PS4 Code Testing is “Straightforward”, Xbox One Has Been a “F**king Mess”: Developer

PS4 & Xbox One developer talks about the various development issues facing both consoles.

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The Xbox One and PS4, for all their hype, are still relatively secretive when it comes to the finer points of their technology and specifications. An Xbox One/PS4 developer who has been working in the industry for the past 7 year recently took to Reddit to answer almost all questions about both platforms and talked about the differences in game development.

The developer talked about testing code on the PS4 and Xbox One devkits and pointed out that the latter is “super wonky”. “You compile on PC and run it on your devkit. In case of PS4 it’s straightforward in case of Xbox One the devkit is super wonkey. For instance if you unplug it from power it forgets that it’s a devkit and you need to provision it again…”

What about Microsoft developing games for their older console i.e. the Xbox 360, as compared to Sony which still brought PS3 games despite the PS4 launching? The developer replied, “I would not know. Sony puts an emphasis on it, Microsoft has no policy as far as I know.”

One thing is for sure though – all those problems with the Xbox One’s storage and profile handling was only the tip of the iceberg. “The Xbox One has been a f**king mess. Everything about it. Everybody was afraid it would ship buggy but after they made a 180 degree turn it got worse as lots of their devs tried to fix up the apis. Badly.”

The developer further added that it “looks like the Windows team took over software on the Xbox One. Success has been inconsistent.”

We don’t have a hard time believing the Xbox One’s development has been problematic. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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  • andy

    After the worse console reveal since the Sega Saturn, who actually believed Microsoft about the console being fine after that? Oh yeah just the deaf hardcore Xbots.

    • And who doesn’t believe the Xbox has gotten better and will continue to do. Just the unreasonable Sony ponies and the few lazy devs that support their foolishness. Now. Shall we begin!

    • Guest

      Lazy developers!? Yeah, cuz they cant get a graphics chip inferior to a 7790 to perform like a mildly underclocked 7870. You’re delusional kid. They aiont magicians, they are developers and they can only make it as good as the tech will let them. Its not there fault MS gave them and sold you an inferior bill of goods. Dumb xbots.

    • STFU. If that were true every developer would have the same problem. That’s not the case is it. So before you start your troll rant. Use common sense if you know what that is.

    • Guest

      Common sense? Child, facts are facts, the PS4 does have a more powerful graphics chip. FACT! And the fact that devs are lowering the res and framerates on the X1 version to make it work, proves it. So dont go getting your panties in a twist cuz you dont like the truth. You delusional clown.

    • LOL. Child? Who are you kidding? Yourself? It’s funny how we get to the point of you ponies. It all about higher RES, graphics and what not but I’m totally satisfied with what I have and what’s coming. That’s the point. How can you try to convince me when this is where the games I play are on with the controller I use? Fool.

    • Guest

      Oh boy you bots are so full of sh*t trying to pretend that graphics and res dont matter just cuz your beloved toy cant produce them. You’re phony and you aint fooling nobody, except maybe yourselves.

    • So what’s your aim? You want to make me care. LOL. About what? Graphics? LOL. I’ve got no concerns about that nor does it matter because. 1. I just told you the last reply my opinion and preferences. 2. I realize you’re a silly lil Sony pony with a foolish notion that his preference is better than any Xbox owner? Its the games man. Just the games. I like the games on Xbox better.

    • Guest

      And i realize that you’re a silly lil xbot with a foolish notion that his preference is better than any PS4 owner, but its the games man. Just the games. I like the games on PS4 better. So what your aim? You want to make me care? LOL. About what?

    • LOL. You can borrow that if you like. I know it was a great and true response not something you’re used to stating yourself.

    • ps4lol


      Everyone knows both consoles will improve in graphics. PS4 will just continue to stay ahead.

      Blaming lazy devs for your inability to understand Xbox’s weaker hardware and lousy SDK. Good lord.

    • How many accounts you need to troll? Pathetic as usual. You have no credentials to even speak to me. LOL. When you get a note worthy game then you can state your opinion. Until then and I say this from the heart. STFU.

    • Johnny

      This guy isn’t a dev, has no name and no way to confirm employment history and won’t give it either. It’s utter BS follow the link its crap you will have fun ripping anyone willing to run with this nonsense.

