Michael Denny on PS4 Pricing: “I think I can ask you to draw your own conclusions”

States that there’s plenty of time to offer information on the PS4’s launch price.

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When the PlayStation 4 was first revealed by Sony, two main contentions came up that have yet to be clarified: What does it look like and how much will it cost? Back in February we had written an in-depth article on how much the PlayStation 4 should cost. And majority of your said it will be around the region of $400 to $500.

Sony Worldwide Studios vice president Michael has spoken about how pricing affects the technology inherent in a new console.

“I guess the first thing to say is that we listen and learn and take the judgement from every console launch we ever have and we have to be informed by what the strengths of our PlayStation 3 system have been, but also the challenges of that.

“We want a system that can reach as broad a gaming audience as possible but whilst being a system that’s deep, connected, rich and immersive and is going to give a very focused and differentiated experience than anything else that’s out there.”


As to whether they learned any lessons from the PS3 and whether the PS4 would have a more competitive price when it launched, Denny stated that, “There’s plenty of time, we’ve got lots of information yet to give out on PlayStation 4. The initial announcement phase that we’re in now is just to explain the vision to everybody.

“Part of that vision is we have created a console absolutely focused on gamers – and we want that to be gamers in the broadest sense as well. I think to some extent I can ask you to draw your own conclusions, ” he said to EDGE.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is currently set for a Holiday 2013 release. It will supposedly have a AAA franchises at launch day. We will know more when E3 approaches this June.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Jacko

    This is going to fail so hard. PlayStation (and Sony for that matter) are just not what they used to be and dying brands in the eyes of the consumer.

    • anon

      I think your name should instead be Wacko Jacko.

    • Lemondishful

      PS3: 74 million systems sold worldwid

      This doesn’t sound like a dying brand to me.

    • heavenshitman1

      PS3 only just garnered those sales recently. It will take even longer to move that customer base onto PS4. Which PS4 can’t afford. Vita is almost unviable for Sony at this point against Nintendo. Playstation will struggle hard when PS4 launches

    • Agent75

      It’s not a dying brand, it’s a tarnished brand. After the PS2, the PS brand was never the same. The PSP, PS3 and more so the Vita haven’t exactly given the PS brand a boost. As for the price of the PS4, Sony never launches anything at a realistic price, so it’ll be expensive at launch. Sony will never learn from the PS3 and Vita launches.

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      Really, Uncharted 1 + 2 + 3, Little Big Planet 1 + 2, the amazing value of Playstation PLUS… God of War 3, HEAVY RAIN… and looking to the future THE LAST OF US + BEYOND, and JOURNEY… THESE games have “TARNISHED” the Playstation brand???? I don’t wanna seem like I’m always on the defense of SONY, but I DO think they are a GREAT brand (which is why I buy their systems!) …so please, if you’re going to say a brand is “tarnished” please give some proof with your opinion. Last I checked… playstation had the MOST fans on facebook more than nintendo or xbox…. I really do not think many people would say playstation is “tarnished” ..have you not seen all the hype about the PS4 recently??? A “tarnished” brand would not be getting that kind of POSITIVE attention from SO MANY!

    • Guest

      There are always idiots online who spout obvious BULL$HIT just because they are little fangirls or have an agenda or something…. “Jacko” would be the perfect example. Very dumb comment. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about the industry KNOWS the BUZZ surrounding the PS4 is HUGE. DEVELOPERS AND FANS ARE LOVING IT…. too bad if you don’t like it “jacko” ..too bad for you. 😉

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      There are always idiots online who spout obvious BULL$HIT just because they are little fangirls or have an agenda or something…. “Jacko” would be the perfect example. Very dumb comment. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about the industry KNOWS the BUZZ surrounding the PS4 is HUGE. DEVELOPERS AND FANS ARE LOVING IT…. too bad if you don’t like it “jacko” ..too bad for you. 😉

    • heavenshitman1

      The “buzz” around PS4 is called hype. Which Sony is very adept at creating. Devs are happy just cause of the processing tech, but that won’t make it sell. Sony tells everyone what they want to hear, there’s a number of claims Sony made for PS4 it won’t live up to, and at leadt one claim, the launch date, evidence suggests they won’t live up to.
      Was supposed to be worldwide 2013. Doubt it

