PS4’s High GPU Performance Allows Optimization & Experimentation, API Allows Strict Process Control

Dying Light’s senior engine programmer Tomasz Szalkowski talks about the power of the console.

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Dying Light

If you haven’t seen it by now, Techland’s Dying Light looks good. Really good, especially on next gen consoles like the PlayStation 4. GamingBolt had a chance to speak to several individuals at the development studio, and asked about their thoughts on the PS4’s GPU  and especially about the lack of bottlenecks compared to the PS3.

Senior engine programmer Tomasz Szalkowski offered his take, stating that that “PS4 is a truly fantastic piece of hardware! Its high GPU performance comes from the API, which allows a strict control over all processes, and facilitates optimization and experimentation. Obviously, with greater control comes greater responsibility, for example for correct synchronization between processing units.

“A modern GPU, an adequate API and a unified GPU/CPU address space let us develop new algorithms and techniques that simply weren’t possible before: a ShaderModel5 hardware working with DX11 was limited in terms of capabilities comparing to how the hardware actually could perform, and many things were beyond control. Now the GPU alone is fast enough to not only render high quality visuals at 1080p, but it can also take on some task of the main processor. The first presentation of Dying Light for PS4 is just the taste of what the Chrome Engine 6 can do on this console!

In our analysis we observed that the PlayStation 4 consists of 20 compute units, two of which are redundant to increase yield, and 1152 shader processors which should place it comparatively between AMD Radeon HD 7850 and 7870. That is quite a boost in power for a gaming console.

Dying Light is also slated to release on Xbox One, PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 in 2014.

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  • Yosp

    The PS4 GPU is made of kryptonites, it’s like programming a superman..
    MisterX can only dream about it 🙂

    • Asif Bashir

      Lol that’s funny Shu! However still waiting to hear about the CPU speed please!

    • cozomel

      “However still waiting to hear about the CPU speed please! right!

    • The Wolf 47

      Isn’t it up to 2.75Ghz?
      What’s the Xbox One anyway?

    • cozomel

      the 2.75GHz has never been confirmed and could very well be the speed of the GDDR5 (at 2.75GHz with double data rate, it would be equivalent to 5.5GHz). The CPU speed is believed to be 1.6Ghz, but we dont know and Sony aint talking which leads me to think that it either is the 1.6GHz or even worst, lower (like say 1.5GHz). The X1 is 1.75GHz

    • Guest

      That’s not really him. Yoshida has a twitter only. Why would he make a disqus and privatize all his posts when he never did that on his twitter timeline?

      You know, you could be reported on that too..

    • kreator

      XBO FTW!

    • You are flat out wrong

      Xbone is dead.

    • Clark Kent

      Krypytonites are bad… they kill superman… you mean kyrptonians. Unless you mean bizzaro of course or maybe braniac….

    • Dakan45

      Typical sony lies and overhype

  • Guest

    It doesn’t matter. $0N¥ PauperStation Foul is still a pauper’s brick.

    • andy

      Xbrick One is literally a brick when you take it out of the box.

      Contents: power cable, shitnect (that even you DON’T WANT, if you do then why don’t you be the 1st person to buy Fighter Within, hdmi cable, 2 bricks.

    • nate

      lol 2 bricks made me laugh.

    • Tony

      Better than unboxing a PissStaytion 4 ! LOL !

    • Counterproductive

      Who are you? Charles Dickens?

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      So, this guy gets off being cruel to the poor? You problems are all first world mate. Listen to you, behaving like a spoilt brat chimp who doesn’t get his way. Why not grow up and enjoy yourself and your games instead of worrying about what everyone else is doing? Wow.

  • tom

    Ps4 owns pc and xflop 😀

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      xbox yes pc what are you high you should do your homework

    • Dakan45

      Sorry pc pwns everyone.


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