PS4/Xbox One Are 10 Times More Powerful Than Last-Gen, 8GB Sufficient For New Graphical Benchmarks

“In terms of compute power the GPUs massively out-strip the CPUs in the new hardware,” says Chris Doran, founder of Geomerics.

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Popular middleware provider Geomerics have worked on AAA cross generation games like like Battlefield 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition. But in the coming months they will be working exclusively on new generation hardware with games like Star Wars Battlefront and Mirrors Edge. This will have a big impact on how Geomerics works going forward.

Speaking to Chris Doran who is the founder of Geomerics, GamingBolt asked how they plan to use utilize the full potential of the new consoles and modern gaming PCs, given that they are freed from the shackles of old hardware. “The big difference with the new consoles is where the power is located. Pretty much across the board the new consoles are a factor of 10 better than the previous generation, but in terms of compute power the GPUs massively out-strip the CPUs in the new hardware,” Chris Doran said to GamingBolt.

“This is great for us, as it enables Enlighten to interact much more tightly with the rest of the graphics pipeline. This removes any latency, and can drive higher levels of dynamism. We have also been researching the interaction between Enlighten and physically-based shading, and the results look great. We’ll see a lot more in this direction on PS4 and XboxOne,” he said.

Last year Doran had stated to GamingBolt that 8GB of RAM will be sufficient to create realistic lighting. But now that we are settling down in to the new generation of consoles and with graphics technology setting new benchmarks, does he still think 8GB is going to be sufficient?

“Yes, it feels like the right amount. As mentioned above, the new consoles are nicely balanced between CPU / GPU / Memory. They have struck a sensible balance and given developers hardware that it will take a few years to really stretch.”

We will have more coverage for Enlighten and Geomerics in the coming days. Stay tuned.

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  • d0x360

    If only all 8 gigs were devoted to games. Both consoles give nearly half of the available ram yo system functions. In sure this will improve as time goes on and they make each respective OS more efficient

    • Axe99

      I’d bet good money that as a Middleware provider, Geomerics are away of the OS/game allocation on both machines, so the 8GB for the new machines will have taken that into context.

    • d0x360

      The consoles have 8 gigs of ram total. The ps4 has an extra 256mb of ddr3 it uses for saving images of apps into memory.

      The OS on each console uses at least 3 gigs of memory. There is 5 or leas gigs of memory available in game space. That’s just a fact. What they know is the exact number. Its less than 8. They say 8 as not to confuse people as that’s the total memory in the system

    • Axe99

      Oh aye, no question about that. I’m just saying that if a Middleware person is saying 8 Gigs’ll do the trick, they’ll already know about the OS allocation – they’re not saying “if all 8 Gigs are devoted to games it’ll be alright”, they’re saying “8 Gigs for games and the OS in the current systems is enough”. I agree it would be better with a smaller OS footprint (the footprint on both is ludicrously large at the moment), and as you say I’m sure it’ll improve.

    • d0x360

      OK, I understand what you were saying now.

    • Oranji Juusu

      I wish more people were as rational as you are. You’re a pretty chill console gamer.

    • Axe99

      Haha, I can get fired up with the best of them (usually when people are saying things that are blatantly incorrect), but I don’t believe in the idea of wanting someone else to have a bad time (ie, I may not game on Wii U, but I still want gamers on Wii U to have a good time, and hope it gets a bit more third party attention).

  • Kamille

    of those 8GB’s of ram only 3.5GB are actually used for games on PS4. :/

    • Jecht_Sin

      Because you understood nothing about how it works. 4.5GB are static RAM for game, an additional 512MB is the minimum RAM buffer for the virtual memory used by games and it can raise with what is left by the OS.

      Thus the PS4 has at least 5GB for games. Some extra may be shared with the OS, but one can’t rely on it because if the OS needs more memory that RAM may get stolen.

  • Guest

    Sony = lies, overhype and underdeliver.

  • Mark

    If we’re seeing visuals like Quantum Break, The Order, Driveclub, COD:AW, in the first year of current gen, then man, I’m tellin people, we’re gonna see CG quality graphics before the end of this generation. I mean look at the Star Wars BattleFront E3 alpha footage……that is unbelievable.

    Also, from what I’m reading about DX12, and OpenCL in PS4, these APIs will give the developers the ability to render advanced lighting, for cheap, or without massive compute costs. I mean look at The Tomorrow Children’s lighting. Voxel Cone Ray tracing. That is breath taking lighting. A poor man’s native Ray Tracing, but amazing to a console gamer’s eyes like mine lol. That 8GB is enough, and we don’t really need to analyze it, to see its benefits. I almost wanna buy all these games.