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      Yeah I knew someone would take the word “buzz” and make it out to seem like “buzz” means nothing when in this case it’s more than “buzz” .. this “buzz” means that developers are having an EASY time with the PS4 which means more than likely we’ll be getting GREAT GAMES… which is what SELLS… “buzz” and “hype” is important.. but what the PS4 has is MORE than just hype.. it has developers that say it is easy to develop for and say it is VERY powerful… and it has the franchises that the BEAST of a brand that is PLAYSTATION to build the same foundation PS2 and PS3 were also built on.. Gran Turismo, God of War, Uncharted 4, Little Big Planet, etc…… I already mentioned them… if all THAT doesn’t make the system sell then I don’t know what makes systems sell…… 😉 A good price point + lots of great devs + tons of exclusive games + a very powerful and easy to develop for system + HYPE = success. You’ll see. Even at $600 and a WHOLE YEAR BEHIND the xbox360… the PS3 managed to catch up to the 360… if that doesn’t tell you SOMETHING then I don’t know what will. Oh, and this time.. PS4 won’t be releasing a year late, and it also won’t have a crazy price point either because SONY has clearly said they have learned from that mistake… heck, they even hint at it again in this article above……. so that is even MORE reason to believe Sony is in a great position with the PS4… So tell me this… how do you know “there are number of claims Sony made for PS4 it won’t live up to” ?? And what are these “claims” in the first place???

    • heavenshitman1

      I mentioned in a stand-alone reply in this article, Sony claimed a worlwide release holiday 2013 at start. Now articles are hinting that will only be one or two territorries. The rest of the world may have a potentially long wait.
      Also while it may be great value for money, cause Sony will absorb most the cost, but it won’t be cheap. One Playstation exec recently went on interview stating “he hopes it doesn’t sell at $600 again”. Which in my country , Australia, translates to about a $1000.
      Also Sony are making major claims to streaming services. Like uploading of game videos, and running games off the cloud etc. I’m telling u now, current average bandwidths don’t allow it. Streaming a low res youtube vid about a minute long can take up to a few minutes around here.
      Also Vita isn’t succeeding. And the PS4 uptake will be slower, because ppl only just bought their PS3s recently.

      Sony has less than u think, exclusives, Nintendo has more and higher recognised, sales, PS3 was heavily outsold by Wii, handhelds , Sony is pinned down. And M’soft will have a system to more than happily rival PS4 in nigh on every way. They won’t just stand down, they will come in full force.
      The only one confirmed detail about PS4 right now is that has one hell of a fight to take on when it launches.
      The rest, is just. Hype ……. And buzz

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      Wii is a different story. It’s Wii U’s turn now.. and look how poorly that system is doing. Nintendo is the one that is in trouble… PS4 is looking to start out great out of the gate with great games and SUPPORT from game developers. Nintendo can’t rely on their controller gimmick to get them a free pass this gen… it’s about about the games… and the games are what has kept SONY in the game / they’ll continue to. It won’t be $600…. $430 hopefully as most rumors mentioned that number, and to answer your question of what does “draw your own conclusions” really mean? It means to use common sense.. the ps3 was $600 and every dummy on earth could recognize that was the main reason the PS3 started out so slow…. This time the PS4 is more like a PC on the inside, SO…. “draw your own conclusions” means that it obviously won’t be as expensive as PS3 was. Common sense. I don’t know about the streaming thing for every territory.. but it is a thing they’re going to push and it WILL work for those people with decent connections… they wouldn’t have designed a whole system based on it nor bought a whole company for it if it didn’t look promising…… at least I don’t think they’re that stupid to do so… everyone knows SONY is tight on money.. so them buying GAIKAI is a huge risk.. I don’t think they would have spent the HUGE chunk of money they did on it if they didn’t have a solid looking plan behind it. It’s not just about streaming and network power / bandwidth.. it’s about the power of the system and how the system is built… look at Uncharted 3 and Call of Duty for example.. games that already record + save your past games….. that’s probably what the PS4 does… it has a HUGE amount of RAM… it probably saves this data away and has recent data always available / ready to be uploaded just in case someone hits the SHARE button. That would make it easier on the bandwidth… instead of the internet bandwidth having to take all the data… the PS4’s memory probably helps hold and “stream” this data as well. Again, just my guess on how it works. But if it didn’t work SOMEhow, I don’t think they would have bought GAIKAI.

