Stewart Gilray Clarifies Statements Regarding The Last Guardian, “It Was An Assumption”

Just Add Water boss clarifies statements earlier made today on The Last Guardian’s development.

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The Last Guardian

Remember when Just Add Water boss Stewart Gilray spoke to the PS Nation Podcast about a “certain someone’s team” helping to finish development on Sony’s The Last Guardian? And that certain someone was assumed to be PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny? In a statement to GamingBolt, Gilray clarified his stance completely.

On being asked if it was really happening according to him – that is to say, if Gilray has first-hand knowledge of Cerny working on The Last Guardian, he stated, “Not at all…this is my assuming based upon various public facts…

“Cerny spoke about TLG last year saying it’s definitely still happening. It’s a TOKYO Studio project. Ueda-san even said the TLG team was working on Knack with Cerny.

“Adding all these elements together it seems like a good bet that he, or at least his team is involved, wouldn’t you say?” Gilray also stated that his statements from on the PS Nation Podcast were misconstrued.

It’s an interesting stance but again, far from direct confirmation of Cerny working on The Last Guardian. Take the game’s existence with a grain of salt for now but as Gilray says, it wouldn’t be completely absurd if Cerny was involved.

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  • josh0909

    Well back to square one for sony fanboys. Btw isn’t the draw for this game that Ueda and the SOTC and ICO team are making it? Lol sounds like a bunch of studios mashed together are never rushing to finish it.

    • andy

      Or back to square one for the industry as a whole.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Consoles are a setback to the industry as a whole like your precious POS4, loser

      The Last Guardian is never coming out and your garbage console is just the japanese xbone. A sh*t cable box.

    • bigshynepo

      You’re a goof.

    • andy

      Yeah we need more PC exclusive games like The Sims 4 that somehow look worse than the last one.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      You seem stuck on The Sims 4 which is an EA and EA are a cancer. Yet you can’t bring yourself to mention Star Citizen which looks better than any console game this generation and will continue looking better than any console game this generation.

      And after numerous POS4 games have been downgraded to look like PS2 games. Poor baby shill has been upset :^)

    • Æmæth Rex

      Yeah consoles normalized f2p and microtransactions, they’re a scourge on the industry /s

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Well, what a cheap way to hype the fans only to let them down. l don’t unsterstand this.

  • Perpetual Coding

    The problem with this is the majority of the original developers have moved on to other studios, plugging that hole with the mind behind Knack is just the wrong move in so so many ways.


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