Naughty Dog Co-Founder, Former THQ President on PS4 vs Xbox One: “The Chips Won’t Matter”

Jason Rubin says it will come down to the business model, exclusives and much more instead.

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Even though we’re still 4 months away before the next generation of consoles, with the Xbox One releasing in November and the PlayStation 4 releasing this Holiday season, much is still being made about the purported power of the two consoles. There have been differing opinions, of course, but a consensus is more or less beginning to form that it’s primarily about how a developer utilizes the technology present rather than which console is superior.

Jason Rubin, who had co-founded Naughty Dog along with Andy Gavin, and was president of THQ before its bankruptcy earlier this year expressed similar views. When asked by a fan on Twitter about whether one could get more or less from the PS4 hardware versus the Xbox One, Rubin stated that:


Didn’t get it? Simply put, it’s about everything but the technology inside at this point, as Rubin explains further.


So even if the Xbox One is technologically weaker than the PS4, it will eventually come down to the features and games when consumers decide between each console. Of course, Rubin expressed his personal views on Cerny as well.


At this point, which console will you buying by year-end? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Dimitris Pavlou

    i agree with what he says.i have a 360,my friend a ps3 and we even swap consoles to play the exclusives but in the end of the day when we get together it’s either halo or gears of war co-op mayhem

  • dirkradke

    The predictions of doom and gloom for the console that is not your choice is just irritating to me. Why can’t you embrace your inner gamer child and buy both consoles? Then there are no sacrifices. Maybe not both at once they are a lot of money after all.

  • DOOM

    XBOX ONE!!!

  • CraZed77

    So what I’d have asked him is what happens when you take that same driver and put him in BOTH the mini van and the Ferrari? Anyone think that he’d do just as well in the mini van as he would in a Ferrari? That is essentially what you are doing with third party devs.
    His comparison would work ONLY for 1st party titles as they have completely different ‘drivers.’ And in that case we KNOW who has the better stable of developers (drivers).

  • maxGPU

    Time and time and time again little by little people are starting to state and see the power of XB1. That list is getting longer by the week.
    1. Epic’s Mark Rein comments.
    2. Peter Moors comments.
    3.Watch Dogs producers comments.
    4. E3 Devkits Nvidia GTX 700 series & HD 7970
    5.Games running at 60FPS 1080p, Sony 0.
    6. No games at E3 to compare one to one.
    7. EA BF4 site without the named GPU for xb1.
    The fact that a CFO tells you that BF4 was running on a XB1 devkit with a Nvidia GTX 700 series, that’s the big one, YOU DO NOT NEED A Nvidia GTX 700 series of 4.+TF to emulate a HD 7770 GPU of 1.2TF, that’s like saying you need a jet to emulate a prop plane…….


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