New PlayStation Handheld Announcement Coming At PlayStation Meeting- Rumor

Is it a PS Vita successor, a PS Vita revision, or just a hoax?

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As of right now, we already know that we can expect PlayStation 4 Slim and a PlayStation 4 NEO announcements at the upcoming PlayStation Meeting- but if nebulous rumors are to be believed, then Sony may be preparing a third hardware announcement for the event- a new PlayStation handheld.

Rumors for this new handheld are actually associated directly with rumors about the PlayStation 4 revisions- for instance, as NeoGAF are pointing out, months ago in June, a Foxconn worker, presumably working at the assembly lines manufacturing the device, leaked the PlayStation 4 Slim. This, of course, gives him credence, which is why we must take him seriously when he says that there is also a portable device being manufactured alongside, a ‘PSP-like’ device.

Now, before we jump to conclusions, let’s at least assess the other possibilities- could this not just be Nintendo’s NX, instead of being a PlayStation portable? There would be a case to be made for that if a) Nintendo’s NX were not launching in March 2017 (meaning that production for it is completely unlikely to have begun as far back as June 2016), and b) if leaks and patents hadn’t already confirmed that the NX portable takes on a flatter, more tablet-like look.

This lends credence to it being a PlayStation handheld. And then there is more evidence to add to the fire. For instance, Japanese blog Hakanko is reporting that Sony have registered two wireless modules with the FCC in the United States. The module numbers are AW-CB262 and J20H091, which correspond, respectively, with the model numbers for the modules in the PS4 and the PS Vita.

The PS4 wireless module being there makes sense- we already know of new PS4 models incoming. but what is the PS Vita doing there at all?

Where there is smoke, there is likely to be fire, and for now, it appears that there may be a new PlayStation handheld announcement of some kind incoming at the PlayStation Meeting, too. Whether that is a PS Vita successor, or just a slimmer revision, remains to be seen. But whatever it is, a small but loyal band of PlayStation handheld loyalists are doubtless going to be happy at the notion that Sony have not yet exited the handheld market completely.

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  • Mj78

    Although not a success in the West, the Vita is still the best handheld console ever made.
    It has an excellent catalogue of games and the cross play with the PS4 is brilliant.
    I wonder whether, rather than releasing a new handheld, Sony may announce that the Vita slim will come boxed with the new PS4 slim. This would make sense to sell the remaining stocks across the Western world , but also bring a superb console to a bigger install base.

    I can’t see a new console coming as Vita just hasn’t made enough money for Sony, but with the success, the overwhelming success of the PS4 , maybe they can afford a risk?
    With VR due, I think a vita/ps4 bundle may be the deal.

    Whatever, I will always maintain that the Vita is one of the best handheld consoles made to date.

  • Nintengods
    • creepcube

      3ds is great …if your 6 years old

  • Turfschipper

    Please let this be true.

    • Acrisis

      Let it be true along with fixes that the previous Vita (and even PSP) had never experienced (Propriety cards, poor marketing, lackluster library of games… It was mostly JRPGs and indies, not much variety for a many types of gamers)

  • Joe

    I absolutely love my Vita. So unappreciated. I don’t get why people are saying the library sucks… PS Store and monthly PS Plus free games keep me plenty busy. Cross play games are amazing. Playing Dragon Quest Builders… amazing… I don’t get the hate.

    • adam

      I have only owned DS’s, but about 5 months ago I bought a Vita. (June 2016) I’m very late to the party, I know. GF has a 3ds, while I like it. I have so many of the classic Nes, SNes games cross so many different platforms. But with the VITA, I was going back and buying all the PS1 games I never got to play. I think I have around 20 or so now, and I love it Not to mention Persona 4 is one of THE BEST rpg’s I ever played. I love the Vita more than my gf’s 3ds.


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