Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts Praises Both The PS4 And Xbox One, “PS4 is The Better Gaming Machine”

The industry veteran shares his thoughts on the next generation of gaming consoles.

Posted By | On 19th, Jan. 2014 Under News


Star Citizen, if you didn’t know, is redefining what both AAA blockbusters can be as well as the limits of crowd-funding. Having amassed more than $35 million in funding, Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries will be offering an experience unlike any seen before. GamingBolt recently had a chance to speak to creator and industry legends Chris Roberts about something other than his upcoming magnum opus – namely his thoughts on the PS4 and Xbox One and how they differ from each other.

“I’m much happier with what they’ve done with the PS4 and Xbox One than what they did in the past. Basically it’s a PC and it’s actually going to make it a better situation for PC gamers. Now a game built on next gen consoles is really just a PC game and so, I’m going to get half these ports for powerful games that are some dynamic technology of seven years that still work on PC.

“But I think it’s good…certainly not as powerful as a really high end gaming rig but for the money, you can’t really beat that value…basically Sony and Microsoft are selling at a cost. But I’m much happier with the newer consoles than the old ones. I’d say the Xbox One is sort of kind of a TV or non-gamey stuff and the PS4 is the better gaming machine.”

Of course, this is clearly in terms of focus, since the Xbox One is looking to cater to both gamers and casual users while the PS4 is aiming for the hardcore gamer. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Michael Clanton

    like anyone else he has an opinion, you will have xbox fanboys and sony fanboys. waste of a article

  • Efrt

    They’re both the same thing. Ps4 couldn’t catch the xbox one in the living room so they labeled their machine more “gaming” focused. But Sony is pushing to catch up with their camera and voice commands too.

    Funny that the xbox is set to get twice as many exclusives in 2014 for not being a game machine.

    • Neco The Sergal

      Totally, Sony should totally be worried and have to play ‘Catch Up’… a Camera and Voice Commands. Because that’s totally what every gamer cares about, Sony will lose the next-gen race because their Camera isn’t as high priced and worthwhile.

      Congrats Efrt, you totally earned yourself a Dunce Cookie, 😀

      Not only that but I’d have to point out the obvious that everything you’ve said is full of fallacies that it would make any sane persons’ head spin.


      Sony playing CATCH UP with X1? – HAHA

      “Ps4 couldn’t catch the xbox one in the living room” – I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS, why are the consoles chasing eachother or playing tag?!

      so they labeled their machine more “gaming” focused – You make it sound like Sony making their console gamer-focused is a bad thing you whiny dunce of a fanboy.

      Oooooh My. You’re killing me.

    • john smith

      Holy leaping angry fanboy! lol

    • Neco The Sergal

      Stating facts and laughing at flawed opinions makes me a fanboy? And Angry? Pfft.

      My post was much larger, but kept getting ‘awaiting moderation’ annoyingly. So whatever mod is infact incharge of this, I’d love for my largest post to be the one used and not the smallest ;O I had a much more broad and educated response to your…. flawed presumptions that essentially are “I’ll make fun of any console that demands it when the flaws or jokes of the console stands out no matter the brand, aka, I’m a Gamer, Xbone is easier to make fun of and that isn’t due to brand loyalty”

    • dave

      Loving my PS4 so far, will get Star Citizen on PS4.

    • Psionicinversion

      lmao the consoles can only dream of running star citizen. He wants no holds barred so it will never get released for console. lol at the thought

    • op_gamer

      Absolute rubbish, a recent Seam Survey showed the vast majority of PC gamers have specs LOWER than the PS4 or XB1. A tiny minority of PC gamers have super specs, so Star Citizen will scale to all PCs and will run very easily on the PS4 and XB1.

      Chris Roberts himself says no new $400 PC can touch the $400 PS4 in terms of performance, so he does appreciate the appeal and huge sales success of the PS4.

    • DisturbedJim

      Sorry to break it to you Star Citizen will not be available on the PS4 or XB1 you need 8GB of DDR3 Ram and a GTX 680 just to load the Hangar Module never mind actually play the game so if you want to play this your going to have to leave the world of boys and join the world of men

    • Neco The Sergal

      Respond to Dave, not Me. Lol

      I never mentioned Star Citizen.

    • datdude

      “going to have to leave the world of boys and join the world of men”…said the “man” typing away furiously at his keyboard thinking playing video games on a pc somehow makes him a man.

    • Steph

      Relax, don’t be so angry geez. PS3.5 will get better eventually

    • Neco The Sergal

      You sound pretty upset by having to implicate such Upset’ness of others groundlessly.

      Yes, PS4 will get better. I do not know what this PS3.5 product you speak of is.

    • ragnorak

      Answer me this. How much did sony spend on you the gamer(R&D), to better their gaming infrastructure? What technologies has sony invested in to meet the demands of todays gamers? Why did sony create a camera only not to fully support it? Why are they not telling us about their online functions and how they will improve upon them to better gaming? Who are their partners? Answer those questions and get back to me. The more facts you find out, the more your eyebrows will raise, unless of course you’re part of the sony cult.

      Last eight years, xbox live introduced voice chat while playing games. This gen, you guys get that with ps4. Welcome to the club even though your’e late. Catchup*

      This gen, we get video chat and other improvements to xbox live. And it will improve some more, and improve and improve, no matter how you wish it wont.

