Wii U Games Line Up For 2015 Is Nothing Short of Spectacular

It’s got the best library on the market, and it doesn’t look like that will change in 2015 either.

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2014 was a great year for Nintendo- after two years of negative press and momentum for their beleaguered new console, in which they squandered their headstart, destroyed any brand equity the Wii brand name might ever have held, and found themselves backed into a corner that few console manufacturers have been in gaming history, they struck back, and they struck hard. 2014 was a stunning showcase for the Wii U- games like Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad, and Shovel Knight all demonstrated why Nintendo is, after all, the greatest developer on the planet, and why it is enough to buy their console just to play their games.

In 2014, Nintendo managed to even reverse the Wii U’s sales momentum a little– sales are up this year, compared to last year- and they managed to reverse the Wii U’s perception, at least among enthusiast gamers, from a standing joke to a highly desirable platform with the best library of exclusives on the market.

Their lineup for this year had a lot to do with all of this, sure, but a lot of it also had to do with their stellar E3 showing back in June, where they demonstrated that, unlike some other companies, just because their system was underperforming, they would not abandon it. Instead, they doubled down and showed off a slate of great upcoming games on the platform, that somehow looks even better than everything we already have.

In this list, we look at those upcoming games- there’s an amazing lineup of new Wii U games announced for 2015, and here, we will look at just which of these are the ones you should be looking forward to the most in the coming year.

Ready? Okay, here we go.

Project Guard/Project Giant Robot

Exactly what these games are, we’re not quite sure yet, which is a bit surprising, given that Nintendo is so insistent that they are coming next year. We actually don’t even know if they are two separate games yet- but given that Nintendo has always shown them off and referred to them together, we’re going to go ahead and assume that they’re both part of the same package.

Undoubtedly, these were the weakest part of Nintendo’s otherwise stellar E3 showing. We had been hearing a lot about the new mysterious project Miyamoto had been working on, and how it would utilize the Wii U Gamepad in innovative ways, but their E3 debut, at least, left a lot to be desired, and the games just ended up coming off looking rough and unpolished, and also unconvincing proof of concepts. The Treehouse stream, which you can see above, was a little better, as they started to look like some interesting and innovative takes on existing genres. Although right now, it may be easy to just dismiss them as unpolished tech demos, it would probably be unwise- from these rough tech demos, Miyamoto has wrought masterpieces before such as Pikmin, or crowd pleasers such as Wii Sports.

Whether or not Project Giant Robot/Project Guard end up in that same list of successes for him remains to be seen, but the man has earned our benefit of the doubt- if anyone can innovatively make a compelling case for the Wii U Gamepad, Miyamoto is it, so we’re going to watch just how this pet project of his turns out.

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  • Issy

    2014 was a stunning showcase for the Wii U- games like Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad, and Shovel Knight
    all demonstrated why Nintendo is, after all, the greatest developer on
    the planet, and why it is enough to buy their console just to play their

    And as sales proves, absolutely nobody cared, with the console falling intop third place. A failure which will continue.

    • You seem like a sad little man-have fun playing your overhyped yet underdeveloped glitchfest that those other systems will enjoy- My money is on the U…

    • Michael Clanton

      its already in 3rd place sales wise, 3rd party supposrt is not there, and the 2 first party games a year that actually sell well a year does not mean there software line up is good. men lie, woman lie, but numbers dont…x1 and ps4 outsell it when it comes to systems and games…i wont even touch the wii u terrible online…

    • heavenshitman1

      Actually the numbers doesn’t necessarily prove that the other systems are better one iota. PS4 in particular sold off hype and little else. Most any PC setup would compete with almost any software PS4 and X1 currently has.
      As for the online factor, Nintendo is improving that fast, they’re not having repeated down time and supposed Lizard attacks

    • Issy

      So the fact that they’re not worth bothering with and nobody cares about them is an advantage. You seriously want to try that?

