PSVR Is A “Different Beast” Compared to Rift And Vive, PS4 7th CPU Allows For More Audio Effects

nDreams code manager talks about the headset being “just different”.

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PlayStation VR

When the topic of VR headsets comes up, it’s often found that Sony’s PlayStation VR has a lower display resolution than Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Don’t get us wrong – there are other factors at play with each pixel featuring three subpixels per pixel, ensuring a True RGB experience. But what do developers think?

GamingBolt spoke to nDreams code manager Richard Fabian, currently working on VR title The Assembly, and we asked how the PlayStation VR roughly compares to Rift and Vive in terms of power.

“When we talk technical specs, the PSVR is constantly considered as a less powerful machine, but it’s not really, it’s just different. At 120hz refresh on the screen, but fewer pixels, it’s a different beast, not a superior or inferior one.”

We also asked about the benefits that the PlayStation 4’s unlocked 7th CPU core would have for The Assembly and for developers in general.

“I think the benefits are pretty obvious. We got more, we can use more, that means there is more for the player. For us, this has been the chance to add in more audio effects to push the binaural audio harder in VR.”

What are your thoughts on PlayStation VR’s power? Let us know in the comments.

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  • native-american warrior.

    First and i just got my rift i love it and i have a pre order for psvr as well and soon i get my psvr I’ll compare and see which one I’ll keep of course games matters as well.

    • Daniel evans

      I think you would just be best keeping them both tbh. The rift is obviously good but it can’t be used on ps4, which I’m guessing is why your getting the psvr?

      I will be interested to see the psvr display also just to see if the lesser resolution is a problem but tbh with the quality screen it does pack I’d doubt it would be an issue on ps4.

      Hopefully it will look clear.

      Overall though if you are going to compare rift vs psvr then the rift will definitely come out on top.

    • Mirimon

      If you compare only resolution and fov, sure, rift is on top….but vr is not about only fov or resolution… its about immersing into the art in as many ways as possible. It is in all these other ways psvr excels above the others. Response, frame rates, comfort (huge part of this in many ways such as weight, distribution, accomoding the vision impared, eliminating screen door studder and stearing etc.), bineural audio as well as ease of access physically, technically, and financially (another comfort).

    • SimplyThom

      You mention immersion then ignore the having to use the wands which every review i have seen state are game breaking. Im sure you will have some sort of Sony spin for this so please lets hear it.

    • Mirimon

      Er… what??? Wands ar not game breaking, they are the foundation for that immersion when it comes to control schemes…

      There is no spin, somehow vr is ok, unless sony does it..

      gtfoh fanatical brand name hating troll.

    • SimplyThom

      Always so quick to anger and throw names about. If you can act like an adult for 5 minsutes this review here mentions the issue i was referring to.
      At the moment all i have to go on are reviews. As for fanatical brand hating or loving maybe you need to take a step back and look in the mirror.

    • Mirimon

      No, you went out to find the only tool who failed to calibrate, nobody else is saying such. In fact, they say quite the contrary, noting sony’s controls and welcomed by sony to make their own.

      Speak not of mirrors when you are so blind.

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    THIS has been my point all along! It’s not about the specs that’ll define ‘victory’.. its the experiences that each platrform can bring thaat’ll set each apart. Playstation has its dedicated studios for games… Rift will have a wealth of 3rd party support and the Vive is the same..

    Instead of judging VR off of its hardware, we should wait and judge them off of the experiences they will bring to its audience because its not power that defines a great experience.

  • Ivan Johnson

    Thats what I was thinking.ps4 always was slower than high end pc but always held their own. If the Gear VR for samsung looks ok then the psvr will be just fine and will have great graphics. And its cheaper for most. My computer will run oculus and vive just fine. But oculus and psvr for me.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      Let’s not forget the ps4 will only run games, as that what it was built for, while a PC, it can handle hundreds of other tasks at the same time. Less power becomes more power.

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    And what about asking some relevant questions, like
    – will the psvr titles support the ‘suspended power’ mode (deep standby, quick wake-up ) ?
    – how much ram can the psvr games access ?
    – could the camera be used to create a 3d avatar?
    – does it support co-op modes?
    Etc etc…

    • Ivan Johnson

      I know it does co-op. One person on psvr the others on controller playing on tv. I seen on game where the vr wearer was a monster and the other players was trying to take him down.

      If the game releases for vr im sure the ram it needs to run will be ran. Afterall its still a game. But the theatermodes may not need much ram because its just a screen and background.

      Dont know how an avatar will come into play. Im sure when signing in youll still see your avatar? And the standby mode. Those arent really important. The samsung vr seems to do well without those features. The biggest concern is will it play the games smoothly.

  • Truth™ PSVR 960×1080®

    720P headset needing a weak CPU core just for audio.

    There are sonycucks willing to buy an NSA Spy Cam and Waggle controllers just for this. Truly the cucks of gaming.

    • Hybrid Gamer Master Race

      Wonder if Neo will make any difference, at all?

    • Justin

      I would love this question of yours answered by an expert!


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