      What’s the latest that Sony is not filling you in on PrOPERLY. Ask them what kind of servers they are buiding you AT THIS STAGE IN THE GAME, to “better” your experience when their streaming service hit (to a very limited market). Please asked them? Catchup*

      I have a whole lot I can add to this list of questions, but I’ll save em especially for you. Even though I ask these questions regarding the ps4, I still recognize it to be a great platform for gaming. It will offer its own experiences that will cater great for its audience. But so will the XB1. Stop the hate & enjoy your platform of choice. They are both going to do well.

      Ask intelligent questions and be properly informed.

    • Neco The Sergal

      See, here’s the problem. You’re speaking as if there are ‘Sides’ and that you have a side and that I have a side. You pretty much affirm to me that you are a Fanboy in some stature. This being why I will not grant you any credibility or take you as seriously as you wish people would. You speak of ‘Sides’ and you speak as if you are a part of a side and those you oppose are part of an oppositional side, this equates to obvious conclusions.

    • ragnorak

      Wait because I asked those questions as a gamer, so now I’m biased? You’re telling me that I’d ask questions like that about sony and nott MS? You take my reference to “we” as just xb1 fans? Couldnt you have just imagined gamers, who want the next level of interaction? So now I’m a fanboy because I challenged you to ask those question? Ok. The internet is a strange place. This is the new grounds for witch hunting. If you make sense you better watch your back now.

    • Neco The Sergal

      Just because you Proclaim yourself and say you apparently asked these as a ‘Gamer’, doesn’t make it true. You reek of fanboy. You did not make sense. And you then reek of someone who’s argue for the sake of arguing as I run into people like you all the time and no matter what is said, you’ll find a new thing to ‘challenge’ and it isn’t for the sake of knowledge.

      You reek as a stuck-up, self-entitled twit who confuses a conviction to challenge and learn with instead the problems of aggressive, opinionated and tunnel-vision like perceptions, ‘challenging’ with inquiries that are binded to half-truths and a right-wing politics like stance. Which is why I will not bother. I’d say if any of these are inaccurate on my behalf, it’s due to your horrible way of leaving a shat first impression, you leave a sour taste in the air which makes me Not want to attempt to have an ‘intellectual discussion’ with you but instead, stay clear of you because you likely will only aim to be like Bill O’Reilly in conversation.

    • ragnorak

      Wow you avoided the questions by throwing insults to make yourself feel better. At least you tackled one, and answered truthfully, and so admitted that your previous statement was inaccurate. But you stopped there because by now you probably discovered the truth and you don’t like it. Now you hate me for pointing you in the right direction. How can I be the things you say I am when the answers to those very questions have already been addressed, answered by Sony themselves. You are selective in what you want to hear, its that obvious. Your long rant makes you this months poster child for fanatical fanboy of the month.

    • Neco The Sergal

      LOL. Good logic again.

      “You make long rants” > “Thus you’re a fanatical fanboy”

      “throwing insults to make yourself feel better”

      Totes, you Totally got me. I totally insulted you not to Describe you but because I needed a kick me up. Whatever makes you sleep better at night…, really, sounds like you’re tucking everything I said away so you can try to downplay my descriptions of you so you won’t feel so wounded by the reality of what I said you were. Cry about it, I’m not Bullying you and it’d be more on the lines of constructive criticism, no need to flail your arms and cry foul just because you don’t like the truth when it’s about You and your flaws.

      ” and so admitted that your previous statement was inaccurate”

      Hahahaha, man, you’re on a ROLL with being stupid, aren’t you? So because I provide a Fact to you. You somehow claim that it makes Everything of my previous posts, inaccurate, even though my previous posts aren’t even contradicting because of it.

      This further provides me reasons why I’m going to be ignoring and blocking you. You’re ignorant of your own ignorance, your methods of arguing reveal a complete lack of intelligence, and you whine and moan “BULLY” when people tell you your traits.

      Take it or leave it, your entire post is a cesspool of retardation and idiocy, the only thing it does is show how desperate you are for attention, how petty of a mind you have, how incapable you are in making comebacks or intellectual responses and pretty much everything else and inbetween, all you’re doing is attempting to provoke with forcing More of your ignorance in my direction by making mountains of stupid remarks that are completely inaccurate, you’re not even a troll but hilariously are able to make yourself look so stupid. You really have earned the Dunce award of the ‘Year’ – Gosh~ Forget me earning a ‘Months poster child’ for a being an apparent fanboy for groundless reasons.

      Have fun being deluded and ignorant in your miniscule bubble of a mind.

    • ragnorak

      Wow it is true. Shine a light of truth on a ps4 fanatic and their skin burn with hatred for you. You’re not done with the insults? I don’t see you as a bully because intellectually you’re not a threat. You’re just an extremely angry individual. You win the sash & crown for sure. And no matter how much you foam at the mouth, your only explanation as to why ps4 is playing catch up is because I gave you perspective. Be careful not to bite your tongue off thinking about that. 🙂

    • UsherSucks

      Yup it is true. Someone asks a completely logical question and Neco the Loser goes off on a nonsensical rant.

      I checked up on him and it says he has played 467 hours of Warframe.

      That’s almost 20 days, playing one game. At first I thought maybe he worked on that game, as in, creating it or testing it. But no. He’s spent 20 whole days playing it. Then he comes on here and tells people they “should get out more” or “maybe if you got out of your basement once in awhile”.

      Dude is the best kind of joke and he doesn’t even know it.

