PS4 & Xbox One Won’t Be Able To Match The Raw Power of A Decent Gaming PC Anytime Soon: Futuremark

Futuremark’s President Oliver Baltuch also talks about Steam Machines.

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Futuremark is a company that provides popular PC and mobile benchmarks which includes 3DMark and PCMark. Their tools have also been used in measuring DirectX 12’s performance and how the new API will reduce CPU overload by 50%.

GamingBolt got in touch with the Futuremark’s President Oliver Baltuch and given that they are at the forefront of benchmarking latest GPU/CPUs, we asked whether the PS4/Xbox One will ever catch up to the high end PCs, given their ability to allow developers to code ‘close to the metal’.

“The new consoles were already behind high-end PCs at launch, and because the performance of high-end PCs is a moving target, that gap is only going to get wider,”  explains Oliver. “What’s more, the ability to code ‘close to the metal’ will soon be available to PC game developers as well through DirectX 12. So no, I don’t see either console being able to match the raw power of a decent gaming PC now, or anytime soon,” he said to GamingBolt.

Oliver is pretty much spot on with his statement and although individual performances of PS4 and Xbox One will improve, they will still lag behind decent gaming PCs since the rate of improvement will be much faster on an open platform.

We also asked him about his thoughts on  Steam Machines, given that Valve has largely given out confused messaging regarding the same, and how they are updating their benchmarking tools for the same.

“Well, we only know as much as you do, but we look at it like this. SteamOS has the potential to take Linux and OpenGL into the mainstream for gamers. And if that happens, where gamers are choosing between a Windows gaming PC and a SteamOS machine, then we will want to have a benchmark that helps them compare and choose,” Oliver said.

We will have more on Futuremark in the coming days. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • Psionicinversion

    Hes 1 billion % right

    • Guest

      and you’re 2 billion % corny

  • twinspectre
  • MikeyP

    Yawn. Is this really a “news” article? Really?

  • brianc6234

    Nobody gives a crap. PC gaming is boring and dead. Nobody wants to spend two weeks making a game work on their PC.

    • twinspectre

      PC gaming are boring because Moderngaming is Boring in both platforms

    • Saryk

      PC game boring?? We get the same games that consoles get and a ton more that consoles will never get. Are you trying to sound like a idiot?

      6,240,000 users on Steam right now!

    • Guest

      Thats a lot less than PS3/360 and lss than PS4, but at least its more than the X1, and probably the Wii U too.

    • duplissi

      That is simultaneous active users… not total. The total active users is around 65 million.

    • Guest

      Oh stop it, whether you like gaming on PCs or not doesnt change the fact. I said this not to long ago. That what DX12 is really going to do is make the consoles look bad, cuz the PC is already doing that now. The xbotys think DX12 is going to benefit the X1 so much, but they dont realize that what its really going to do is make it look even worst. But at least we know that the PS4 APi is even closer to the metal than DX12, so thereby allowing it to squeeze even more out of it, and its already the more powerful of the two. But DX12 is not good news for the consoles, its good news for the PC.

    • jent

      You are mostly right in your statements with a couple of exceptions. DX12 will benefit PCs most no doubt, but it will also benefit the Xbox One to probably a lesser degree. People who buy consoles don’t get them because they compete with gaming PCs. They go in the living room, are simpler to use and navigate and generally serve a more narrow purpose than a PC. They also cost less money for the most part, especially when you consider the cost of a (what gamers consider a good) graphics card for a gaming PC will cost near or more than the entire console. It is ridiculous to compare PCs and consoles on power. They serve a different purpose and mostly a different audience.

    • Guest

      Poor Sony paupers, go cry somewhere in a corner.

  • jacksjus

    Tis true however what do you expect for $399?
    Secondly the PC doesn’t get the better games. Consoles trump PC when it comes to exclusive titles.

    People spend all that money to build a PC with high specs when not a single game has been made demanding those high specs. Next thing you know a new GC gets released with even higher specs that once again will never see the proper game that demands such high specs.

  • Forever_Flat_Out_Peasant

    I’m right. And I’m always right. PC is the master race :^)

    • Guest

      You’re mentally ill, you’re always mentally ill. And there is no such thing as a PC master race.

    • PC Elitist

      Hey peasants

      Add UT4 on the PC list as well.

    • Guest

      Bitter mustard tears.

    • Duke

      To be fair, how many of those are going to be good and how many of those are you going to buy or actually even play.

    • PC Elitist

      That depends on persons taste and interest. Some games that are bad for you are good to someone else.I’m interested in more than half of those. But it’s just to show to those who say “console>pc cuz mah excluzivess”

    • Duke

      Hey I totally get that, PS has good exclusives and some crappy exclusives, Xbox has good exclusives and some crappy exclusives. PC has good exclusives and some crappy exclusives too, but it does all come down to personal preference, some of those PC games do look interesting to me (note Kingdom Come Deliverance is coming to consoles too). Gaming is great no matter which platform you play on and they can all offer great experiences.

  • Guest

    Oh man, the Sony paupers are crying again. HAHAHAHAHA!


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