Naughty Dog: PS4 Could Help Us Add Dynamism to Story-telling on “Moment to Moment” Basis

Neil Druckmann talks about utilizing next gen technology to advance story-telling.

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Naughty Dog creative director and writer Neil Druckmann talked about the benefits that next generation consoles will have not only in terms of graphics in terms of story-telling. Druckmann believes that while rendering realistic characters is all well and good, there will be a point where the audience doesn’t care about more realistic wrinkles or eyelashes.

Given the fact that they were able to run The Last of Us on a seven year old hardware speaks highly of Naughty Dog’s talent. Given the memory constraints they faced while working on the PS3 they felt restricted on the number of animations that they can provide to Ellie.

“But if you’re trying to tell a more dynamic story or use AI in sophisticated ways – some of the stuff we tried to do with The Last of Us – technology will definitely go a long way. We were running out of memory as far as how many animations Ellie can carry, or how much dialog we could stream at one time.”

Druckmann believes that Sony’s next generation console could hold the solution. With the PS4’s unified architecture and much touted GDDR5 memory, more dynamism will be included in future Naughty Dog games. “And that’s where going to the PS4 in the future could really help us in the dynamic area of the game where the story is responding to the player’s input on a moment-to-moment basis. Technology still has a long way to go,” he said in a recent interview with Games Industry International.

It was confirmed not too long ago that Naughty Dog are already working on their next game on the PS4. The PlayStation 4 is slated to release on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe. Do you believe it will play a part in advancing the art of story-telling in video games? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Quinton McLeod

    Yeah, except Chrono Trigger – a game that ran on a system with only 64 kilobytes of memory, told one of the most epic stories in video game history. Don’t go around telling us that next gen will help you build a better game, because it won’t. Creativity and actually giving a damn is what helps builds better games.

    • jb223

      Yes, but creativity combined w/ more power creates a better game than creativity combined w/ less power, that much is simple math…Also, Naughty Dog have never released anything other than amazing games this gen, so I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about in the storytelling and quality departments

  • daveyj

    Naughty Dog achieved miracles on PS3 with the Uncharted series and The Last of Us, they must have squeezed every last bit of juice out of the PS3. But more than the graphics, the story, acting, emotions and narrative of the The Last of Us was incredible, as good as any Hollywood movie.

    Really can’t wait for their next game on PS4, they are widely thought of as the best game developers in the industry, so their PS4 game will look and play amazing, willing to put money now on whatever they produce being a Game of the Year contender.

  • Stranger On The Road

    Hummm…. how about the GotY edition of The Last of Us to be released on the PS4, with all the things that the developers had to remove or give up on, being put back in?

    That is something to dream about….. but I doubt that it would happen.


    ND are like the Leonardo DaVinci of video games.
    They really are true artists. What they did to make TLoU look the way it did was genius. IMO it was there brilliant use of colors is a huge part of what make TLoU so damn pretty.


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