    • Neco The Sergal

      You show obvious signs of bias and thus, cannot be taken seriously, you cannot expect anyone to take you seriously and you cannot and should not expect people to ask ‘Intelligent questions’. Intelligent questions are asked to intelligent minds, not self-proclaimed nobodies with SSS and a self-entitled ego. So, go find someone else to bother with your insecurities and problems.

      Save your questions for someone who shares similar traits of wearing a tinfoil hat like yourself. Even if I were to ask intelligent questions, You, are not an intelligent being and I can tell just by how you made your post. You’re a pseudo-intellectual and a rabid, argumentative random nobody/stranger. You’ll no doubt take this as me ‘Avoiding your questions’ to affirm your crazed zealot-like beliefs and predictably-so, I won’t care and I’m informing you this now.

      The only question that can legitimately and logically be answered that even made remotely any sense is Voice Chat features on PS3. It was clearly and obviously not involved because PS3 didn’t have sufficient RAM to provide for it as a feature beyond Games using the RAM and the OS using the RAM. it would not have worked without butchering OS Speed or Game speed like with Dark Souls and going to the XMB.

      Do not expect me to take you seriously in the future until you take the tinfoil hat off or get rid of your emotional bias.

    • Ragnorak

      Ok, because I’ve experienced both platforms last gen, and made a sound comparison, I’m not intelligent? Was I lying about the little I shared? So i should take your point of view and not ask questions and point out facts that everyone no matter what platform you prefer, no about? Will that make me smarter for you?

      You can avoid it all you want, but those are good questions, because you get to see what you paid for.

    • ragnorak

      If you’re going to edit your answer after the fact, state that you did. Real slick & deceptive of you.

      2nd, those questions are in reference to your point of view of which company is incorporating tech 1st. What are they really bringing to the table? They apply to both. But because I don’t go with the flow, and actually read up on my interest and not just get news from pple like you, I’m the guy that suppose to be unrealistic. The answer to those questions you can find with simple google request. If I’m the one wearing tinfoil hat, that is because I cant admit to the things sony & MS has shared with the public in regards their investments in their gaming infrastructure. Can you?

    • UsherSucks

      What “facts” did you even list?

      I see a bunch of rhetorical questions to express your shocking ignorance and then lots of biased opinion.

      You don’t even know what the word “fact” means do you?

      You’re a sad sad little boy.

    • Neco The Sergal

      If stating such nonsensical rubbish makes you sleep better at night, go ahead little muffin. Don’t expect me to argue with someone who already sounds like argumentative pseudo-intellectual. Besides, this is an old conversation and I don’t go back on old conversation where the sole person bringing it back up seems to be a no-name-brand attention wh*re who’s very first response is a hostile one. You present yourself to be a tool in your very first post and by your username alone. Which is why I’m not going to bother with you, or attempt to converse or discuss things with you.

      Now ‘little boy’, once you understand how the real world works, and get out of that basement of yours and socialize locally and quit being anti-social in reality. You might learn a thing called civility and social etiquette. If you simply started an inquiry rather than starting an abrupt and flawed Challenge with hostility on the side which shows your capacity already. I might’ve been alright to have responded to a fellow human being, but yuh know, you instead decided being a scumbag to a stranger was the better thing to do, thus? I have no respect for you and I have no obligation or reason to talk to you as an equal 😀

    • UsherSucks

      You don’t make any points. You just speak nonsense. You don’t propel the discussion. You bring it to a grinding halt.

      Answer the question.

      What “facts” did you present in your earlier post?

      Oh and i’m not the one who has played 465 hours of Warframe. Seriously dude? That’s almost 20 days of you playing a game scored under 65 on metacritic. And i’m the one in my basement? HAHAHA!! 465 hours playing Warframe!

      Thanks for the laugh man. Talk to me when you move out of your parent’s place ok?

    • Neco The Sergal

      Your lack of intelligence is showing with every post you make, especially due to your presumptuous behaviour at the end of every post. First I’m apparently a ‘little little kid’. Though the likeliness that I’m older than you is higher than the other way around. That and you randomly presume as a hilarious counter/spiteful return that since I called you a basement dweller, you think that responding as a comeback that I live in a basement > but my parents basement is somehow hilarious? intelligent?

      No, I’m sorry. It makes you sound like a whiny and butthurt child who can’t even think of a proper comeback. Your jimmies are rustled and the only comeback you seem to come up with is “No you are” but with an ante of “In yo mommas house” That is the equivalent of your ‘insult’.

      By all means, I know ignorance is bliss and you laughing within your realm of ignorance is a naturally-ocurring phenomenon with mentally-challenged individuals, but there’s no reason for you to strain your brain and try to commit your fallacies as if they actually Mix and they make you a troll or intelligent in any design.

      That and you’re judging a game you apparently haven’t played before – and you judge a game….by METACRITIC SCORE? LOL. Man, your taste in games must be sublime and articulate. “Yo man, u played nier?! nier haz leik 68 on teh metacritics dat game is garbage lawlawl.”

      Warframes reviews are hilarious, as hilarious as your ignorance and attempts to troll to compensate your inability to think. Warframe is infact still in beta and ALL of the reviews people made for it were whilst it was in Open-Alpha and open-beta since it hasn’t technically launched yet. The reviews are inaccurate whether you’re even bringing this up as a true form of ignorance, or you’re just as naive as I think you are. It’s a good game with great ideas since it has nearly a mix of every genre it in from RPG, Shooter, fast-paced Third-person slasher, Cards, Upgrades, modifiers, some MMO aspects, yada yada. Either way, poor troll attempt at a random game or blissful ignorance because you got your jimmies rustled and so you desperately went to stalk and lurk on the internet to find out more about me to see if there was anything you could attack desperate, which goes to show how butthurt you became by me and you severe interest in me.