    • “Sony Ponies,” and rational former xbox users who refuse to be swindled and taken advantage of by Microsofot

    • How did they take advantage of any of them? It was their choice to make the purchases.

  • scotmacb

    They need to stop this crap the xbox is fine now that dev is just annoyed he has to work for a living

    • Guest

      Yeah cuz you believe that crap, you just made that up as a excuse, so you can feel better about the truth. You dont know thats why, you just wanna believe thats why, cuz god forbid its true and your beloeved piece of junk x1 is garbage. You’re just a dumb bot.

    • ps4lol

      Blaming lazy devs for your inability to understand Xbox’s weaker hardware and lousy SDK. Good lord..

    • Johnny

      This dev isn’t one at all he is a fake.

    • Guest

      More stupid assumptions from scotmacb. Dude, you’re such a moron!

  • Wotanik

    Just bury the Xbone next to E.T. cardridges and start creating new one. Xbone is a failure.

  • ME3X12

    So this developer who is he what game company does he work for? EXACTLY!!! this is the guy from this article.

    • Guest

      Learn to use commas and punctuation marks, like questions marks where needed. So your sh*t is readable. Maybe you should go back to school and learn the basics rather than waste so much time on these forums.

    • ps4lol

      Reprehensible fanboy behavior.

    • Johnny

      Whats really funny thing is that said dev doesn’t exist has no name and no confirmation of employment. Hahaha hahaha

    • Guest

      Denial. denial. denial! HAhahahahahahaha hahaha

    • Guest

      Who’s that? you father? P.S. you’re a loser! fanny.

  • ps4lol

    Confirms what we’ve been hearing.
    MS is typically hard to work with especially as an indie dev.
    Xbox One SDK is “crappy” and “super wonkey”.
    Sony isn’t going anywhere.
    “The Cloud” is remote server hosting, nothing mind boggling.
    PS4 is faster than Xbox One.

    • Johnny

      Hmmm what is this guys name and what developer does he work for again? That’s what I thought. LOL They might as well use you for the source of this article its utterly ridiculous.

    • ps4lol

      Despite that we’ve heard it over and over?

      Sounds like you’re in denial, as usual. Do you like being wrong all the time?

    • Johnny

      What’s this guys name and didn’t we just here from crytec about how things have been getting better and better and not just them but others as well on this site. I meam actual people with real names and confirmed employment history. Enough said

    • ps4lol

      MS is slowly improving their dev tools, but guess what, not everyone has access to the latest and greatest like Crytek does.

      Just like indie devs will still complain about MS’s anti-indie policies while they’re in the process of backtracking and trying to get id@xbox off the ground.

    • Guest

      Oh please, Crytek is in MS’s pockets, and you’re stupid naive gullible a$$ believes it. The fact is the PS4 is more powerful than the X1. Accept it. Realize it. Let it sink in, you sad, sad fanboy.

    • Johnny

      The only one that is pathetic here is you and your constant hate negativity and ignorant posts. Really you have to be one of the biggest tools I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. Really bro grow up and buy a clue there gamerules and whatever other different names you use. Call me sad fanboy but yet here you sit using multiple accounts to troll every other xbox article out there and yet I use one and have no problem telling other people who aren’t trolling fanboys how great the PS4 is. Yeah that’s right the PS4 is awesome! It’s kicking the xbox butt in total sales to. But guess what I don’t care because I am enjoying my xbox one and it to is a awesome system with many features you wish the PS4 had. When I really want high end performance I will stick with my pc because your PS4 will always suck when compared to it. Guess what also many other folks find the entertainment/gaming device is f’n awesome as well. Just get over yourself already grow some balls and get over your insecurity over there little boy.

  • Johnny

    Oh please what a bunch of bull. You really ran with this garbage? Yeah some nameless individual post more garage and fud. Hahaha hahaha.

  • GHz

    “The Xbox One has been a f**king mess. Everything about it. Everybody was afraid it would ship buggy but after they made a 180 degree turn it got worse as lots of their devs tried to fix up the apis. Badly.”

    This what Devs been saying for the longest and the reason why 3rd party games don’t equal their ps4 counterpart. Everybody just want to believe that is was a hardware issue. Never was. Crappy SDK’s and tools are culprit. Without efficient software how can we expect optimized games. It’s crazy how they were able to create a game like Ryse under those conditions. Imagine when the tools are in shape!


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