The Division Uses Custom SSAA On PS4 And Xbox One, No Update On Final Frame Rate

Technical director Anders Holmquist says the team is “continually looking to improve what we have”.

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Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division has retreated into its yearly slumber period after an awesome demonstration at E3 2014. Despite our concerns with online games – and the general bugs that every Ubisoft title seems to suffer from – The Division is looking good. According to Anders Holmquist, who is the technical director on the game, Ubisoft Massive is employing quite a number of tricks to make the PS4 and Xbox One versions stand out.

For the console versions, Homlquist stated that, “We use a screen-space anti-aliasing technique with custom in-house additions. We’re also continually looking at improving what we have.”

Interestingly, though The Division runs at 30 FPS and 1080p, Holmqist stated that, “At this point we have no further information to share, but please stay tuned for more updates.” This was also in response to whether there was a reason the team settled on 30 FPS in the end.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently slated to release in 2015 and will also be out on the PC as well as Xbox One and PS4.

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  • Kamille

    isn’t this type of AA like really expensive on the GPU? I’m really curious to know why they did it when most if not all devs avoid the use of it. I mean, is reducing some jaggies so much more important to them than the level of detail?

    • Anon

      I think this is just a case of the author mistakenly calling this implementation ‘SSAA’.

    • Guest

      Real SSAA is when the game is internally (or “natively”) rendered at a higher res, then outputted (downsampled or downscaled) at a lower res.

  • Anon

    Typically “SSAA” is used as an acronym for ‘super-sampling anti-aliasing’, so please avoid using it to mean “screen-space anti-aliasing”. Even if Massive is using some super-sampling approach (you’ve failed to comment on it in the article if true) you’re causing confusion, because the acronym ‘SSAA’ isn’t as vague as it sounds, and typically refers to specific super-sampling methods rather than as an umbrella term.

    • Guest

      Thank you and I agree. I also thought it meant that they were using super sampling AA, not this screen-space AA crap. I agree that it will just muddy the waters and make things more confusing.

  • Guest

    This game looks like that running 1080p/30fps with some form of AA….yet Konami can only get PES to 720p? GTFO Konami…you’re drunk…

  • Mark

    Imho, 30fps is all I need for a 3rd person shooter. Although PC gamers will get the benefit of that super smooth 60fps (or higher), Massive just really needs to nail the input response. To be able to play Rise of the Tomb Taider, Halo 5, and The Division all next year, may equal the feeling of joy I had in 2006-2007. I really hope this isn’t pushed to 2016 like someone close to Massive said.


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