      Nonetheless. I have no new responses for someone as big of a tool and as rustled as you 🙂

    • UsherSucks

      I skimmed your email and you still haven’t stated the “facts” you bragged about sharing in your earlier post where you just threw around baseless opinions.

      465 hours playing Warframe? Are you joking me. I have a life so i can’t spend 5 hours a day playing warframe, unlike you. I’m lucky if i get an hour in a night.

      Funny how you’re the one who brought up the silly “get out of your basement arguement” yet you have played almost 500 hours of a mediocre ps4 free 2 play game.

      465 hours playing Warframe??? Wow.

    • Steph

      Ps fanboys crave attention and search out every xb1 article and game, yup their not jealous…….right lol

    • Steph

      Sounds like ur a fanboy boss, he wrote well, u wrote in ps fanboy speak. Jealousy isn’t attractive, live with the ps3.5 or buy a xb1. Jeez some people lol

    • Neco The Sergal

      I iz fanboy bauss

      I givez commands 2 my legion armiez.

      PS….3.5 though? Really? Are you that uncreative and socially inept? Xbox 0.5 makes sense or Xbox One-Eighty/180. However, to make fun of PS4 in terms of Specs/Power-boost from last to next generation? PS4 is the strongest console that there is so far so to comically degrade its value? XD Doesn’t make you funny in any aspect. Just desperate for attention. Have fun with the disagrees and being a tool though.

    • Psionicinversion

      Actually the power boost isnt as much as you may think you may praise it for its “power” but both consoles are not as powerful as last gen. X360 + PS3 were on par if not beating high end gaming machines where it would easily beat them in graphics department (which you are using as a basis to slate the X1) this generation id consider them mid range. Theyve played it safe because of the economy and cant afford to sell the consoles at a loss, the PS4 is selling at a loss but i think its because there soaking up the extra 4GB of GDDR5 they added to the console. To even consider having only 4GB of GDDR5, and then they upped up when they learned the X1 had 8GB DDR3, just shows how little sony knows. Having only 4GB of any ram would of crippled the consoles abilities so actually you should be thanking MS and goes to show that sony just plays catch up all the time.

      Also you do know that sony had similar DRM policys to MS but they silently changed it all when they heard about the backlash MS got from the gaming community, so they arent as amazing as you may think

    • UsherSucks

      You don’t think Sony doesn;t want to do the exact thing Microsoft is doing? They’re working on tv stuff. They’re working on improving their voice commands and camera functionality!

      What don’t you understand?

      PS4 has 4 (if you count driveclub) $60 retail exclusives for all of 2014. XBox one has 9 $60 retail exclusives in 2014. It’s a fact. Look it up. Then slap yourself.

      Sony had to label their machine for the “gamer” because they are way behind MS in the entertainment department and can’t compete blow for blow…but do you know what’s funny? XBox one has more games, especially $60 retail exclusives in 2014. I’d say the system with the best games is for the “gamer” and that’s the xbox one.

    • Jason Mounce

      To only target the largest flaw in your mighty perception, ‘4’ exclusives whilst your fanaticism towards boasting a mere ‘9’ exclusive titles for Xbox One. That of which I already still understand that a majority of Sony’s first party studios have yet to reveal their game and when said-games are coming out like Naughty Dog or Santa Monica being capable of doing 1-2-3 titles as well or Media Molecule, this kind of factual information am sure means nothing to a flawed pseudo-intellectual like yourself, now, let’s pull out a good, factual, and also theoretical list for PS4 2014 exclusives since you apparently only think 4 exist whilst you strangely are specific with a ‘$60 price tag’ I will not blast indie titles as Results, but I will post Exclusive ‘AAA-potential games’ or the like.

      Basement Crawl
      Deep Down
      Drive Club
      Helldivers – Made by the ones who made Magicka, it’s a PS-brand exclusive so who knows what your perception of this is, I like these devs due to Magicka.

      Infamous: Second Son
      Naughty Dogs’ next title will heavily be likely to come out 2014 of Holiday season if they’ve been working on it for already over a year, if not, it may go to 2015. (Theoretical and logical, keep up)

      MLB 14: The Show (I’ll laugh about this too, I dont like sports but it does bring in the sales of those who do, thus, I validate it.)

      annnnd The Order: 1886

      I’d say this is a good 8-titles. However, I also keep in mind that even though you are Specific, being factual or being ‘right’ doesn’t need to be because someone enforces fallacies of logic in which someone has to restrict themselves from open-mindedness or thinking outside the box. Thus, I won’t be one to even imagine that Sony is lacking in the games department for 2014, as soon as E3 has arrived and GDC, I am positive there will be many many more titles revealed and that Sony will reveal more than Microsoft will reveal within this year. Also, this list provides a good summary and ‘Size’ of what Sony has been doing for their consumers whom own their console at the very least to ensure there’s no continued drought throughout 2014. Which is worthy of praise in my mind which of course breaks your silly ‘$60 Exclusives only’ but shows QUANTITY as well as Quality.

    • UsherSucks

      95% of of the games listed for sony are $10 3 hour indie games.

      You don’t think xbox is going to get any of those? of course they will. Just because sony announces them as “coming first to ps4” doesn’t mean they won’t be coming to xbox one also.

