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Kojima Teasing (Another) Metal Gear Collection

We should have one of these every year.

DirectX 12 Will Result Into Free Performance Gains, Microsoft Taking A Unifying Step With The API

Charles Cox, the founder of 4gency gives his opinion on Microsoft's upcoming API.

Dying Light EGX Developer Session Will Be Streamed On Twitch

If you're going out, bring a torch.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Current Gen Content Coming to PS3/Xbox 360

New challenges, vehicles and activities incoming.

Convert Your PS4/Xbox One Into a Walking Tank with S.I.D.

You would think we're joking but Beyond Gaming Industries has the proof.

Hidden Features You May Have Missed In Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4/Xbox One/PC Trailer

Updated camera angles, animations, killer whales and cats.

Destiny: What’s Next After the Hype?

Destiny the concept has been hyped to death. Let's take a look at Destiny the game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4/Xbox One Confirmed for November 18th, PC Version in 2015

[HTML1] Rockstar Games has finally revealed its release date for Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 and Xbox One. Th... Read More

Apple iPhone 6 Specs “On Par With Next-Gen Consoles” – EA

Frank Gibeau, ladies and gentlemen.

Dying Light Now Releasing in January 2015

New DLC revealed that lets you be a zombie.

Destiny Live Events Beginning on September 12th

Take to the Crucible for new Gear, Reputation and Marks.

Microsoft Pledges To Replace Xbox One Consoles That Are Too Noisy

No, this isn't even close to being an RROD 2.0. Shut up.

Sniper Elite 3 DLC Offers You The Chance To Change History Again

Grey Wolf, meet Churchill.

Destiny First Reviews Out

It's a bust.

New Gameplay Video Of Styx Shows Off The Art of Distraction

Oh, you think darkness is your ally...

New Trailer For Crimes And Punishments: Sherlock Holmes Is Like A Tour of London

Now imagine the theme from the BBC series playing in the background.

Ubisoft Releases THE CREW Social Trailer

GOTTA GO FAST! But with friends.

Alien: Isolation PC System Requirements Revealed

Recommended requirements include 8 GB of RAM.

The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us PS4/Xbox One Receive Release Windows

Retail releases for both also dated for Xbox 360, PS3 and Vita.

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