      And the sales actually objectively show the Ps4 is better, in that it has a future. Its sales mean it will get third party support. The WiiU’s abysmal, worst seen in decades sales mean it will be ignored by any studio Nintendo don’t have to pay to pretend to like the outdated POS.

    • heavenshitman1

      Smokers statistically prioritize buying smokes over food, alchoholics drain their accounts and compulsive gamblers steal from family to pay for that habbit.
      Petrol heads would take a loan out to buy an expensive depreciating car, wouldn’t do anything constructive with a loan
      Where ppl put their money doesn’t make it a good (or even fun thing)
      WiiU will do fine and Nintendo will be profiting very happily .
      U can buy what u prefer. Its up to u

    • Issy

      So you’re comparing addiction to people knowing the WiiU is a piece of crap and not buying it?

    • D.M.T

      Who are those people you’re talking about that “know” the Wii U is a “piece of crap”? Sony fanboys? I rather own a piece of crap with amazing exclusive games and unique features than a treasure (PS4) with few good exclusives and a lot of shared content (multiplats) that are overhyped and underdeveloped. The PS4 and XBO are the McDonalds and Burger King of the gaming industry. They sell well but the quality is average or below average.

    • heavenshitman1

      WiiUs doing pretty good to be out matching the quality of software on X1 and PS4. Don’t know why those systems are being outdone by a piece of crap. Metacritic scores are higher for WiiU, and don’t forget WiiU is still BC with some of the highest scored exclusive games of last gen. Another feature not present in PS4/XB1
      Metroid Prime Trilogy, Mario Galaxy’s, Xenoblade…
      U should really try some of these games and u’d understand.
      I suppose Wii outselling PS3 and 360 by a large margain for a long time meant Sony n M’softs systems were a piece of crap.

    • Ronald

      Nintendo has released some excellent games this year all of them very well perceived. Nintendo has lots of first party titles in their bag they can utilize. They just need to bring them out faster. Zelda Wii U and StarFox has generated more buzz for next year than any other IP . Multi-plats are lacking however I just play them on PC. The hardware is solid as well, well built. Wii U Deluxe is the best deal around at the moment.

      PS4 since launch last year has nothing really worthy to play all the best games are indie and mult-plats. Blood Bourne and UC5 is still a while a way, The Order looks pretty terrible the more I see it

    • Kaihaku

      The Wii U online and operating system in general has come a long way since launch. I know, I was an early adopter. Nintendo is finally taking online infrastructure seriously and they’re making progress towards catching up with Sony/Microsoft. They’re not there yet but they’ve made more progress in the last two years than they did in the five previous.

    • “PS4 & XBOXONE sell more so theyre better than Nintendo”

      You is the stupid.

    • Marco

      You know, there are some game companies who don’t simply take the code from Mario 134, make slightly better childish graphic, add support for the *NEW* input device and publish it as “Mario 135”.
      Some companies would like to offer realistic graphic, realistic physics and games targeted at people with more than 13 years old; the more complex the game is, the higher the probability that something will go wrong.
      Enjoy your games and console from the past generation, I’ll support the future of gaming in the meantime…

    • WellWisher

      A sad truth of the industry. What sells games is marketing. Sony and Microsoft have their own advertising budgets, and have stuck deals with publishers with marketing budgets of similar size (Ubi, Activision, EA etc). Nintendo may have quality, but will remain unnoticed.

    • Fishy

      the fact that the Wii U will not match the commercial success of the PS4 and Xbone is almost zero importance except to shallow, tasteless people who think that the console that sells the most is the console that “wins.”

      Wins what? A popularity contest?? Since when has popularity equaled quality? Oh, yeah, since never.

      In terms of gaming – i.e., what matters – the Wii U is a triumph. Despite the all-ages appeal of Nintendo titles, they are consistently among the deepest, truest “game” experiences. Nintendo produces masterpieces of software – no other developer even comes close to the sheer volume of gaming excellence they have produced.