      That’s why i left indies out of the subject matter.

      No one is buying a $400 machine so they can play a few $10 games. They want the big budget $60 games and sony is severly lacking those in 2014. Microsoft is going to crush them in that department in 2014.

    • ace-meza

      wut ?!
      ps4 games : 42
      xbone games : 38

    • john smith

      How many of those for the PS4 are indies?

    • Dakan45

      TOO MANY and most ofthem are on pc if not every single one of them. HOORAY WE GOT F2P GAMES ON PS4.


    • ace-meza

      nop just exclusives

    • Dakan45

      lets hear those 42 ps4 exlusives.

    • ace-meza

      i was talking about exlusive indies but let’s compare the exlusives shall we :

      ps4 :
      New Earth Defense Force
      Backgammon Blitz
      Basement Crawl
      Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
      The Idolmaster
      Infamous: Second Son
      Joysound Dive 2
      Lily Bergamo
      The Order: 1886
      Shadow of the Beast
      Uncharted 4
      planetside 2

      xbone :
      Fable Legends
      Quantum Break
      Sunset Overdrive


    • Dakan45

      earth defence force,the idolmaster and planetside 2 are not exlusive to ps4.

      Also bsement crwal? backgammon? joysound dive? thats karaoke.

      I am a pc gamer but i am sure if i look, i will find more exlusives for xbox one.

    • Steph

      Don’t forget knack 🙂 I noticed u missed a ton of xb1 games and a few ps4 games. Try harder.

    • datdude

      And yet this loser doesn’t name one xbox exclusive. Typical.

    • UsherSucks

      We are talking about 2014 exclusives. You listed games that have no hope of coming out in 2014.
      You only listed 4 $60 exclusives on the sony side.

      You don’t know enough about the xbox to even form an argument.

      Here let me help. 2014 $60 exclusive titles.

      PS4 = 4:
      the order
      mlb the show

      Xbox one = 9

      Quantum Break
      Sunset Overdrive
      Fable Legends
      Project Spark
      Fantasia Music Evolved
      Kinect Rivals

    • ace-meza

      you have problem with indies ?!

    • UsherSucks

      Nothing wrong with Indies at all. It’s just tough to compare a Titanfall to Joysound Dive 2. It’s laughable when PS fanboys say “but we have indies!” because many will be on xbox eventually but also the experiences are much less than a full retail game.

      Sure there are great indies, but it’ a small percentage.

    • Steph

      Ignore the ps3.5 fanboys with their dream numbers and faulty math

    • kreator

      96% of them!

    • Steph

      Xb1 51
      Ps4 44
      Try again lol

    • UsherSucks

      ps4 has more indies. Microsoft has twice as many $60 exclusives in 2014. You have fun playing a $10 game you finish in 5 hours. I’ll be playing titanfall for 100+.

    • Neco The Sergal

      To think, Microsoft isn’t even paying someone as fanatical and hilarious deluded as you to speak so highly of them over and over and over to random strangers on the internet. You’re not even participating in the Youtube controversial Machinima advertisement of ‘How great X1 is without saying you’re being paid to say X1 is awesome’ payroll. Haha.

      Well I wish you luck in convincing people that you aren’t a tool whilst praising a piece of plastic and metal.

    • UsherSucks

      Newsflash Neco!

      You’re posting as much as anyone else on here!! Yet I’m the one “convincing” people of things?

      I’ll give you one thing though. My posts are way more convincing than yours are. You are constantly on the defensive. You offer no information. All you do is share useless opinions of yours.

      Where’d you get this “MBA” from? I’m actually curious now.

    • Neco The Sergal

      I’ll shut you down(again). Hold on.

      “My posts are way more convincing than yours are”

      Now when I click your account it shows me: 215 comments, 355 Upvotes.

      Now I look at my account here and it’s…. 68 comments and 287 upvotes. Now I don’t even need to be a mathematician to know that my ratio of people agreeing with me is much higher than yours. 😉 That and this account is an alternate where my other one has thousands of upvotes if it isn’t something like 3000 comments and 9000 upvotes.

      Please restrain yourself from making ludicrous, idiotic responses to my comments. I’m afraid I’ve already dealt with you and you have no further use of providing me entertainment.

      Conclusion? I am Reality News, I am Onion News, you’re Fox News. You’ve got no power of voice in comparison to my logic, friend. 🙂

    • Brian Lee

      Thats funny because i counted 16 ps4 games compared to xbone 9.

    • cozomel

      You’re obviously using that fuzzy Sony fanboy logic as oppsed to the proper MS fanboy logic
      /s end sarcasm

    • cozomel

      This guy right here sums up the stupid ms fanboy logic. They cant see things clearly and are obvioulsy blinded by their fanboyism. One word, delusional!

    • Dakan45

      wtf you even doing here you idiot? this is not about which console is better, yet you morons are here and starting a console war.

    • Steph

      Says the blind fanatical Playstation 3.5 fanboy <3 try harder my love

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      You can get mad all you want but there are more people buying the ps4 fact. It is posted world wide. The ps4 is more organize, graphically superior and cheaper. The xbone has fewer exclusives so stop lying and crying. More articles and gaming magazines agree which is the better console. The world has decided and you sound like you work for microsoft. Xbone is a bs system. Over priced, bulky cable box. The 360 was a better system in it’s design and pricing. The majority of indie developers are coming to ps4 as been announced.

