Sony Takes Down Xbox One X Anthem Footage From PlayStation’s YouTube Channel

That brings this bizarre saga to an end.

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The Anthem PlayStation video controversy, which erupted a couple of days ago, has been one of the more bizarre blow ups to have happened this year- put simply, the footage that Sony put for Anthem on the PlayStation channel was found to actually be footage of the Xbox One X version (showcased at Microsoft’s E3 conference), with PlayStation button prompts lazily superimposed upon the Xbox ones (which is what gave the gig away).

Whether it was Sony who was behind the doctored footage (which is unlikely), or EA (which is likelier, since publishers submit marketing material to platform holders for distribution via official channels( is unclear- but it became fodder for fanboy wars, as many began to claim that Sony was deliberately misleading customers with footage of the Xbox One X version, trying to pass it off as PS4 footage.

Whoever was responsible, the bad PR, coupled with the fact that the footage was misleading, has apparently made Sony take down the video in question- it is now no longer on the PlayStation channel. Presumably, a video of a proper PS4 build may go up at some time. But you can be sure that Bioware, EA, and Sony will triple check to make sure it actually is PS4 footage this time around.

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  • Wei Feng

    Battle of the best checkerboard versions I guess.
    or “True 4K” since that’s OK now.


      Xbox One X Forza 7 native 4K+4K textures 60fps=TRUE 4K
      Only fans doing damage control are the PS4 PRO user base

    • Mr Xrat

      Sh*tza 7 looks like an early last gen game and those “4K textures” are jaggied to h*ll.

      “True 4K” is a marketing term to fool scumbag Xgimps.

    • Starman

      Now you’re fanboying , it has been confirmed, native 4k and real 4K textures .. .You’re worse kind of fangirl…

    • Mr Xrat

      Native 4K for awful first party t*rds.

      “4K textures” don’t have jaggies like S**tza 7 does.

      Try again. 🙂

    • Poseidon team

      Whatever resolution X1X hits you can scale it down by 30-40%, remove 4k textures, down epic settings to medium, replace a reliable network with PSN and you will get the PS4 Pro version.

      Sony #4ThePlayers

    • Mr Xrat

      There are no “4K textures,” you’re already getting medium textures, PSN’s been more reliable since 2014 and the Xbollox version looks blurry anyway. $499 plus tax please!

    • One The One


    • Mr Xrat

      Back to your hole, br m*ron.

    • One The One

      Says the multi-accounted virgin.


    Sony used the Xbox One X version of Anthem because they know this will be the superior console version

    • Mr Xrat


      *because there’s no real point making a different version

    • Starman

      Big difference fan girl ….

    • Mr Xrat

      Stay in denial, Xgimp. 🙂

  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    It brings this saga to an end with a clear….SONY ARE CLASSLESS LIARS declaration.

    Won’t get a dime from me.

    • Mr Xrat

      You don’t buy games anyway, retarded woodpecker.

    • ShoNuff

      I just came to make sure you upvoted yourself properly, i think you’re getting lazy, you only upvoted yourself 5 times. Does it make you feel like your posts are validated when you see a number next to the up carrot?

    • Mr Xrat

      It’s OK, Xgimp, maybe one day someone will care about you. 🙂

  • Mr Xrat

    Apparently EA didn’t think that the Xbollox version is up to much if it used the same footage.

    • Starman

      First of all fanboy….. Sony admitted they did it … why do you dummies always give them a pass .. This is why they give you all trash games that only plays for no more than 6 hr campaigns ….. facts !

    • Mr Xrat

      “Sony admitted they did it”


      The rest is your sad little opinion. The Xgimp alternate reality must be comfy.

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