    • Holyfire

      PS3 and 360 has the same sales start as WiiU was having. Even DS and 3DS were both struggling on launch. The DS systems have anhialated.. WiiU isn’t in that much trouble , it’s only a matter of Nintendo keeping up the effort.
      Was a tad premature, but by the time the competition launches, which if rumor is to be believed will be a long while away in most territories (considering how much you like rumors), WiiUs OS will be up to proper speed, with the Virtual Console and a myriad of other digital software etc.. As the current sales are slowly accelerating over this, can expect WiiU to be several million units ahead the competition, and the low over-head Nintendo runs, means it will be a relatively easy profit for them. PS3 pulled Sony under for years, and according to an M’soft exec , XBOX has been a virtual waste of their time from its inception.
      As for Gakai, well, I wouldn’t know exactly what setup they’re going to use either. But they’re making some massive claims about it all
      e.g., you can stream PS4 games to Vita……
      not sure if that meant stream over local wireless from PS4 or just download to Vita off an internet server (I don’t take that much intimate notice)
      either way, it still doesn’t sound that legitimately plausible notion that it will work very well. Vita has a tenth of PS4 performance, the downscaling would be insane. Basically you’d be playing a completely different (and diminished) version of the game. And considering Vita wouldn’t be directly compatible with the “move” hardware which I think the PS4 controllers would be. So either Vita will be limited to only the games that never supported “move” to begin with, or you will be playing a potentially broken game.
      Sony has yet a very great deal to explain on everything they’re promising

  • heavenshitman1

    Hyperthetically if PS4 was gonna cost $50, they’d just have said it already, even if just unofficially. They’re just dancing around the topic
    PS4 with top tier processing tech, BRAND new controllers with capacitive touch, LEDs, speakers, rumble, all axis motion sensing and Move built in…
    Uhh yeah, good luck for PS4 goers. Dev costs will push ur game prices up, though they’ll just hide it all in DLC etc…
    PS4 will not be cheap… End of story
    And Sony are too scared to admit it while they have all the hype going

    “you can draw your own conclusions”

    Get honest with urselves, what the hell is that supposed to mean??

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      Dev costs aren’t going to rise much, in fact they’ll fall quite a bit after a year or two because of the more developer-friendly architecture. This happens every single generation, it’s how the industry works and game prices have only lowered further and further in time, besides the jump from $50 to $60 last generation(still much cheaper than games were in the SNES or N64 days).

      The PS4 will almost certainly cost $400. I consider that cheap, for a system well over ten times as powerful as the laughable Wii U. Yeah, its hardware is high-end, but that doesn’t mean they had to go overboard with the production costs, and they’re not as afraid of taking a hit on the hardware’s cost like Nintendo(or as afraid of using modern hardware instead of the cheapest stuff they can get to match last-gen offerings, haha).

      Capacitive touchscreens are a little expensive(aka a dollar), LEDs are cheap as whell(cents), speakers are also cheap(cents), rumble’s the industry standard(why would the price rise further?), Sixaxis has been in PS3 controllers from the start. The price of the PS4’s controller might be ten bucks over the price of a Dualshock 3, but it’ll be half the price of a Wii U controller(or less).

      Sony isn’t announcing the PS4’s price because they’d like to see if Microsoft will make their price announcement first. If Microsoft does so, they can choose whether or not to low-ball Microsoft’s offering price and put out a better piece of hardware at a lower price, or just match it. Announcing their price first isn’t the wisest decision, especially if Microsoft is still in the stage where they can still change their hardware design plans.

