Sony: PS4 UK Pre-order Levels Are “Unprecedented” In 20 Years of Business

Fergal Gara talks about how the pre-order numbers of the console are “unprecedented”.

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SCE UK head Fergal Gara talked about how the country represent a significant proportion of PlayStation 4 pre-orders and that these numbers are “unprecedented” in 20 years of the business.

During Gamescom we had reported that the pre-order numbers of the PlayStation 4 are in the millions and UK shares a good chunk of that. When Gara was asked if he had any idea how many units were allotted to the UK, he replied, “Yes, but I can’t share it with you I’m afraid.

“The only thing I would say is Andy [House] quoted a number last night for pre-orders, in fact he quoted a low end number, he said ‘in excess of.’ What I will say is that the UK represents a significant proportion of that, we’re talking unprecedented levels of pre-orders that we haven’t seen in 20 years in this business.

“The pre-order phenomenon is a reasonably recent one, or certainly growing in recent years – but it does mean that demand is well ahead of our expectations as they were earlier in the year so our internal conversations are now all about securing volume to maximise the number of gamers we can satisfy on that day one or close to day one. It’s a problem but it’s a good problem to have,” he said in conversation with Gamesindustry.

It will be interesting to match these numbers with the Xbox One, but Microsoft have been pretty tight lipped about it so far.

The PlayStation 4 is set to release on November 29th in UK and November 15th in North American at £349 and $399 respectively.

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  • Rasheed Jackson

    Consoles are dying? HA! The reason sales have been dropping is because they are choking this console generation life cycle like a B. Mobile is ok but it will never cater to the hardcore gamers be they PC or console players.

    • Kamille

      if you game on consoles then you’re on the same level as those filthy casuals that play social and mobile games like Candy Crush, Pokemon or Farmville. Pack it up!

    • HarryMasonHerpDerp
    • T Dot M Dot


    • shark_tsuki

      Check this out.

    • usrev

      so I was playing battlefield on pc and I was about to click on this guy when suddenly the guy clicked on me. straight to the respawn screen I went..

    • twinspectre

      did you know Candy Crush and Farmville is playable on PC??? , oh no you didn’t know

    • Dan

      Yes, that myth about console gaming being hit by mobile gaming is just a myth spread by non gamers. In reality, what has been hit is Nintendo as all the casual/infant gamers who bought the Wii in their millions have moved over to playing cheapy mobile and tablet games. For the core gamer, the main reason sales of PS3/X360 games and consoles are down is because we are at the end of a console generation and people are waiting and saving up for the next generation PS4/X1.

      Mobile games are still a generation behind console gaming in terms of graphics, gameplay, restrictive touch controls, etc… and mobile gamers are mainly little kids or adult casual gamers, the millions of core gamers who play on PS3/X360/PC will still buy the next gen PS4/X1 consoles. The record pre-orders for PS4/X1 show this, and i believe mobile and console gaming can happily co-exist.

      I only really play mobile IOS games on my iPhone when I’m on a train or bored at lunchtime or something like that. There are some good mobile games, I get bored of them pretty quickly, but really these games are not trying to compete with console gaming, when I get home and want some proper immersive gaming, nothing beats a AAA title on my PS3 on a big screen TV with a proper controller or my PC (and I have pre-ordered the PS4, really looking forward to the next gen experience).

    • Rasheed Jackson

      100% THIS.

  • Sean Patrick DeMarco

    Watch how many preorders are cancelled/returned at the last minute as many of the consoles preordered are just being done by people looking to resell them.

  • Element Omega

    Pre-orders are a recent phenomenon lol… fuck I pre-ordered my PS1 for Christ sake.

  • OnlyWar

    PS4 is going to kill the competition.


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