PS4 Users Suffering From A Strange Issue: Odd Grid-like Display Appearing On-Screen

Grids everywhere.

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A new error for the PlayStation 4 has cropped up. Users are apparently suffering from an issue which results in no audio, the controller not working and an odd grid-like display appearing on-screen.

Switching to safe mode does nothing apparently and occurs as soon as the console is turned on. Other users, especially on GAF, have been facing a similar issue ranging from games like Battlefield 4 (and no, it’s nothing like the earlier CE-34878-0 error which affected the multiplayer), Killzone: Shadow Fall and Assassin’s Creed 4. It’s not as strong as the above picture, but still very noticeable. You can check them below:

assassins creed 4 ps4 gpu error

battlefield 4 ps4 gpu errors

killzone shadow fall ps4 gpu error

The HDMI cable isn’t the problem this time around – which resulted in some display problems in the beginning for the PlayStation 4. It looks to be more of a GPU issue this time around or simply a firmware glitch. Who’s to say? As it stands, the best advice that has been offered as of now is to simply “Call Sony”.

Have you been facing this same error? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Reddit and PlayStation Forums

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  • Jamic

    My laptops and gaming PCs GPUs have both experienced overheating which have caused visual glitching but it didnt look like this.

    It has too clean pattern, I would say that its some sort of weird hardware/main OS bug which has been triggered by very specific set of conditions.

  • BillyHoWCR

    Wow the Fanboy responses are strong for this article. MS Fanboys cheering the issue and Sony Fanboys blaming MS for the article itself.

  • Nibblo

    My guess is it’s a memory failure of some sort, either within the GPU or in the main memory. That “gridding” I’ve seen before when memory gets corrupted or game memory moves into system memory or vice versa and you get an overlay onto the main picture. Why or how serious is a more difficult call, could be solved by an OS update hopefully or as others have said it’s more serious.

  • Cahone2

    Still waiting for some single player games.

  • WolfyZA

    I always egt that map glitch thing in BF4.. I thought it was the game itself giving the glitch.. But the KZ one??? NEver saw that in my life!!!

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  • Howard Katz

    What is the cause?

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    So either a problem a couple of people had, or more likely, xbots with Photoshop, so nothing to be concerned about.

  • dirkradke

    I once had something similar happen when I upgraded the CPU for my PC. I hadn’t screwed the CPU fan down all the way. It was flush against the CPU, but it would vibrate because it had room to move. I only figured it out when I replaced the CPU fan thinking it wasn’t spinning fast enough and thus not keeping the CPU cool enough. I realized the problem when I put the original CPU fan back on and didn’t have the problem from then on. Took over a week to figure out. A really freaky error. Hopefully, Sony will have more luck figuring out what is going on.

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  • Adam Mazziotta

    This just happened to me -.- on the new slim model. Only issue is grid like pattern during gameplay only. The menu screens are fine in-game and out of game.

    • Scott Mayes

      Hi this is happening to me on tomb raider and until dawn on my new ps4. Did you ever solve the problem? Thanks

    • Adam Mazziotta

      I’m returned mine. Believe its an apu issue.Puchased another yesterday from target for $218+tax. Deal still good at target.


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