    • Steph

      Seems to me that ur mad and crying hoss. Don’t worry u will be ok with ur ps3.5, feel free to visit real gamers houses to play real games. Stop being jealous and mad, it’s not cute.

    • Steph

      Well said, xb1 getting better exclusives as well.

    • Steph

      Exactly right. PS3.5 fanboys come to every xb1 article out of jealousy and try to put it down to make themselves feel better about their purchase. It’s kind of cute how hard they try….and fail lol

    • You are flat out wrong


      PS4: Drive Club, The Order, Infamous, maybe Uncharted
      Xbone: Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, maybe Quantum Break

      What maths did you use to come up with twice?

  • kreator

    Lol, XBO FTW!

  • AlexH

    PS4 catering for “hardcore gamer”???
    Yea lol with WHAT games?? Lol
    PS4 has worst game lineup

    • luvthesnapper

      2014 for the ps4 looks good. you cant say it doesnt, no matter how big fanboy you are.

    • angh

      yeah, I heard it somewhere…
      ps3 haz no gamez!!

      I have heard all of it – ps4 will have same drm as xbox! -> xbox resigned
      xbo is more powerfull thanks to teh cludz! -> not really
      xbo is more powerfull because of EDRAM – > bf4 and cod 1080p begs to differ
      and so on and so on…
      you want more games? go PC. Do you want console games in best resolution? go ps4. In past years Sony shown that they care about games, look at exclusives list from both company.

    • UsherSucks

      We’re talking 2014 PS4 & XBox one. This image is useless.

    • angh

      It’s showing overall support through few years made by two companies. To believe that something will rapidly change to swap those proportions one have to be really optimistic.

    • Brian Lee

      Titanfall, your flagship, is going to be terrible 6 players and 18 bots? You might as well play conbat training on COD. Its a way to cheat your KD as well. Lame…

    • Steph

      Titanfall is so lame that every article about it has Playstation fans there, u read about it cuz u hate it? Nope u jealous u don’t have it, oh bots don’t add into ur K/D big guy haha, take a look at my alpha videos since u know u want the game and plz try harder as u not doing troll very well.

    • Brian Lee

      Awww cute, susie homemaker wants to join the convo. Go bake some cookies. You dont belong in a mans quarrel.

    • Steph

      Lol no men here. Try harder 🙂 u wish u could have my cookies haha keep trying tho.

    • Brian Lee

      Hey babe i like it when you talk dirty, it turns me on. Your lucky im not there, i would already have them “cookies”.

    • Brian Lee

      But on a serious note, go bake a cake

    • Steph

      Replying to ur self now? Lol fail so u no longer will get a reply from me, 🙁

    • Brian Lee

      I was j/k about the baking jokes. Because you are some dude trying to get a rise or some fatty. Hot girls dont play games. So go eat your Doritos and pepsi.

    • Steph

      Wow amazing day today, very nice out. I thought I heard a ps3.5 fanboy squeak, but guess not. Shame their jealousy is so fun to see.

    • Steph

      Keep trying

    • Jordan

      you know what? I do not think PS4 owners are too upset over the fact that the game is not coming to PS4. If they want they can always play the SAME game on PC which is definitely going to be the best version of the game.

    • cozomel

      Another fanboy with his stupid fanboy sh!t/logic (more lack lack thereof). Typical, X1 doesnt have any games either then. Cuz nothing coming outfor it screams “must have”. i mean Titanfall is a big letdown, 720p, 6v6 and dumb @$$ AI bots powered by the very unimpressive cloud. Yuck, no thanks.

    • C4rnos

      The interesting part, is more to do with the fact the “Cloud” isn’t an Xbox exclusive technology, Titanfall is coming to PC as well; and i hope they port it right- fact of the matter being Xbox exclusives are non-existent if you factor in PC games too… MS has given PC gamers the shaft in recent years with exclusive Xbox games, G4WL and terrible ports. But the idea here is this should be rapidly changing with the architecture of the consoles being similar to that of PC’s.

    • Dakan45

      you are offtopic you pathetic console fanboys, the only thing this
      guy said is that the next gen consoles are less crap than before becasue
      it will make it easier for pc gamers to get good ports.

      Yet you fanboys had to go around and start a console war..

    • Steph

      It’s all in good fun. I own both xb1 n ps4, depending on which site I’m on I pick on both sides, really I could care less as I play both but it’s too fun to see kids get so riled up over a game console, shows the maturity of most gamers haha. Although I’m just as bad encouraging it haha, fun times 🙂

    • Steph

      Yep keep telling ur self that while u salivate over every article about the game lol

    • Psionicinversion

      Consoles and “hardcore gamer” LMFAO. Ive seen gameplay footage of GTA 5 and he was saying lol this is so easy, of course it is when console games come with an aimbot loaded as standard 😛 think most console games use an aimbot (auto targetting) as standard well you have to hold a button down to activate. If gaming was the army, consolers would be the TA (territorial army)

    • Steph

      Exactly lol

  • Trim Dose

    of course PS4 is the better gaming machine, xbone not only is a weaker console but also like a gay person inside the closet, doesn’t want you to know that the xbone was really meant to be a plug in the cable box, but xbone don’t want to admit it(don’t want to come out of the closet), just look at announcement of last year, TV, TV, TV, sports, sports, sports, TV, TV,TV…ughh

    • Psionicinversion

      Id laugh my head off if in 2nd or 3rd gen games the x1 beats the PS4 once theyve got use to the esram and move units, lz caches etc although realistically itll just be on par with ps4. There both weak so i wouldnt laugh to much, if you really want to slate something why not slate infinity ward for sticking with the same rubbish game engine?? ive bin playing with the same gfx as your seeing now for the last 5 years and the game engine has barely advanced in complexity.

