Will Visual Fidelity Be Compromised by PSVR’s Lower Specs Compared To Rift And Vive?

nDreams’ Richard Fabian talks about where PlayStation VR may have the advantage.

Posted By | On 15th, Apr. 2016 Under News

15 Things You Need To Know About PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR has arguably garnered the most interest in the industry primarily due to Sony’s involvement in the same, the sheer amount of games in the pipeline and its pricing. Of course, compared to other VR headsets, it’s also interesting for what it can deliver when its on-paper specs aren’t as good as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

GamingBolt spoke to nDreams code manager Richard Fabian about whether the visual fidelity of PlayStation VR would be compromised when Rift and Vive are technically better? Fabian is currently working on The Assembly for all three VR headsets.

“A lot of the best games are not going to be about precisely how may VR pixels we can fit in per frame, and this, frankly majority of VR games, are going to find a comfortable home on PSVR as much as they do on Rift and Vive. You’ve also got to remember that with increased pixel density, the PCs driving the Rift and Vive have to be even more powerful to achieve the same framerate guarantees, which might even lead to situations where the PSVR has the edge in comfortable viewing experience.”

What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • ZahaDoom

    When frames per second is directly tied to possible motion sickness, I’d say less is more in this case, at least at this point in hardware development.

    Any pcgamer knows, you scale down your graphic settings till you get a playable game.

    Sony engineers aren’t stupid, and they also aren’t magicians. A higher resolution screen probably was totally financially possible in the psvr, but the horsepower you save on cutting it down a bit makes the ps4 actually capable of running 2016 VR software at an acceptable or even ideal framerate.

    Everyone saz you can see the pixels on all three of the big VR headsets, so the extra resolution didn’t help the oculus or vive in that regard.

    • d0x360

      Resolution isn’t why you can see the pixels. You can see the pixels because they pixels aren’t small enough. That’s a display manufacturing issue not a vr or hardware power issue. Packing that many pixels into a small area and making them invisible is no easy feat.

      That said the issue has mostly been solved on the vive and oculus because PC has the power to scale up resolution high enough to actual fill those tiny pixels.

    • ZahaDoom

      Clearly in my comment I said resolution isn’t the reason you can see the pixels, because they ARE visible on ALL THREE headsets, unlike your misinformation that the issue has been solved on the vice and oculus.

      And that being said the psvr has the greatest number of subpixels per inch with a true rgb display. The complete opposite of what your trying to say.

  • Hsark

    psvr advantage is that its a locked down system the can guarantee that their games will be locked at a center settings to prevent motion sickness as for pc when you start playing with settings or a game has problems due to driver incompatibility , it definitely wont be as advanced as oclus or vive but for first time VR consumers they wont know he difference

    • d0x360

      Being a locked platform is a massive disadvantage for vr. Driver incompatibility? You mean driver optimization and they usually take a week maybe 2 but a PC built for vr is going to muscle through those issues without need for new drivers.

      When you have a GPU that costs more than 3 ps4’s there’s a reason for it. I don’t see ps4 running vr games at full 1080p or higher and 90fps. Sony has already talked about how they are faking higher frame rates on simple tech demos.

      If Sony’s headset catches on in any meaningful way it will be on PC where the proper hardware to power it is. That or you can waste your money on a ps4 4k which is Sony’s actual answer to their underpowered vr issue.

  • Novacell

    I will never own Oculus or Vive. So PSVR is the one i will get. As long as the games are playable, fun and enjoyable i really don’t care what the other two are doing. It’s all about what you are happy with, am happy with the PS4 and will be happy when the PSVR comes out so i can try it.

    • Ruth Sullivan

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  • Michael

    It doesn’t matter because vr will fail.

    • d0x360

      Someone hasn’t used vr because If they had on hardware that could properly run it they would never say that.

    • Christopher Palmisano


    • Christopher Palmisano

      I get it you’re a PC Gamer

  • d0x360

    The obvious answer is yes. On PC you are looking at 2 distinct high resolution images rendered at 90fps. Image quality improves with better hardware.

    Even with set hardware of a console and extra punch from the mystery box there is no way the ps4 can ever hope to keep up.

    Your PC vr experience not up to snuff? Buy a GPU. Your ps4 vr experience not up to snuff… Tough luck.

    AMD is releasing a single card dual GPU using HBM and liquid vr. Each GPU, each $600 GPU renders for a single eye.

    The next generation of console, the actual next generation will be able to match current mid tier PC vr. When you play games on a box designed to be mass produced as cheaply as possible you can’t compete with a custom built PC. You could buy 2 ps4’s and a ps4vr for the price of a high end GPU… There’s a reason they are expensive and just when you think they don’t get more expensive they do.

    Let’s not even talk about systems running multiple GPUs. How about 6 GPUs powering your vr experience? How about games rendered at 4k 90fps. You think ps4 can do that?

    Oh right…its the ps4. Almighty and godly.

  • ReddChief78

    The PC VR headsets screens are crap compared to PSVR so not worried about that & haven’t heard anyone say games look better on the PC version or PSVR games didn’t look that good as far graphics but the same as with consoles & PC the good games & support is just far better on PSVR already & will only get better.


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