Xbox One December SDK Update Allows More eSRAM Control, New API Improves eSRAM Performance

Dying Light’s Lead Game Designer Maciej Binkowski on how the latest update has made matters easier for the team.

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dying light

Techland’s upcoming zombie survival open world game, Dying Light is already confirmed to be running at 1080p and locked 30 frames per second on both the PS4 and Xbox One. So was Dying Light using the latest Xbox One SDK update to achieve this performance boost on Microsoft’s console?

“We were using the latest version just prior to the new release that came out on December 12th. In terms of advantages, the main thing is just how much the ESRAM control has improved,” Lead Game Designer Maciej Binkowski said to GamingBolt.

“The new API allows you to do a lot more with the ESRAM, things devs have always wanted to do but were not easily accessible. This together with better tools (PIX) allowed us to really improve performance and tweak ESRAM usage,” he added.

For those who are unaware, PIX i.e. Performance Investigator for Xbox is a software tool for game developers that helps them analyze and debug their code to improve performance of Direct3D applications. It’s intriguing to see that Microsoft have been making further updates to their SDK which has already helped several AAA games like Destiny and Grand Theft Auto 5 to achieve full 1080p resolution. It seems that with continuous improvements to both consoles, the performance gap is indeed narrowing down.

Dying Light releases next month on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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  • dreadtheomega

    Direct x 12 is a full rewrite of direct x and not just a slightly modified or upgraded version of direct x 11 (Which was a slightly more optimized version of direct x 10). Direct x 12 uses less power, which now gives more free power to be shifted or can now be used elsewhere. Not to mention the SDK is also going to give the Xbox One slightly more power due to the streamlining of the eSRAM, aka making it more accessible to developer’s whom apparently suck at coding.
    The eSRAM technically has no limitations, think of how last generation got around texture streaming by having multiple disks on the Xbox 360, that installed and ran from the drive simultaneously. Now you take the fact that you can pretty much sling anything at the eSRAM and pipeline it throughout the architecture. eSRAM to Ram, eSRAM to GPU, eSRAM to cpu. Those are only a few ways to use it, but technically once the SDK unlocks the ease of use for the eSRAMand now you’re able to throw the pipeline to multiple targets, eSRAM to GPU to cpu to Ram. Now technically the size of the 32mb cache is invalid due to the ability to pull and recycle resources on the fly.

    Now did you fool’s who keep preaching 1080p and 60 fps ever think that the only reason why the Xbox One has been stuck at 900p or 720p is due to the fact that it’s technically always recording you’re game play. X amount of seconds to minute’s being recorded and dumped during game play…

    Now technically yes to current pc standards the ps4 is slightly more powerful, and the old architecture it uses is easy-to-use and easy to optimize. But in today’s market, and pervious market’s aka older consoles, the most powerful is usually first to go, look at the Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Neo Geo, ect. The only thing Sony has going for it is it’s comparable price point, vs older consoles being more expensive, but a lot of that price has to do with using older and outdated pc technology, the same technology we have slowly been attempting to jump forward for quite some time now. If anything Sony and the Ps4 is holding back the newer pc market and game’s market, Microsoft is also guilty but at least the architecture is new and exciting.

    (When I say power I mean the optimization will increase overall performance)

    • Salama

      MS first party studios should make use of all the features that the One has in order to shame third party studios to play along. Right now we haven’t really seen any of the goodies in action right?

    • dreadtheomega

      Well I think when it releases Crackdown will be complete proof of that concept. The cloud computing aspect is forcing a developer to accomplish a new task by using the existing hardware. Advance Warfare uses a system like Rage, the newest ID tech engine is built with dynamically shifting resolutions in mind to achieve a sold frame rate at any cost. Even John Carmack knew that a sold fps is far more important to the eye then a higher resolution, you’re TV can’t even actually achieve full 1080p in most cases. Not to mention the SDK’s are going to go through a series of updates that I’m sure will help the developers utilize the box better. As of now for the proof, I don’t really know of any examples due to Microsoft stopping projects to complete other projects, I’m guessing this is them getting a solid footing before forcing the rest to use the box to its full potential.

    • Salama

      I’ve told my friends to wait until 2015 before upgrading from 360 to either consoles. I had a nagging feeling that the One wasn’t “ready” yet. Too bad that the sdk’s weren’t able to produce results early on.

      The dynamic resolution was a real boon on the Advanced Warframe, opened many eyes by showing people that the resolution debate is nonsense. Steady framerate is king when it comes to gameplay

    • dreadtheomega

      I upgraded and haven’t even touched my 360, kinda of hoping that one day I’ll go back and play the games I never got around to. Truth be told once xbox live is gone for the 360, all of those games are either broken or missing huge selections. It’s sad to think that all those years of joy just won’t ever be the same, you’re only way to properly be reto and play them at that point is to modify the box. Then again at the rate they are HD porting game’s the old one’s will just become arcade games on the One and PS4, kinda of like Sony or Microsoft’s Steamstore front or classic game collection’s.

    • Salama

      Best multiplayer experience i’ve had sine lan times was with 360. Now everyone games on pc but it just doesn’t have the same feel that we had while partying with 360.

      I actually think that the hd porting should be done later on and not at beginning of the gen. Damn annoying seeing year old releases redone and sold at full price. Especially when they make heads on comparison’s with them.

      I was very surprised about the lack of control over esRAM that the devs had at the beginning, must have been annoying to hear people calling them lazy and so on.

    • dreadtheomega

      I agree HD porting should happen during slower time’s like summer or month’s with nothing big coming out. Well they’re not lazy, it’s just new, it’s like the switch from 32 to 64. Takes time to figure out how to use new technologies, but if you have smart enough people working with it you can really stress and streamline the code.

    • Salama

      Yeah i bought the damn Sniper Elite 3 because of the slow summer. Not a bad game but not a good one either. It was the only new game out and only time i had any freetime on my hands. 😛

    • dreadtheomega

      No you haven’t but will by early 2016, I’m sure many of the previous titles will have patches to implement the DirectX 12 improvements.

  • Sunny

    It just makes me laugh xbox still playing catch up XD


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