    • Steph

      Haha not even good trolling, geez u ps3.5 fanboys gotta get more material lol

  • Dakan45

    “I’m much happier with what they’ve done with the PS4 and Xbox One than
    what they did in the past. Basically it’s a PC and it’s actually going
    to make it a better situation for PC gamers.”


    Not praising xbox one or praising ps4 as dumb n4gtards thought about.

    its about a PC developer saying they did a better job than what they did last time because its pc like and that will be better for pc gaming.

    Thats what he said, YET gamingbolt had to make this sould like he praised ps4, but i give em credit for trying to say he “praised” both systems

    “Now a game built on next gen consoles is really just a PC game and so,
    I’m going to get half these ports for powerful games that are some
    dynamic technology of seven years that still work on PC.”

    See? stupid console fanboys.

    But ofcourse you dumbfcks had to start a comment war on which is the best cosnole and which system has the best games.

    WHY? because gamignbolt made it seem like that, when it was just a pc developer saying he likes what they done with new consoles more than all the previous times because they are now pc like and it will make it easier for pc gamers to get good ports.

    Thats what you had to get from this interview, but nooo everyone in the comments both here and n4g are arguing which is the better system and has the better games.

    I believe its called “console hype”

    • james


      I read the article before posting and you are right, he never said anything about which console he is gonna makes games for or which has the best games. Everyone who posts a comment comparing either consoles is pretty much offtopic since he is saying that he is happy because both consoles are like pcs that will make it easier for pc gamers to get good ports.

      Yet everyone in the comments talks about which console is better when the man never saw this from a console gamer perspective but making the pc version easier due to consoles having the same architecture.

    • Dakan45

      well atleast someone got it, too many console retards here.

    • Psionicinversion

      The only game hes making atm is called star citizen and its designed for the PC only as the PC is the only thing that could run the game and wont be limited by console hardware… and if people in here new that theyd realise that he has no preference on consoles, in fact possibly like wozniak hes prolly got both trying them out but he has no plans to release any game that he makes on them cus in short there both weak

    • Umair Khan

      Lol I agree .

  • kevin

    Thank the gaming Gods that MS the balls to give me more for my money and device the does more than games .

    • ace-meza

      500$ for useless kinect ?!!!!! NO THANK YOU.’ill stick with You Won’t Even Need a PS Eye to Use PS4’s Voice Commands + more powerful console..PS4 all day every day baby

    • kevin

      Useless to you maybe , as for rest of your comment good for you . But I don’ t see it that way . Either way enjoy your purchase all day every day as I will do the same with mine .

    • Dakan45

      you are offtopic you pathetic console fanboys, the only thing this
      guy said is that the next gen consoles are less crap than before becasue
      it will make it easier for pc gamers to get good ports.

      Yet you fanboys had to go around and start a console war

    • Steph

      Lol jealous much u sound mad

    • Steph

      Ps eye bombed which is why nobody wants it, everyone who bought an xb1 did so for the kinect and games, stop being jealous. Ur angry posts give it away lol.

    • twinspectre

      you are proving that you don’t like to play games.
      your comment prove you are a casual gamer , because most of xbox “gamers” say the same thing



    • kevin

      Been a playing video games since the days of Atari and when console truly only did one thing but as time has gone by my taste have changed and i have embraced device that do more for me.. Like the Phone , the PC (which at one point was exciting but sad) so forth . So you may want ant to stop labeling people based on what you think just of a simple comment .

    • Dakan45

      you are offtopic you pathetic console fanboys, the only thing this
      guy said is that the next gen consoles are less crap than before becasue
      it will make it easier for pc gamers to get good ports.

      Yet you fanboys had to go around and start a console war.

    • kevin

      No you are the one that is cause it is you who resorted to name calling , while spoke what I felt I needed to say and did so with name calling. Good day

    • Steph


  • Psionicinversion

    Hes not saying which is best, hes labeling PS4 as being better because its easier to program for atm and GPU is abit more powerful but hes looking at it as a PC gamer. Instead of having to it port it from the cell(PS3)/power PC (X360) architecture where the PC ports were horrible sometimes now its pretty much the same. Btw his game hes making Star Citizen would make both of these consoles cry and shiver in fear if it even looked at it. These consoles are not as powerful as you guys try to believe. With mantle ill be running BF4 100+ constant fps with all the details turned up to max… suck it consolers!!

    Also while youll be gaming in 1080p for the next 8-10 years (weak upgrade) in 2 years time ill be gaming in 4K (star citizen is native 4K) and it’ll be glorious 😀

    • Dakan45

      another one who got it. Seriously this is more about pc than consoles but fanboys love to start a console war for no reason.

    • Psionicinversion

      Yeah exactly so ive decided to try show them how both consoles arent that good :d

    • Dakan45

      whats the point? All he said was that he likes what they doing with consoles than the previosu times because they are more pc like so as he said it will be easier to make pc ports and pc will benefit.

      He is not talking about either console or praises them, yet gamingbolt posts the article in such way that the console fanboys start a war in the comments. I guess its a trick to get more views, not that the consoletards need any excuse.

      when i replied to you your name was colored, meaning you had disquss acount, now i see its grey, meaning you posted this as guest. I have seen this before on this site, there must be some problem.

