The Division Receiving New State of the Game on August 18th

“More of a catch-up” according to Massive’s Hamish Bode.

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The Division_Dark Zone

Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft’s open world MMO/shooter, hasn’t exactly been in the best shape over the past few months.

The release of the Underground DLC was meant to revitalize interest in the game but spotty loot drops, repetitive level design, overpowered enemies and disappointing gear sets didn’t exactly get fans excited. Even after a recent update to allow all gear sets to drop from the Underground, interest in The Division remains at all-time low.

It also doesn’t help that community manager Hamish Bode has been on vacation over the past few weeks, which meant no State of the Game addresses to discuss issues. Regardless, Bode will host a new State of the Game on August 18th.

Don’t get your hopes up too high though – Bode answered a query about whether big things were coming up in the broadcast with, “In the coming weeks? Yes. This Thursday though will be more of a catch-up I think.”

What are your thoughts on the state of The Division at this time? Have you given up on the experience altogether? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Jason

    Dont even bother wasting the bandwidth on that stream. It will take a whole lot to earn my trust back!! (Same goes for most of the gamers I play with)

    • Williegsandidge

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  • Bigmoneybags

    I dont hate the game but I just need more. I cant get my psn friends to play it with me so I dont play it. It takes team work for it to be fun. The problem is the rewards aren’t worth the hassle. To be honest, I havent found one gear piece to replace my gold stuff yet. I have about 15 gear items in my stash box. Doing things repeatedly only to have the same gear is the true definition of insanity. Mix that with glitches and exploits and after a while its not interesting to play. As a matter of fact, to this day I dont know what my true dps is. It continuously changes between 3 different numbers..

    I bought the full dlc so at this point Im waiting on the top of the map to open up. Maybe new areas of new york will bring us back…

    • Jarius Laster

      Add me PSN jayworship I need more on my team

  • The Main Man

    They lost me completely… When you have a update and you change the mechanics on every single update to tailor the game to people who complain about every little thing on the forums, then you lose players who have waited on this game for the last 5 years or more. You are supposed to build upon the foundation of a game, not change it every time you update it.. The reason why a lot of people still sit back and play Destiny is because the gamplay mechanics never changed. Some things got nerfed but the foundation never changed…

  • Scott Kepple

    I think they need to nerf the shotguns.

  • Torchy McPyro

    Crappy loot and the rogue system ruined this game for me.
    Cancelled my pre-order for wildlands because of it.

  • Zoidbort

    I lost interest in this joke of a game before the underground update and I cannot see anything short of an actual pvp dedicated area and a fully populated pee area with random encounters. The bullet sponge rinse repeat is utterly boring

  • Ricardo Céu

    I’m still playing and will keep playing unless they nerf more of the gear set. I have 35days of game play in this game, it is becoming a bit annoying grinding so much for the same gear sets all the time, but what really upsets me is the Delta errors that made me lose loot from the dark zone

  • Brandon S. Griffin

    I tried to continue playing the game because people I know and game with continued after Underground dropped but it got really ridiculous to constantly trying to farm for gear when the NPCs can 1 to 2 shot you and your have to use 3 magazines to even affect them. That coupled with you get the same gear sets all the time made me quite the game. Sure you can go into the dark zone for supply drops but same thing different day. Nothing more disparaging then fighting lvl 35 NPCs to get Nomad gear. Then your boss drops you get have the chance of some lvl 99 rogue killing you by sneaking up behind you while engaged with NPCs. The game has reached a new lvl of frustration with me


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