  • Issy

    Also, still missing – the slightest bit of third party support.

    And I’m gonna make another prediction : missing from the comments – a single Nintendo fanboy who actually knows wha the phrase “third party” means, and will insist that Zelda is actually third party now.

    • Kaihaku

      Be accurate, the Wii U still has the slightest bit of third party support. It’s just third party support that isn’t targeting traditional gamers. Like Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures, most of the major Lego games, the Cabela’s games, Just Dance/The Voice, and the usual flood of cheap movie based games. It’s nothing to be excited about but I think it qualifies as the “slightest bit”. Of course, there was also Watch Dogs Wii U, a port so minimal that I think it also qualifies as the “slightest bit”.

  • Michael Clanton

    Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad, and Shovel Knight…. besides mario kart and smash bros…the others are personal taste, because there sales dont say that there that good at all. This article is nonsense and is based on nothing tangible such as sales. the wii u is 3rd place even with the long head start, and with maybe 2 big first party games i dont see that changing next year…. not to mention they miss all the big 3rd party games, and if they get them there super late.

    • Issy

      Look on the bright side, its ahead of the Ouya. For now.

    • Kaihaku

      Nintendo has proven that it can survive in third place. Each Wii U sale now nets Nintendo a small profit, so long as it remains at least marginally profitable Nintendo will be fine. The important thing is that the Wii U has turned a corner with it’s reputation, as long as Nintendo maintains it’s reputation for high quality games it stands a chance to be competitive next generation. Even gamers who passed on a Wii U know that Nintendo won developer of the year and has been releasing some of the highest quality games of the year.

      Since Nintendo is finally getting there in regards to it’s online infrastructure, I think that it just needs to solve the third party support problem next generation in order to be competitive again. Until then, it can just survive while rewarding the people who did buy a Wii U with high quality exclusives.

    • Ronald

      Nintendo doesn’t need to rival sales of their competitors…they just need to sell their products, and they have been successful at that this year

  • Exare

    It’s gonna be another great year to be a Nintendo fan! The Wii U really shined with quality content in 2014, and 2015 looks like it’ll be just as fun. I can’t wait!

  • HisDivineOrder

    1) No guarantee all those games that are coming are coming next year. You’re compressing titles that have been vaguely promised without confirmation they’re coming anytime soon.
    2) You act as though Nintendo never delays a game. Look at Smash Bros.
    3) So many 2d platformers, so little time. Mario Maker looks like it might be something new, but it also looks like it’s going to be simplistic in terms of level design as a result. I’m not sure I’d compare this to LittleBigPlanet because LBP is more of a game maker, not a 2d platformer level maker.
    4) The only games on that list I care about are the ones that I always care about. That is, Metroid, Zelda, Mario, and Star Fox.
    5) When Nintendo shows nothing of the games that are supposedly coming next year, expect they won’t come next year. Even Smash Bros, which was heavily delayed, was being shown off a little.
    6) Bayonetta 2 is superior to Devil’s Third by reputation and pedigree. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze will have already done the 2d platformer to death by the time Yoshi and Kirby and Mario Maker show up trying to “ape” its thing, which might work, but how many $60 2d platformers are you thinking people will buy? If Nintendo was wise, they’d spread those things out into different years or fatigue will set in.
    7) And even if they did release every single one of those games (including some that were just localization of games long released in Japan apparently to no great impact on their sales), they’re not the knockout lineup of this year. Bayonetta trumps Devil’s Third, the 2d platformer has been done to death (ie., New Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, then three more games in 2015?), and nothing as universally desired like Mario Kart or Smash Bros. Star Fox is niche, was relevant a long time ago and probably not coming next year. Metroid was a dismal dud last time out. Splatoon is an unknown and Wii U ain’t exactly known as a console for its extensive online multiplayer.

    8) Eh. You’re reaching to be excited and I get if you paid $250+ for a Wii U, you desperately hope it turns out well, but… you need to be realistic. Be happy for the games you have and be glad if some show up next year. To think the stars will align and all will suddenly right itself… no. I think not. Many of those games are so vague as not to be locked for next year at all.