    • Psionicinversion

      I was posting as a guest then i signed up so its in red now. Ive decided to try show them how both consoles arent that good in power, technically there pretty darn good. The PS4 with its hUMA using GDDR5 but thats AMD tech, the X1 is technically outrageous its so different so will take time to leverage the true power out of it. Neither console in terms of power is that good and they need to realise this so they stop banging on about how ps4 is better than x1 etc… cus there both not good. With mantle on the PC out in BF4 soon will destroy the consoles cus there games will never look as good as a mantle powered game, if it lives upto what its designed to do and seeing star swarm in action, its gonna obliterate them in terms of year on year console games match PC its all going change :d

    • Dakan45

      Yeah there is no point really, games already look better on pc and thats wihtout optimization and mantle.

  • Psionicinversion

    The PC is going to absolutely destroy the consoles and this is why. To be brutally honest, console hardware can achieve so more more than a similar level PC becuase of low level API talking direct to hardware and the fact that theres only 1 hardware set to cater for and this gen the hardware isnt cutting edge well hUMA is but the GPU isnt. The mantle API is going to allow the PC to stretch its legs and start tearing a new one out of consoles. AMD’s GCN architecture limited atm but whereas you were seeing x360 and PS3 matching PC games close to end of life this API will make consoles look like a kids toy in a few years becuase theres no way they can keep up unless purpoersly held back by developers, then again we’ll know if there holding back if were running BF5 at 200 fps on a 280x!!!

  • Steph

    They both play games well which is all that matters, the xb1 takes it a step further with kinect and the all in “one” console is awesome, so for me the xb1 is way ahead of the ps4. My kids agree with me, my husband on the other hand prefers the ps4 due to some exclusives, me the xb1 for some exclusives. Just buy which console u prefer and have at it. Simple and calm like a flaccid elephant trunk when said elephant is napping in Africa.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    $35 million total for crowd funding! How long has this game been in development that it amassed this much so far? Also, no surprise to hear that PS4 is the better gaming machine from this guy.

    • Psionicinversion

      it was announced in 2012 and originally was using kickstarter but they abandoned it after $2 million was raised cus they take 10% of what you get. Its bin available for pledges for maybe about 1 year and if you look at the time line sometimes they pull in $100,000 a day, yesterday they pulled in $55,000. 1 year for nearly $37 million is pretty good going. Other companies cant use this as the definitive way to go because its soemthing different made by a man whose wing commander and freelancer games are legendary and we all believe in him. If he was trying do a CoD style game i wouldnt even bother looking at it!

    • Ken

      They started crowdfunding on their own site, but the response was overwhelming and crashed their site. They only used kickstarter a few days after because the infrastructure they had couldn’t stand the horde of fans.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Yeah, I know what you mean. I hope I can get to play it when it comes out.

  • datdude

    “I’d say the Xbox One is sort of kind of a TV or non-gamey stuff and the PS4 is the better gaming machine.” Nuff said. PS4.

  • ranorak

    Both platforms are out. 1st party titles for ps4 on release are kzsf & knack. For XB1, ryse, forza, dr3.

    AAA 3rd party games released are even on both systems.

    Major 3rd party releases like titan fall, are finding a home on XB1 because of the game changing infrastructure that MS has built. Not my words, but from Respawn Ent. themselves.

    Every one is entitled to their opinion, but why gaming bolt dont have a sit down with respawn to find out why they chose xb1 over ps4?

    We have a major 3rd party release coming up. The alpha is being enjoyed by gamers right now, but yet the xb1 is less of a gaming machine because it offers services other than? No logic. It’s like telling me my cell phone is not a phone because of all the other services it provides. And who in their right mind would buy and XB1 just to have access to tv? that just sound Ridiculous. It has always been about games, services 2nd. Why are they chastising XB1 because it is improving upon those 2ndary services. The hate is great.

    And if it’s such a bad idea, why is sony now working with dish network to develop an app that will turn the ps4 into a tv set top box? Look that up.

    Too much misinformation is bad for gamers as a whole. Just because expressed his opinion doesn’t mean he’s well informed.

    • ranorak

      Just because This developer* I mean.

    • Ken

      I would think that the people who have had hands on experience with the developer kits and actually make the games…would be considered pretty well informed.

  • Drake Richter

    These best part of these articles is always the comment section. Especially with a headline calculated to stir up trouble, as we see here.

    I primarily use my PC, but I like both consoles. The Xbox One gives the better overall experience, though. Just speaking as someone who’s had a chance to use each.

  • million dollar kid

    Three 1st party games were released on day one for Xbox One vs 2 for ps4. AAA 3rd party games appeared on both. Most online gaming sites agreed that Ryse was the best looking 1st party next Gen game available squashing that 50% more power claim by Sony. WAIT!! Sony went on record to say they never said that(more powerful). Look that up.

    XB1 is home to the 1st most innovative 1st person shooter this gen, Titanfall. That experience you’ll find on no other traditional console. Yet, ps4 is best for gaming & Xbox is all about other stuff? I guess he doesn’t know about Sony’s rush to incorporate an app that’ll turn ps4 into a tv set top box. Look that up.

  • meow

    PS4 sucks compared to Xbox One, so how’s it a hardcore gaming machine? lmao, all gamers buy Xbox One, PS4’s are bought by parents and given to their kids, big difference.

  • Jayson

    Well, people use Xbox for Netflix and other stuff, CR would tap into a greater audience and player base than the HC gamer paradigm.


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