs anymore so he bashes them with a passion, upvote him.

    • Russell Gorall

      Does MS pay you to be racist, or do you just do that on your own?

  • m r

    Microsoft PR Media Managers everywhere.

    Sony FTW. Microsoft is the most aniconsumer company there is. First they make a godawful windows 8 then they require 24 hour checkins then they force an always on camera in the wake of NSA scandalst then they ban used games then they tell military members to buy an xbox 360 to play offline.

    Yeahh that sounds like a company I want to give my hardearned money to. Microsoft is laughable. It’s like they’re trying to do as poorly as possible while still making money. Looking forward to watching their stock tank this week as the markets adjust to not having any more free money from Bernankes policies. You’re gonna start to see some changes round here since actual job numbers have been shit poor and there will be no more money created out of thin air to prop up their bullshit. I feel sorry for anyone who was duped into buying MIcrosoft stock in the past couple weeks.

    It isn’t an influx of Sony fans. It’s an influx of Microsoft haters. Even Blizzard is jumping on the Sony bandwagon and all they’ve ever done successfully is PC games. And with good reason. PS4 is going to be insanely profitable. The one console to rule them all. That’s why the third point hedge fund guy is trying to bullshit Sony. But they’re not going to sellout because they know they’ve struck gold here. Affordable console. Developer support. Demand that exceeds supply. A platform for gamers. #winning

  • mathMaticks

    Damn, Microsoft’s -Reputation Management- Is thick on every gaming site today.. Driving the Message/Propaganda home, in an un-classy way.. per. usual for M$

  • Argus9

    This is why nobody takes the video game industry seriously.

    • Jason Mounce

      Because of children like Mage?

    • Mage

      No, because of yo mama!

    • SONY

      Commercial Break :

  • Anthony

    Yeah call people “faggots”, that doesn’t make Xbox fans look like immature assholes at all does it…

  • Iwishiwishiwasafish

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  • Iwishiwishiwasafish

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  • cozomel

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      Congrats – ChodeMage

  • cozomel

    faggot microsoftboys everywhere

  • Jessika S.

    I just think Microsoft should have came out and explain the benefits which they never did, I think their plans for the future or what I got from it was OK. We didn’t understand because no one at Microsoft would come out and give a proper explanation. Changing their minds on what they said was there version of the future just kind of made them look worst. I already fully paid for my Xbox One and PS4 and all I can hope for is that in the end we all get great games and have amazing experiences.

  • aWOOT!

    Jonathan and Bleszinski should blow each others dicks.

  • Russell Gorall

    So many insightful and smart comments from the Xbox crowd, with no racism whatsoever.

    Oh, wait…

    • bigevilworldwide

      Didn’t you know the all might MS can do no wrong even when they release a console with a 55% failure rate for the first 3 years of it’s life…Which rumor has it they are having overheating issues with the Xbox One because of the Esram which tells me to wait at least 6 months and see what happens with the failure rate……

      And anyone with half a brain should actually stop and think all this DRM and restrictions are going away with a day 1 system update….Well if it’s that easy to disable, nothing is stopping them from getting the per-orders where they want them and selling enough consoles before one day having a new mandatory system update that re-enables all of those…..

      I’m not going to pretend i’m not interested in the Xbox One, I actually am but because I have this feeling they would actually have the balls to bring back the DRM and restrictions, aside from making sure it doesn’t have a 55% failure rate, I’m going to wait and see what they do before I even consider purchasing one….And in case any MS fanboys want to vomit about I must have Wal-mart internet if I don’t want to be connected I have god damned FiOS….So bandwidth is not my issue

    • John Joe Silver

      they might well just re-enable them but it also brings up the point that since it’s clearly just a software enabled DRM… Sony could well do a similar update further down the line

  • Russell Gorall

    How do you know that his butt hurts and he is gay?

    Think about that.

  • John Joe Silver

    Jonathan Blow has some serious issues against M$… any news at all about M$ he’ll jump all over it and spin it however he likes… Like Cliff Bleszinski way too caught up in their own little worlds

    • bigevilworldwide

      Have you seen indie game the movie…I completely understand why Johnathan blow, Phil Fish, Team Meat, the studio that made limbo they hate MS…They do nothing but screw with and shit all over the little indie studios to get their way……The indie developers are all going to Sony first for a reason

    • John Joe Silver

      it’d be ok if it was just about indies.. but he’s ragged on them for the servers with no actual proof (he might well be true but no prove means he’s guess) and now this crap… he’s just coming across as an out and out hater with no justifiable causes on the issues he brings up

    • slumdog hundredaire

      Just a little man from a little studio railing against MS…. The sad part is that he KNOWS better…. If you do not have Internet at home and need to DL your patch for the X-1, the store will probably hook up the system and do it for you. You could also go to an Internet café and DL the update from Live and put it on a USB and update your system at home.
      This chimp knows this, but still spews shit….

    • John Joe Silver

      yeah i was thinking the same about downloading it and putting it on a USB stick… can definitely see stores offering it as an incentive to get customers in ha

    • malthias

      I know this is an old thread…. but just thought I’d remind you that this is just based on comments he made on twitter. He was just adding his opinion to the thousands of other people on the internet that were hating on microsoft. The problem is the article writer for making this ‘news’.

  • fc

    They did not anounce at e3 because they were waiting to see what sony were going to do. They were still holding out hope their policy would work. They were wrong.

  • bigevilworldwide

    Yeah because he was complete screwed over and shit on by MS of course he hates them with a burning passion…So does Phil Fish, and Team meat and the studio that made Limbo….MS love to screw indie developers…If you weren’t obviously borderline retarded and actually have seen indie game the movie you would know exactly why so many indie developers HATE MS with the passion of 1000 burning suns

  • Guest

    Jonathan Blow needs to shut his big fat biased mouth.

    • slumdog hundredaire

      This chimp comes across as extremely butthurt….

    • Mage

      You made me laugh my ass off just now!!!

  • Lucas Strange

    Xbox One is the new pc. Sony is trying to do the same thing with the ps4, Microsoft will just do it better.

    • Kamille

      I don’t know what you’re trying to say but both the PS4 and Xbox One have the same hardware but the PS4’s slightly better with stronger GPU and more and better Ram for games.

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