    • heavenshitman1

      Whilst some of the articles notions are a stretch, most ur arguments can be applied to the competing systems. Sony and M’soft announce and also heavily delay games (then still release ’em broken)
      The competing systems have been as guilty of killing genres and even titles as anyone else. CODs, AC’s, Halo’s, NFS’s, Grand Tourismo’s etc..
      The other systems do have 3rd party support, but lacking 1st/2nd. Nigh on anything on PS4/X1 can be matched and outmatched on a nominal PC.
      As for cost, WiiU is far far cheaper. The system is less for start, but also BC with all Wii hardware and software (and now becoming compatible with 3DS, for controllers etc..). PS4/X1 require brand new everything. Plus no online fees for WiiU.

      They messed the launch, but WiiU is accelarating, and just a couple of those titles next year will make it sell faster with little doubt

    • Ronald

      You want to talk about game delays? The Last Guardian…Hello!

  • Kaihaku

    Okay… This list is stretching a bit… Metriod, Pokken Tournament, and SMT x Fire Emblem are not confirmed for release on the Wii U in 2015. Just last year Nintendo confirmed that at that time they hadn’t even started development on a new Metroid, Pokken Tournament is an arcade exclusive for now, and SMT x Fire Emblem hasn’t gotten an update since it was announced.

    I also have to say that Nintendo is frustrating me by releasing even more platformers and party games. The Wii U has an excellent library of platformers (especially side scrolling platformers) and party games. It’s time to diversify the library with other genres. I personally would like to see an Endless Ocean in HD that used the gamepad as a camera.

    Also, despite being a massive Star Fox fan, I’m skeptical about the Wii U iteration… I’m not excited about how Miyamoto has described the gamepad being used. I would vastly prefer if Star Fox Wii U had gone the Star Fox 2/Star Fox Command route and used the gamepad as a tactical map where orders could be issued to other pilots.

    I am excited for Splatoon, Mario Maker, Zelda Wii U, and above all the Xenoblade sequel but aside from those I’m not feeling a lot of enthusiasm for the other entries on the 2015 Wii U release calendar. Well, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse has also had my interest since the reveal of co-op…even though it’s yet another side scroller it reminds me of a more robust take on Ivy the Kiwi and I did quite enjoy that game.

    • Jissu

      Not sure if you have seen the news, but the Gamepad is not needed for Star Fox controls and so they may have a map on it for people who choose to not use motion controls.

  • Steve793

    BTW, the Pokkèn Tournament is for arcade. If I remember correctly, the other patent made earlier this year listed Pokkèn Fighters as another game, and assuming correctly, that is headed for console, not Pokkèn Tournament. JM2C

  • Fred

    Xenoblade Chronicles X! That’s the game I really can’t wait for!

  • J Smith

    there are no plans for to realse Fatal Frame 5 outside of japan

  • Jose Coronado

    Only game i really care about is Fatal Frame 5 and SMTx FE, the other games don’t interest me, also kind of surprised people aren’t tired of platformers and party games. although i’m ok with people liking them but how many mario parties do we need before its to many.

    Anyways i’m not a fan of Zelda/Mario(former fan of these games)/StarFox
    i’m interested in seeing what they do with Metroid and Starfox though but don’t have any high expectations for these 2 games.
    Hope Nintendo sells more consoles, i will buy a Wii U the moment Fatal Frame 5 comes out and i’ll get Bayonetta 2 along with it after that i guess i’ll wait for more good games to come out.
    P.S. i don’t like shooters they aren’t fun and don’t like playing online in my games so no interest in SSB(although one of my friends owns this game for the Wii U so if i ever feel like playing it i’ll play at his house) or Mario Kart(although it plays good tried it out not bad but got kind of bored after a few rounds). I prefer RPG/survival horror


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