    • heavenshitman1

      If Microsoft is planning to launch in the PS4 time-frame, no, they can’t make any serious change to their hardware at all. PS4 adding the improved RAM was a last minute thing, and now time is even less. It would take quite a fair sum of time to modify, test, and actually begin manufacturing.
      As for dev costs, they are always becoming more efficient, but generally speaking never lower. Read the article about the new Tomb Raider selling more than 3 mil, but still coming out at a loss? For the consumer , prices wont change much, but its hitting devs harder and harder, hence the barrage of closing studios we have today. And unless PS4 is a run-away success, devolping games won’t be able to take full advantage of the hardware.
      Some game prices have been on average lower, but that’s mainly digital distribution causing that effect. Saves printing discs, delivering etc, also online sales get the financial boost of having advertising thrown at u.
      PS4 will not be 10 times the power of WiiU. Will be estimate 4, and even at that ratio Wii outsold PS4, and did it in a far more timely fashion, PS3 has only just caught up in its stride at the end of the gen. And if the controller tech u desribed was so cheap, the WiiU pad wouldn’t cost so much. Thing is, WiiU is primarily designed to have one, and the rest of the Wiimotes and other major peripherals are backward compatible.
      PS4 goers will be forced to buy a whole new array of controllers. The old ones will still compat Im sure, but if a PS4 game is built to use a touch function, u r forced to buy the new ones (at least for local-multi). You might afford, think most the Playstation fan-base won’t.
      Sony aren’t waiting for M’soft, bets on theyll announce the same time. At this stage they probably have the price already set. Again, it takes time to manage the product. They don’t just think of a price the day before announcement.
      I’ll bet against u, PS4 will cost more than u think. Its heavy tech, Sony is not magic, and they can’t absorb those kind of dollars like that again. Between system, new controllers, game prices and a Vita if u want to challenge the WiiU pad (which it wont for several reasons I’ve ranted elsewhere). U’ll be laying down a fortune. At the absolute least, PS4 all round will cost the most of the big 3. Sony have little purchasing advantages of M’soft or even Nintendo. U’ll pay the price for what u get…sooner or later

    • heavenshitman1

      Typo…. Wii outsold PS3

  • Big Gaz

    In the UK, I can see it selling for £400+, so all this talk about Sony learning from the PS3 launch is a total load of tosh. All the added extras, it’ll be a rip off. It was the same case with the 3DS, Vita and Wii U at launch with their rip off prices and the added cost of extras. Buying a Wii U soon adds up, more so the fact that it doesn’t come with a hard drive. Most gamers will just not pay into launch consoles, so if the likes of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft want to drag their feet, then the mass will leave them too it. The Wii U is still suffering, also the Vita. Unless things change, there will be a gaming crash.

    • Craig

      The Vita is suffering from poor marketing. Factor in a PS+ subscription and the Vita actually becomes cheaper than the 3DS in the long run. Problem is, most consumers aren’t familiar with PS+.

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      Everything is always expensive at launch, it’s just how it is these days.. if you want a great piece of tech.. be ready to pay for it. Or wait 6 months and the price will go down…. I’m on that 6-12 month waiting list myself actually… unless the PS4 has some AMAZING games I would have to get ASAP (only games I can think of that would do that for me would be Gran Turismo on PS4 or Uncharted PS4), I will have no problem milking my PS3 till it dies lol, so many great games / many more still coming for this system… MGSV, GTA5, Last of Us, Beyond, Watch Dogs, Remember Me, Grid 2, maybe even Gran Turismo 6…. no need to upgrade just because a new system is out. It’s on SONY to MAKE us really want the system NOW. If they can’t do that.. then when they lower the price they will. 😉

    • Holyfire

      WiiU isn’t that badly priced, the deluxe model does ship with a pretty decent all-round piece of software, give it an actual try if you haven’t already (sorry it’s not a gore-buster R18+ title).
      Also WiiU is compatible with the Wii-motes ppl have already bought and the balance board, and it’s 100% backwards compatible (via relatively functional emulation) to all Wii games.
      My; who knows how old, maybe a year, mobile phone cost 50% more than my WiiU did, and aside WiiU’s lack of radio based telecommunication and capacitive touch , vastly out performs my mobile in nigh on every other way.
      PS4 will cost a fortune, you wait for that one

  • The PS was never an “Ease to pick one ” at launch date .


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