    • maxinthefax

      not to mention those new 4K LED tvs….it’s as real as it gets!

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah but there vastly underpowered compared to the where the ps3 and 360 were in terms of tech at the time. Star Wars Battlefront you do realise that will be the PC version and the console version will be inferior by how much depends on how much they push the gfx. it may have 4.5GB ram for games but if it hasnt got enough shaders to render it fast enough then its not going to work and frames drop lower and lower and lower

    • Mark

      I hear u. But remember, ur a PC gamer. Our standards r lower than yours. U left Plato’s cave a long time ago (I assume)…..we’re still here. Actually, and what’s interesting, is the fact that console gamers online, at least, r trying to understand what you’ve known for years. Terms like anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, tessellation lol. C’mon dude, those terms r for geeks (PC players). Not in a demeaning way. U guys don’t realize how much more knowledge u have about the software and hardware behind games than us. For example, seeing Quantum Break, COD:AW, Driveclub etc., is mind blowing to me. But upon close examination to Eurogamer, or PC players, COD may be lacking in many areas. But us console gamers will see amazing visuals. Haha. I have an Xbox and am more than happy with the games even if they’re sub 1080p lol.

      Playing Ryse was a next gen experience for me. The dam foliage was so thick n rich! Marius’ animations were so smooth…….while you’ll be playin it n 4K! Hahaaa. Can u understand why I think 5GB RAM is enough?!

    • Psionicinversion

      i wont be doing 4K till 2016/2017 when i get my next build ha. yeah i guess the games on ps4/x1 look amazing to you lot. but they just look ok to me cus ive always ran my games at max/close to max settings.

    • Failz

      No console will ever do CGI like you see in movies. Do you know how many super computers are used to render scenes in movies? If you think gaming PCs are amazing then you will be blown away with the amount of power they need to create movies like Transformers. They use multiple CPUs, multiple GPUs etc. These consoles are already struggling to hit there 1080p / 60 frames let alone trying to accomplish CGI images. PS4/XB1 are already easy to work with, there will be little improvement over time but nothing like the differences between last gen Launch and End.

    • Mark

      Understood. Let me ask u something. Do u think The Tomorrow Children looks close to being a CG quality cartoon? I’ve seen Ray Tracing demos by the Brigade Engine, and although it does produce some noise, the fully rendered scenes look like movie scenes from The Transformers. I know it takes massive compute to pull off the scenes. But seeing Voxel Cone Ray Tracing in The Tomorrow Children, the lighting blew my mind. That’s why some people thought it was a pre-rendered trailer. Console games that use this will probably be “smaller” games. I guess the reason Epic snatched it outta UE4 for consoles. But atleast these guys will be using this lighting soon. Will be interesting. And Global illumination won’t hurt for now.

      Ayo check this out. U may have seen this on GAF. Hope this guy wasn’t trolling. This may bring true “realism” to games for all platforms. A gif from a supposed developer working with Azure.

    • Failz

      Games look good however a game like The Tomorrow Children isnt a great example of pushing limits. The game is very polished. If you do a side by side comparison to Toy Story you will clearly see a huge difference, for example just look at the size of the characters in Toy Story compared to that in The Tomorrow Children. Look at Jerassic Park, that movie was made in the 90s and the dinosaurs were photo realistic. No video game or tech demo iv seen looks anywhere near that movie. On saying that I love Hardware which is why I choose PC gaming because I want to get the most out of my games and im fairly happen that next gen consoles have up the amp alittle more. Still a very long way to go.

  • hiawa23

    Whether he thinks it is enough is moot, as it is all they got to work with & they will have to work around the 8GBs, 4.5-5GB available, which is certainly much more than they had avaibale last gen, which should translate to better games this gen once last gen is phased out.

  • Guest

    And yet, they are still peasant hardware.

  • Michael Norris

    In time both companies will give more RAM to developers.

  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    bias article
    bayonetta two comes with two games one from the xbox 360 and one from the WiiU clearly you can see the differene that the WiiU version tops the 360 version in every way.
    plus the WiiU version of need for speed most wanted was a port from the superior version on PC.
    this plus so much more and also there are videos that proof that the ps4s graphics are of lower quality than the WiiUs versions of many games.


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