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Chris Doran talks about CGI graphics in video games.

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It has long been debated whether video games will be able to do render CGI in-game graphics. Now with the advent of next generation consoles, will the PS4 and Xbox One bring post-production processes on par with films, as multiple stacked layers and local dynamic control will be available for each pass to enhance visuals?

“For us, this is an area of active research and it is a bit too early to start going into great detail,” says Chris Doran, founder and COO of Geomerics, the company behind Enlighten.

He then recalls his meeting with Pixar’s lead artist to take his suggestion on how they can improve lighting in video games.

“But the overall picture is quite simple. About 5 years ago we sat down with the lead lighting artist at Pixar and asked him to critique some screenshots from games. His first comment was that the global illumination needed improving. His second comment was that the images would be improved in film by better compositing of the frame. We’ve spent the last 5 years sorting out his first problem, and are starting to think about the second, as are a number of studios.”

He then talks about how CGI is implemented in movies and how developers have the freedom to inject artist’s input at will. At the moment compositing is a difficult task in video games, but he remains hopeful that they will be able do this on next generation consoles.

“In a film CGI setting, many aspects of the final image would be computed separately: the direct lighting; the indirect lighting; an AO pass; volumetric effects; motion blur … Each of these would be a separate layer, and an artist would composite these together using advanced tools to achieve the final image. We would like to achieve something similar in games, but we don’t have the freedom to inject an artist’s input as you move round your world. This makes better compositing more challenging in games, but I am confident we will see some major improvements on the new hardware,” he added.

It remains to be seen whether we will see CGI level graphics or even something closer on next generation consoles. But one thing is for sure, there is a lot hype and hoopla for PS4/Xbox One in the developer and gaming community alike.

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  • Well if you saw the PS4 sorcerer E3 demo thing – I have to say that was right on par with CGI. Especially when it breaks the 4th wall and goes green screen. It looks really close to actual actors.

    It is also one of the reasons I pre-ordered a PS4. If they can do that now – imagine 3 years down the line when they are actually optimizing everything like current-gen consoles.

    The future is going to be sick yall!

    • eric

      No it was not close to CGI…don’t lie to yourself…it was off, the way the characters moved, looked, the way things reacted (clothing, flame, hair) was not even close to film cgi….sooooooooooo far off it’s ridiculous…and btw that doesn’t mean it looks “BAD” it just means it looks no where near what is being done in CGI films today.

    • Chris Marrow

      My question/and what I am hoping for is PS4 sorcerer qulity graphics in games like Battlefield 4, grand theft auto 5, infamous,ect(online and offline)…point being games that are not canned and linear with lots of things happening on screen!!! If Sony can give that to me in the next 2-3 years I would truly be a happy camper…I think its time now to move beyond linear games and provide true open world as the standard

    • Besides not qualifying your statements or giving us your opinions on the article, I have to disagree with you. The Sorcerer looks pretty incredible and stacks up to what LOTR was doing 10 years ago. Give them a chance to actually optimize their engines and I think we are walking in the footsteps of what you assert are CGI films today. Sure a $400 console will never truly match a $40,000 renderman rig that takes 24 hours to render a single scene – that would be impossible. But considering where we are coming from technologically, the quality of animation is starting to match what is being done in animated films today.

      You look at the stuff Silicon Studio is doing right now with Yebis, and the they are hitting all the bulletpoints on the article above. They are post processing on the fly – something even pixar can’t do effectively right now. Those tools are only going to get better as they squeeze performance out of them. Look at Naughty Dog from Uncharted 1 to the Last of Us and you get my point.

      so you say it is “sooooooooo far off”? I tend to think it is not as far off as you say. Maybe I have crap eyeballs and am not picking up on nuances, but for my money we are solidly running into the uncanny valley on pre-release PS4 demos. Give artists some time and we will probably see a studio push through to transparent human digital characters ala Avatar.

  • Michael Johnson

    “CGI quality graphics” means nothing. Look at CGI from 20 years ago…
    it looks worse than modern gameplay. The gameplay will look better than
    it does now, as in every generation change, and the CGI will also look
    better than it does now, also as in every gen change since consoles
    started using CGI.


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